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Bi-Monthly Publication

Transcript of September/October Issue of Fore Your Information

  • September/October 2012

    Dates to


    October 22, 2012

    Plumas Lake

    Golf & Country Club

    Hosted by Mike Kaveney

    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :

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    Meeting Schedule 3

    UCR Field Day 5

    Recreation & Family 7

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    Sierra Nevada GCSA

    An Affiliate Chapter of

    the Golf Course


    Association of America

    P R E S I D E N T S C U P A T G R I Z Z LY B Y J E S S E S E Q U I N

    To summarize the

    event at Grizzly Ranch a

    couple weeks ago as good

    would be an understate-

    ment. The service, condi-

    tions and experience pro-

    vided was exceptional and

    we cannot thank Mike and

    the Grizzly Ranch team

    enough. The event was

    enjoyed by all and was a

    huge success. What a day!

    From entering

    the facility, the majestic

    views and peaceful sur-

    roundings set the tone

    for the day. I always

    look forward to Moun-

    tain golf in the Sierras and Grizzly Ranch did

    not disappoint. Mother

    nature provided ideal

    weather for the day,

    which made it comfort-

    able and ideal for

    golf. Service at the bag

    drop and pro shop was

    great. The practice areas

    and driving range were in

    superb condition and ac-

    cessible to hone in on

    your game before the

    tournament started. The

    staff also did an excellent

    job in communicating and

    (Continued on page 4)

    Mike Kavaney

    superintendent at Plumas

    Lake Golf & Country

    Club will host the Octo-

    ber meeting for the Sierra

    Nevada GCSA. Though

    Mike has only been the

    superintendent at Plumas

    Lake for seven months he

    considers this job as his

    career highlight so far.

    Even though

    Mikes family owned a golf course and he started

    working on the course at

    a very young age, he went

    his own direction for a

    while working construc-

    tion jobs, asphalt, con-

    crete, framing, and paint-

    ing. He even worked one

    season of commercial

    fishing in Alaska before

    settling down at Whitney

    Oaks where he remained

    for 30 years. He loves

    being on the golf course

    every day, directing the

    crew watching the turf

    respond to the changes of

    the seasons, and he loves

    the game of golf.

    Plumas Lake

    Golf & Country Club was

    first established in 1926.

    It is a semi private facility

    that has long been called

    the Hidden Jewel of the Sacramento Valley. It has

    twice been listed in the top

    100 public courses in

    America by Golf Digest.

    The original nine

    holes were developed by

    the membership but in

    1960 the course underwent

    a complete re-design with

    architect Bob Baldock

    overseeing the project and

    became an 18 hole facility.

    Then in 2006 they com-

    pleted a renovation to all

    the putting surfaces to add

    slopes, undulation, and

    (Continued on page 4)

    P L U M A S L A K E G O L F & C O U N T RY C L U B

    M I C H A E L K AV E N E Y S U P E R I N T E N D E N T

  • I hope you enjoy

    this latest edition of our

    association newsletter. We

    are trying some new things

    with articles to allow you,

    the member, a chance to

    learn something about our

    region you might have

    known but might not have

    taken advantage of in the

    past. This is the time for

    family, friends and fellow-


    We will still have

    our normal articles but for

    the next few months we will

    add an article that has ac-

    tivities, day trips etc, for

    you to try out and enjoy.

    Thank you Kurtis for the

    article and I hope we as

    members try it out.

    I would also like to

    take the time to thank the

    association for making my

    time as the President of our

    association a rewarding

    one. I feel as though we

    have accomplished a lot.

    Some of which are the ini-

    tiatives we have supported,

    the amount of money that

    we have been able to donate

    to research, the scholarships

    we have provided, and we

    have put our association in

    a solid financial position for

    our future. Participation


    good at our monthly meet-

    ings, and we have been able

    to maintain a strong and

    stable membership.

    Lets all remember

    to thank the support staff as

    well. Irene, Kim and every-

    one else at the association

    office have helped make

    our association what it is

    today. So lets all finish our

    aerations, over seeding,

    other fall activities and pro-

    jects, finish off strong, and

    spend our time to enjoying

    the finer things in life.


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    P R E S I D E N T S ME S S A G E B Y J E F F C O U W E N H O V E N

    Fore Your Information

    Fore Your Information


    Jim Alwine

    Bernardo Heights G.C.



    5322 N. Leonard

    Clovis, CA 93619


    Fax# 559-298-6957

    [email protected]


    Jeff Couwenhoven

    Resort at Squaw Creek



    Jeremy Payne

    Winchester C.C.



    Jesse Seguin

    Lincoln Hills Golf Course



    Jim Alwine

    Bernardo Heights G.C.


    Dave Bermudez

    Del Rio Golf & Country Club


    Scott McCullough

    The Ridge Golf Course

    530-888-7122 ext 2

    Bob Franco

    Van Buskirk Golf Course


    Kurtis Wolford

    Cherry Island Golf Course


    Affiliate Representatives

    Dave Wilber

    Sierra Pacific Turf Supply


    Pete Bowman

    Target Specialty Products



    Published by the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association


    209 234-1500


    USGA Top Dressing Sand Deliveries by MAGNUM TRUCKING INC.

    Greens Top Dressing Sand Blend Materials to Customers Specifications

    Bunker Sand

    Profile / Sand Blends

    0-0-50 / Kiln Dried Sand blends

    Kiln Dried USGA Sand - 3000lbs Super Sacks

    Dakota Peat Sand Blends

    Peat Inc Sand Blends

    Pea Gravel

    Top Soil



    REGGIE POMICPIC Director of Sales and Market Cell# 209 993-5211 E-mail: [email protected]

    Jeff Couwenhoven

  • Fore Your Information Page 3


    October 22, 2012 Plumas Lakes Golf Course

    Host Superintendent Mike Kavaney

    November 12, 2012 Cameron Park C.C.

    Host Superintendent Jessie Creencia, CGCS

    Annual Association Meeting & Election

    December 14, 2012 River Boat Cruise on the Delta King

    Dinner & Entertainment

    January 2013 Pending Confirmation of Date & Location

    February 4-8. 2013 Annual Conference & Show

    San Diego, CA

    California Room USS Midway

    Wednesday Feb. 6, 2012

    March 2013 Pending Confirmation of Date & Location

    If you are interested in hosting a meeting email Jeremy Payne at [email protected] or

    Dave Wilber at [email protected]

  • Page 4 Fore Your Information

    Grizzly Ranch C O N T I N U E D F R O M P A G E 1

    organizing the event. The rules, format

    and directions were easy to follow, which

    helped with the flow of the day and kept

    the pace of play tolerable.

    Now to my favorite part of the ex-

    periencethe conditions and golf course. The golf course was setup to pro-

    vide challenges and enjoyment for many

    different skill sets. Conditions were solid

    from tee to green. The greens were in phe-

    nomenal shape and a pleasure to put on;

    except of course when 3 putting. Some

    tricky pin placements kept things exciting

    and made you think twice when deciding on your approach

    shot. The Bob Cupp designed course blended in well with its

    natural surroundings, giving the golf course character and defini-

    tion. The layout and setup also provided the opportunity to use

    every club in the bag.

    Food and service provided during and after the outing

    was also outstanding. All in all, what a great event. It takes a lot

    of hard work and preparation to put together an event like

    this. We are extremely fortunate to have members like Mike in

    our Association.

    Thanks again to Mike Baty and the Grizzly Ranch team

    for their professionalism

    and providing a quality


    Jesse Sequin

    pure bentgrass.

    Course yardage is

    6422 and #14 is the

    signature hole.

    Mike has

    some challenges

    with the irrigation

    system st