September Kol Tikvah

September 2012 • Volume 26 • Issue 9 A Reform Congregation Embracing Our Jewish Tradition News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah SELICHOT - Saturday, September 8 9:00 pm Study Session 10:00 pm Havdalah/Selichot Service EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE - Sunday, September 16 at 8:00 pm ROSH HASHANAH - Monday, September 17 8:00 am Early Service 11:30 am Late Service 2:30 pm Family Service 2ND DAY ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE - Tuesday, September 18 at 10:00 am TASCHLICH - Tuesday, September 18 immediately after services at approximately 12:45 pm at the Chattahoochee River KOL NIDRE - Tuesday, September 25 Service at 8:00 pm YOM KIPPUR - Wednesday, September 26 8:00 am Early Service 11:30 am Late Service 2:30 pm Family Service YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON SERVICE - YIZKOR - N’EILAH at 4:00 pm BREAK THE FAST - after the conclusion of N’eilah at approximately 7:00 pm (Sponsored by TBT’s Sisterhood) High Holy Day Service Schedule 2012/5773 SUKKOT CELEBRATION & SERVICE Fruits, friends, and fun! Sunday, September 30 6:00 pm - Picnic & Decorating the Sukkah 7:00 pm - Sukkot Service in Outdoor Chapel Bring a dairy dinner and a picnic blanket; drinks and dessert are provided. All are welcome. Join the TBT family to celebrate Sukkot! Please RSVP by Wednesday , Sept 26 to [email protected] or call 770-642-0434


September Kol Tikvah

Transcript of September Kol Tikvah

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September 2012 • Volume 26 • Issue 9 A Reform Congregation Embracing Our Jewish Tradition

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

SELICHOT - Saturday, September 8

9:00 pm Study Session 10:00 pm Havdalah/Selichot Service

EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE - Sunday, September 16 at 8:00 pm

ROSH HASHANAH - Monday, September 17

8:00 am Early Service 11:30 am Late Service 2:30 pm Family Service

2ND DAY ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE - Tuesday, September 18 at 10:00 am

TASCHLICH - Tuesday, September 18 immediately after services at approximately 12:45 pm at the Chattahoochee River

KOL NIDRE - Tuesday, September 25 Service at 8:00 pm

YOM KIPPUR - Wednesday, September 26

8:00 am Early Service 11:30 am Late Service 2:30 pm Family Service


BREAK THE FAST - after the conclusion of N’eilah at approximately 7:00 pm

(Sponsored by TBT’s Sisterhood)

High Holy Day Service Schedule


SUKKOT CELEBRATION & SERVICE Fruits, friends, and fun!

Sunday, September 30 6:00 pm - Picnic & Decorating the Sukkah 7:00 pm - Sukkot Service in Outdoor Chapel

Bring a dairy dinner and a picnic blanket; drinks and dessert are provided. All are welcome. Join the TBT family to celebrate Sukkot!

Please RSVP by Wednesday , Sept 26 to [email protected] or call 770-642-0434

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News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

I Wait All Year for This Moment – The Neilah Service

There is a dramatic moment in our liturgy that I

wait for all year long. It is the final service in

the late afternoon on Yom Kippur called

Neilah. Neilah means “locking.” The idea is

that the Gates of Repentance are closing and these

are the last few moments available to us to do the important work

of teshuvah – turning/returning/repentance. The intensity is so

strong that it actually makes me feel like my very life depends on


Neilah marks the conclusion of the Aseret Y’mei Teshuvah, the

Ten Days of Repentance that began on the eve of Rosh Hashanah

and will conclude with this service on Yom Kippur. The only

time we include it in our liturgy is on Yom Kippur. I look for-

ward to it because, for me, it is a liberating and cleansing mo-

ment. After owning how I have failed and how I have missed

important things in the year that past, I can begin again. I have a

chance to do better.

I know that there are many people who have never seen this ser-

vice. After a day of fasting, spending the morning and perhaps a

fair amount of the day in the synagogue, and of course, the very

Jewish aspect of coming together to eat with friends and family,

many people miss this truly awesome experience.

So please, accept this as my personal invitation for you to try

something new. To be open to what our tradition has to offer us. I

believe that, as the Gates are closing, you will find a beauty to be

with your community at such a peak moment of our holy days.

I can tell you that this last section of prayers, after leading ser-

vices all day and frankly feeling a little exhausted…it strengthens

me. It isn’t just the anticipation of ending. It is the drive to finish

what I have started. It is the nuances in the prayers that express

our gratitude for being written in the Book of Life and hoping

that the book will be sealed.

I find a peace by knowing that I have done the hard work that

these Ten Days require – asking for forgiveness, trying to do bet-

ter, acknowledging my shortcomings, and strengthening my com-

mitment to our tradition, to my family, to my people, to my

world, and yes, to The Holy One of Blessing.

But it is the very end that is so compelling. We ask God to “open

the gates of righteousness” so that we can go through. We take a

breath, stand up in front of the open ark, profess how we are

aware of our weaknesses but promise to be open to God’s guid-

ance. We express our deep gratitude for all of the beauty in our

world, even if we too often focus on the negative or the difficult.

And then…

We say Sh’ma Yisrael one time.

We say Baruch Shem Kavod… three times.

We say Adonai Hu HaElohim, “The Eternal One is God,” seven


And immediately, standing in front of our ark, often with a sense

of awe, relief, joy, and gratitude, we hear the final tekiah g’dolah

– the last great blast of the shofar, telling us that we have finished

and that we can start again.

I hope you join me for Neilah. The food will still be there when

you return. Start again with me and your friends and neighbors at

Temple Beth Tikvah, and let’s begin the year anew, together.

Rabbi Fred Greene

At the conclusion of Yom Kippur, with that final

Tekiah Gedolah blast, I at once feel depleted and

exhilarated. It’s not easy sustaining the level of

intensity that the High Holy Days require of us.

It does help, I believe, to go through this process

in the self-contained community and physcial

space of Temple Beth Tikvah. The physical

space becomes a spiritual one where we have

permission to temporarily put on hold all those things that drive

our daily routines. Ideally we would accomplish creating this

kind of space and time for reflection on a weekly basis with

Shabbat observance. Some of us do; some of us don’t; and some

of us try to – to whatever extent.

I imagine that you, like I, think about allowing time to prepare for

attending High Holy Day services and that the quality of that

time is unique to the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe). We think a

bit more about what we’ll be wearing and with whom we might

enjoy meals before or after Rosh HaShanah and for Break Fast.

And once we work out all of these and other logistics – we can

potentially be present, really present, for the work of self-

reflection that leads to t’shuvah.

Sure – we can reflect on our lives, alone, in the place of our own

choosing. No one is denying this. But the strength of Judaism

lies in the context of community. Sometimes the challenges of

Judaism lie in community as well, but ultimately the strength

prevails. The Hebrew word for prayer is t’filah and the infinitive

verb form, l’hitpalel, is self-reflexive and means….. to judge

oneself. It is my hope for these upcoming holy days, that I will

be as open and honest with myself as possible when I pray, when

I sing, and when I co-lead services with Rabbi Greene and Rabbi

Tam and our High Holy Day choir. We are all your sh’lichei

tzibur, messengers of prayer. It is also my hope to let go of any

tendencies I might have to judge others before, during or after

this self-contained time and space.

May we be embraced and comforted within the community that is

Temple Beth Tikvah as we journey through the upcoming holy


Wishing you all a shanah tovah u-m’tukah,

Cantor Nancy Kassel

Notes from the Cantor

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News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

This month, in addition to the High Holidays of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, we also celebrate another one of the

major festivals of our Judaism, Sukkot. Sukkot is one of the three holidays mandated in the Torah for the Jewish peo-

ple to celebrate, alongside Rosh HaShana and Pesach, a holiday where we are commanded by G-d to, simply, be


As you know, during Sukkot we celebrate the fall season and the harvest by building a sukkah, and enjoying our meals and free time

sitting in it, with our family and friends. Each day of Sukkot, we also famously shake the lulav and etrog: This combination of

branches from the date palm, willow, and myrtle held alongside the citron fruit symbolize, according to our tradition, both the Four

Types of Jews who make up the Jewish people, in addition to symbolizing the whole of the human body. This has always interested

me, this idea that the whole of the Jewish people shares symbolism with the whole of the Jewish body: Just as the body is not alive

without its heart or its spine, so are the Jewish people not alive without recognition of the many Jews, as different as we may be, who

make up the whole.

The drashot tell us that that the four types of Jews can be described as follows: the etrog, which possesses both taste and fragrance

symbolizing those who possess both learning and good deeds. The palm branches possess taste but no fragrance, symbolizing those

who possess learning but do not perform good deeds. The myrtle is the inverse of the palm, possessing no taste but having a pleasant

fragrance; this is likened to those who are not learned but do good deeds. Finally, the willow has neither taste nor fragrance, symbol-

izing those who possess neither learning nor good deeds.1 We, of course, wish to be the etrog, possessing both learning and good

deeds. The reality of life is that our communities are made of all four types of people, and because community is such a high priority

in Judaism, we bind all four species together, as we strive to bring together all Jews in one community, both as a synagogue commu-

nity, and as “Am Yisrael.”

Temple Beth Tikvah’s (TBT) founding of Relay for Life - Ruach Atlanta helps accomplish just that. Our community saw that there

was an effort in the greater community through the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) annual Relay for Life program to help with a

disease that touches us all. Relays, by ACS design are always held from Friday nights to Saturday mornings. With Temple Beth

Tikvah being a congregation rooted in traditional practice through a Reform or liberal Jewish lens, there was a sense that participa-

tion in a public event on Shabbat was not in keeping with our synagogue’s values. Yet, the event is so very worthwhile. So, in an

attempt to be the etrog, TBT approached the ACS about starting a Relay for Life that ran from Sunday to Sunday evening. ACS lis-

tened, understood the challenge that participating in a Friday night to Saturday Relay presented, and the rest is history -- Relay for

Life Ruach Atlanta was born. (Ruach -- רוח -- means spirit/wind.) We now have a community event that allows us to be part of a

significant project that works toward tikun olam, while being mindful of our tradition and Shabbat.

So friends, join us and the rest of the North Atlanta Jewish community in the first ever in the world, Relay for Life Ruach on Sunday,

October 14, 2012, 1:00 PM. (See for more information.) Be part of this

mitzvah that culminates a weekend of TBT’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. Be an etrog.


Steven C. Gerson, President


Shalom Chaverim - שלום חברים

Shana Tova Tikatavu U’Metukah!

The Synagogue Board of Trustees,

Clergy and Staff

Wish you a happy, healthy

and sweet New Year!

Page 4: September Kol Tikvah


On a hot sunny day, I arrived in Yokneam, our Atlanta sister city, for a short visit with the youth baseball team. This program is

made up of 35 students, ages 8-14, and coached by Yosef Ross. Along with Micki Niakanii, the sister of Hedva Weiner, Kivunim

class teacher, we delivered Atlanta Braves baseball caps to the local Yokneam Braves. Big smiles were abundant as we handed out

the caps. We spent a wonderful afternoon watching the kids practice.

The exciting part about visiting the team was that the 2011-2012 Kivunim class

(11th and 12th grade students – Wyran Ward, Austin Schiffer, Allison Cohen,

Sarah Scott, Jacob Kaplan, Sydney Korshak and Megan Zimmer) led by Hedva,

worked together on raising the money to send to the team. These hats were part

of the $4,100 the kids raised. The personal delivery by Micki and I made the

gift all the more special.

Thanks to everyone who donated to this worthwhile cause. The smiles on the

faces of the children made it all the more worthwhile!

Our first day of school will be on September 9th. We are starting the new year

on a sweet note as the students will have apples and honey. Dr. Joel Margolies

is coming again to teach our students about the Shofar. Our Tefilah service will

end as the Shofar is blown.

We have three open houses planned during the first few weeks of school. The open house dates are September 9 th for 7th grade, Sep-

tember 23rd for PreK – 3rd grade and September 30th for 4th – 6th grades. We would like all the parents to come and meet the teachers

and learn about the years curriculum.

Parents will receive an email with their child’s teacher name(s), classroom number and carpool number right before school starts.

The religious school teaching faculty is looking forward to the new school year. Please note that the email address for the religious

school has changed. Our new email is [email protected].

I would like to wish all of our students and parents a wonderful start to the new school year!


Hassia Levin

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Religious School

Early Childhood Education Center

A few months ago, I, along with 15 other women from across the country, were accepted to the first cohort of JECELI, the Jewish

Early Childhood Leadership Institute. This new collaboration between the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College

-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC) was developed in consultation with Bank Street College of Education and with generous support

from the Jim Joseph Foundation. JECELI provides new and aspiring Jewish early-childhood-education directors with 15 months of

intensive professional development focused on best practices in early childhood education and Jewish education.

With the support of my family and encouragement from Rabbi Greene, Seth Zimmer, the Board of Trustees, and ECEC teachers, my

15 month adventure began…. In May, I went to Connecticut and spent some time with the other members of the cohort gaining in-

sight to what we will be learning as the program continues. Now to a “normal” person, packing up and going to a place that is unfa-

miliar with people that you have never met, could be a bit unsettling. But those that know me best know that my biggest fear was

that I would have to share a room with a stranger! I spent the weekend at The Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, learning and getting

to know other Jewish Early Childhood Directors. It was an amazing experience, and I had my own room!

In July, I spent two weeks in New York City, delving into more intense learning. Everyday, we would attend class for 8-9 hours.

These classes were taught by educators from JTS, HUC and Bank Street College of Education. We discussed everything from Torah

Study to elements of supervision to social media. To say that I learned a lot is putting it mildly! At the end of each day, my head

would spin with information and the excitement of implementing new ideas into our programs.

I am looking forward to making our fabulous school and community stronger with the new things I learned. The program continues

throughout the year, with a trip in February and then back to New York next summer. Look for updates and come visit our Early

Childhood Center. Learning is not just for children- there are “JEMS” (Jewish educational moments) in everything!

Jenifer Friedman ECEC Director

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Calling all Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,

Cubs and Brownies…

We are starting to form the courses for scouts (both girls and boys) in our community to provide them an opportunity to earn their religious emblems based on the various ranks.

For Boy Scouts, there are: Maccabee (Tigers) Aleph (Wolf/Bear/Webelos) Ner Tamid (Boy Scouts/ Venturers ages 11-14) Etz Chaim (Boy Scouts/Venturers ages 14-18) Shofar (Adults) For Girl Scouts, there are: Lehavah Award (Grades 2-3) Bat Or Award (Grades 4-6) Menorah Award (Grades 7-9) Or Emunah Award (Grades 10-12)

Classes will be on Sunday afternoons

beginning in November.

We anticipate these emblems will be completed in time for Scout Shabbat, tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 8, 2013.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact Tony Rosenberg at [email protected].

B’nai Mitzvah

News & Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Andrew William Baker will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on September 1, 2012. Drew is

the son of Sheri & Brian Baker and brother to Zach. He is currently in the 8th grade at Webb Bridge Mid-

dle School. Drew is active on his neighborhood swim team where he is a captain. Drew has volunteered

his time and dollars to the Zaban Homeless shelter and North Fulton Community Charities and continues

to do so after becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Joshua Thomas Gurin will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on September 1, 2012. Joshua is

the son of Michelle and Michael Gurin and the brother to Sophia. He is the grandson of Ronald and Judy

Gurin of Atlanta and Harbhajan K. Singh of Charlotte. Joshua is in the 8th grade at The Davis Academy

where he plays soccer, participates in Debate Club and is co-editor of the school newspaper. Joshua is a

soccer enthusiast, movie aficionado, plays piano and loves all things with fur and paws.

Paying Tribute

During this celebration of our 25 year journey,

we would like to pay tribute to those members

who we have lost along the way. We are asking

that you send us the names of your loved ones,

spouses, children, siblings, parents and friends

who were members and who now live in our

memories. Please send your names to tzeda-

[email protected] and please put

“memories” in the subject line. You can also

call the office at 770-642-0434.

Temple Beth Tikvah


The Book Festival of the MJCCA

invite you to the


on Community Partners Night

as we present

Rabbi Harold Kushner’s

The Book of Job

Monday, November 12, 2012

8:15 pm at the MJCCA

5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Tickets are available on-line at or by calling the

MJCCA Box Office at 678.812.4005.

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

TBT Community

College Outreach Committee

College Care Packages Being

Sent Soon

When our college students get on campus, do they remem-

ber TBT? We certainly hope so! We want them to fondly

remember their education and experiences at TBT and to

continue to be a part of our community. Temple Beth Tik-

vah wants to maintain strong and open communication

lines with our college students and we want them to know

that we are thinking of them as well. To that end, after the

High Holy Days, TBT will be sending our college students

a special care package, filled with goodies and a personal

letter from the Rabbi. Will your college student receive




COLLEGE THEY ARE IN. (i.e. freshman, senior, etc…)

Because college students tend to change their living ar-

rangements from year to year, we are asking ALL the par-

ents of college students to send us their child’s college ad-

dress, even if you provided it in previous years.

Please send your child’s college address and what year of

college they are in to Lynda Bennett at

[email protected] or to Ginger Glazer at

[email protected].

It is always a challenge to find interesting and useful items

for the care packages. If any temple member has any items

they would be willing to donate, please contact Lynda or

Ginger. Monetary donations would also be much appreci-


In the past we have had a great group of volunteers to help

us assemble the care packages. It only takes a few hours

and it’s a wonderful way to meet new people or to recon-

nect with friends. If you can help us in this effort, please

contact Lynda or Ginger.

Kehillat Chesed (Caring ) Committee

Did you resolve to get more involved this year?

Start the New Year by joining TBT’s Kehillat Chesed

(Caring) Committee.

· No Meetings

· Work Around Your Schedule

· Rewarding

The Kehillat Chesed Committee is looking for volunteers.

We invite you to be a part of one or all of our subcommit-

tees. Take a “2 week call cycle” to reach out to Beth Tik-

vah members for individual needs or at a time of their life

cycle events. Your phone calls can be made at night and

will only take a few minutes of your time. OR, Make a

meal once or twice during the year for a congregant in

need. OR, Deliver a "Get Well Bag" when a congregant is

hospitalized. These are some of the most personally re-

warding acts of kindness you can perform.

Interested? Contact Leslie Swichkow by email,

[email protected], or by phone 770-973-0062 to

volunteer or receive more information.


Temple Beth Tikvah's

Faces of Survival

If you have experienced cancer, TBT wants to honor you.

We would like to take a group photo for Temple Beth Tikvah's

"Faces of Survival" poster.

Please call the temple office ( 770-642-0434 ) to submit your name.


Page 7: September Kol Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

New York Times Bestselling Author Jodi Kantor Discusses THE OBAMAS, at A Page from the Book Festival of the MJCCA Event – Sept. 12, 2012

A Revelatory Portrait Offering Extensive Detail and Insight

Into The First Couples’ Partnership

The Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA) welcomes New York Times Bestselling Author Jodi Kantor, as

she discusses THE OBAMAS, at a special Page from the Book Festival of the MJCCA author event on Wednesday,

September 12, 2012, at 7:30 pm. With unprecedented access to the Obamas, Kantor reveals many unknown stories and

revelations about the connection between the personal and political in this presidency, and how the first couple’s partnership

affects us all. The event will be held at the MJCCA (5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338). Tickets are available

on-line at or by calling the MJCCA Box Office at 678.812.4005.

Page 8: September Kol Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

September 2012 TBT Happenings

Page 9: September Kol Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Annual Campaign

Daniel and Stephanie Joseph

Rodney and Erika Eberhardt in memory of Harry Carasick

Dale and Wendy Bearman in memory of Joshua Jaffe

Building Fund

Jeffrey and Risa Fibus in memory of Frank Levy

Campership/Israel Fund

Jeffrey and Ellen Levitz in memory of Harry Carasick

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Zimmer in memory of Harry Carasick

Nadine Duhaney in honor of Temple Beth Tikvah

Cantor Kassel’s Discretionary Fund

Jeffrey and Ellen Levitz in appreciation of Cantor Kassel

Kenneth and Helene Skolky in memory of Shirley and

Joe Skolky and Dora Breines

Robert and Cindy Goldstein in memory of Phillip Kaplan

Caring/Kehillat Chesed Fund

Ruth Zeidman in honor of a speedy recovery for Roberta Coad

Endowment Fund

Veronica Fink in memory of Sam Speer

Jonathan and Barbara Berger in memory of Sam Speer

Sheryl Blechner-

-in honor of Molly Peters becoming a Bat Mitzvah

-in honor of the marriage of Andra Tam

-wishing a speedy recovery to Andy Zalkin

-wishing a speedy recovery to Aaron Palazzo

General Fund

Michael and Jeanne Lipsitt in memory of William Lipsitt

Dale and Wendy Bearman in memory of Leo Ebstein

David N. Cunningham

Scott Schweber in memory of Irwin Schweber

Jonathan and Barbara Berger in memory of Henry Cohen

Jonathan and Lynda Bennett in memory of Bobbi Bennett

Betty and Louis Kalish in memory of Henry Cohen

David and Bonnie Sandfelder in memory of Shirley Winkler

and Hertzel Matusow

High Holy Day Fund

Stuart Farber in memory of Myra Farber, Esther Farber and

Arthur Farber

Aaron and Sheila Stieglitz in memory of members of the

Stieglitz and Krigsner families

Jeffrey and Risa Fibus in memory of Honey Fibus

Anne Grossman

Dan and Laura DeRiemer in memory of Rabbi Avi Levine

Michael Zalkin Memorial Library Fund

Steve and RoseAnn Gerson in honor of a speedy recovery for

Andy Zalkin

Mark and Gail Rudel in honor of Doug Schiffer's birthday

Betty Rickles in memory of Harold Goldsmith and David


June Wallach in honor of a speedy recovery for Andy Zalkin

Preschool Fund

In memory of Max Skyer:

Scott and Mary Block

Steve and Michele Gergans

Mitch and Julie Hilsen

Gary and Michal Loventhal

Chad and Jules Salinas

William and Susan Shields

Rabbi Greene’s Discretionary Fund

Joel and Valerie Rapowitz in memory of Sharlene and Philip


Jeffrey Willard and Steve Mahan in memory of Harry Carasick

Jeffrey and Ellen Levitz in appreciation of Rabbi Greene

Steven and Amy Fine in memory of Flora Fine

Amy Krafchick in memory of Lois Steiner, Sadie Smith,

Betsey Mimnaugh and Harold Krafchick

Stuart Farber in memory of Myra Farber, Esther Farber and

Arthur Farber

Nancy Broudy in memory of Elsie Pearl

Barry and Karen Shapiro

Jerry and Marcy Kaufman in memory of Dorothy Kaufman

Andy and Marci Fried in memory of Ruth Fried and

Fred Singer

Jessica and Allie Goodman in memory of Stanley Goodman

Allan and Pam Apple

Rabbi Tam’s Discretionary Fund

Bruce and Carol Waldman in honor of their daughter's first


Bernard and Bernice Bickwit in memory of Martha Resnick

Religious School Fund

Tobi Levine in memory of Leonard Stansky

School Scholarship Fund

Joel and Valerie Rapowitz in memory of Sharlene and Philip


Carol Moss in honor of Michael Braun, new Board member,

and Heather Braun, outgoing Sisterhood President

Youth Group Fund

Stanley and Bobbie Kopkin in memory of Sadie Kopkin and

William Raider


Page 10: September Kol Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah


Volunteers Needed for Operation Isaiah

We will be giving out food bags after the Erev Rosh Hashanah service and at the early and late services on

Rosh Hashanah day. We will collect food from congregants before Kol Nidre and at the early and late ser-

vices on Yom Kippur day. To help, please contact Jeff Willard at [email protected] or call (770)


Operation Isaiah: Yom Kippur Food Drive

This is my chosen fast…

Share your bread with the hungry

Take the homeless into your home.

Clothe the naked when you see him,

Do not turn away from people in need.

(Isaiah 58:6-7)

Along with other Atlanta area synagogues, Temple Beth Tikvah will again participate in Operation Isaiah.

This project, coordinated by the Atlanta Community Food Bank collects thousands of food items to be do-

nated to those in need.

Bags will be distributed after services on Erev Rosh Hashanah and on Rosh Hashanah day. Please return

these bags, filled with non-perishable boxed or canned goods to Temple Beth Tikvah during any of our Yom

Kippur services.

Help us make this year’s fast a feast for those people whose daily fast is neither symbolic nor voluntary. We

thank you in advance, as you perform two acts of tzedakah by feeding the hungry and supporting your syna-


Suggested items are: Peanut Butter, Canned Tuna, Canned Beans, Canned Soups, Stews & Pastas, 100%

Fruit Juice, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Macaroni and Cheese Dinners and Whole Grain, Low Sugar Cere-


No glass containers please

If you would rather make a donation, it is suggested that you donate the amount equal to what you would

spend for you and your family for one day. Checks can be made out to Temple Beth Tikvah with Operation

Isaiah in the memo section.

We ask that you please check all of the expiration dates on your non-perishable food

donations before they are brought to the temple.

Thank you and L’Shana Tovah

Social Action Committee

Page 11: September Kol Tikvah


News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Temple Beth Tikvah

warmly welcomes the following

new members to our family:

Michael and Jeannine Bernstein

585 Bircham Way

Roswell, GA 30075

Benjamin, Nathan & Lila

Michael and Marlene Cohn

4791 Taylors Court

Marietta, GA 30068

Evan & Lauren

Scott and Amy Cooper

1811 Jacksons Creek Dr

Marietta, GA 30068

Eliana, Atalya, Ari & Daniel

Robert and Lisa Garris

1559 East Bank Drive

Marietta, GA 30068

Emma & Ezra

Barry and Laura Gordon

740 Westwind Lane

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Casey, Lindsey & Sydney

Rob and Debbie Levin

1879 Waltham Circle

Marietta, GA 30062

Jacen & Ryan

Ernie and Rebecca Mattace

13060 Magnolia Cresent Drive

Roswell, GA 30075

Ethan & Zachary

Gary and Peggy Mendelson

821 Richmond Hill Drive

Marietta, GA 30068


Jeffery and Beth Metersky

3095 Manor Place Drive

Roswell, GA 30075

Joshua, Jakob & Jaysen

Jared and Janine Wiskind

265 Edwarton Court

Roswell, GA 30076

Noah & Talia

Max and Carol Wolf

1030 Merrivale Chase

Roswell, GA 30075

Welcome Back to:

Andy and Sheri Flink

155 Elizabeth Cove

Roswell, GA 30075

Ryan, Bradley, Jake, Garrett & Reid



By: Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner

An easy and inspirational summer read that brought about the

The Women’s Interfaith Community Join us on Sunday September 9th for a group discussion

3:30-5:00 pm @ Temple Beth Tikvah

Tea and Dessert will be served

RSVP to Terry Apt Carasick at [email protected]

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A quarter century ago, a few families had an idea to create a warm, welcoming and engaging place to worship. They called it Temple Beth Tikvah – the “House of Hope.” Twenty five years later, TBT has lived up to its name and then some. Now, that’s something to celebrate!

Mark Your Calendars for these Special Events to Celebrate TBT at 25! We have planned a wonderful celebration of TBT’s 25th anniversary that offers something for everyone. Please mark your calendars for these very special events as we celebrate this important milestone. More details will follow soon.

25th Anniversary Kabalat Shabbat Featuring Renowned Playwright, Composer, Actor and Cantor Danny Maseng and the TBT Choir Friday, October 12, 8 p.m. Oneg Shabbat to follow

Danny Maseng in Concert Saturday, October 13, 8 p.m. TBT Sanctuary Refreshments will be served following the performance

The First Ever Sunday Relay for Life: Ruach Atlanta Sunday, October 14, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Roswell Area Park Fan the flames in search of a cure! Registration at

25th Anniversary Family Picnic at TBT Sunday, October 28, Noon One of the most popular and respected composers of contemporary liturgical and synagogue music, Danny has

released a treasure trove of beautiful music. He has been the invited guest of the American Conference of Cantors,

the Cantor's Assembly, as well as the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Equally at home with pop and rock, Danny's

CD 'Just Like Home' has been hailed "a love letter to a place and a faith called Israel" by Rolling Stone's contributing

editor David Wild and his long awaited double CD, 'Heaven on Earth: Shabbat at Temple Israel of Hollywood ' is hot

off the press and getting rave reviews!

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

TBT 25th Anniversary Info

TBT at 25! A Special Congregational Celebration

October 12 - 14 and October 28, 2012

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

JF&CS Tools for Shuls

JF&CS Career Services - A Success Story

Mitch Prusin landed at the front door of JF&CS about three years ago, just as the economy was spiraling downward. This started him on an unlikely path to self-discovery. Mitch was frustrated with his job. In fact, he said, “I hated what I was doing.” And so he quit.

He was determined to make some kind of change. Af-ter meeting with Robyn Cohen, the Business Service Manager on the Job Development team, and then with Career Counselor Charlotte Hayes, he began to de-velop a better understanding of himself and the op-tions available. From there, he moved on to Volunteer Services Manager Denise Deitchman, who connected him with a hands-on volunteer project with the Devel-opmental Disabilities - Tools for Independence divi-sion. For the next four months, he spent four morn-ings’ each week assisting clients in a retail training pro-gram set up to teach them work skills. The experience changed Mitch’s perspective of his own life. From the professional guidance provided through Career Ser-vices to the inspirational exposure of helping adults with developmental disabilities embrace the courage to tackle something new, his journey of self discovery was unique. “JF&CS helped me realize that I wanted to be on my own, an entrepreneur of sorts,” he said. “I leapt into a risky industry at the time, Keller Williams Real Estate in Buckhead, and it has been amazing. This experience has given me the opportunity to know what makes me extremely happy. And success has fol-lowed.”

Mitch is just one of the many lives JF&CS’ Career Ser-vices – Tools for Employment division has helped to change in the past three years. Since our program be-gan in 2009, we have helped put more than 1,000 peo-ple back to work. JF&CS has seen a continuous rise in demand for our job placement services. To meet the ever-rising needs of the community, our Job Develop-ment team and career counselors serve employers and job seekers alike in the Atlanta community with place-ment support, an innovative Mock Interviewing Pro-gram and GradWORKS, a career counseling program for recent college graduates. Check our website for more information

TBT Beautification Project

We are continuing our project to "Keep TBT Beauti-ful" We will have the final project completed before the High Holy Days.

Keep TBT Beautiful

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Fabulous sale on tallits at your

Temple Beth Tikvah gift shop !

All tallits are 30% off. Need a new one?

B'nai mitzvah in your future for a loved


Numerous reasons to take advantage of this sale.

Before you go to this months' parties, weddings, B'nai

mitzvahs, friends for dinner, or you want something for

yourself, remember your gift shop awaits you with won-

derful gifts at great prices. Our jewelry is beautiful and

made by Israeli artists. We will wrap your gift in our own

Temple Beth Tikvah gift bag and you will be supporting

YOUR synagogue.

We thank you and please feel free to call us if you have

any questions. Carrie can be reached at 404-457-3242.

Carrie, Pam and Rhonda

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Upcoming Sisterhood Events

October 3rd- Dinner at Ceviche @7pm

October 28th- TBT Family Picnic $10/family

November 11th- Baby Shower @ TBT to

benefit the Drake House and Foster Care


Check out our new Facebook page to get

updates and event information!/


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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah



For questions, please contact Laurie Finkelstein at [email protected] or 678.812.3723.

Rosh Chodesh (New Moon)

Women’s Spiritual Group Women of all ages and knowledge are welcome.

Sunday, September 23, 7:00-8:30 pm in the TBT library.

Do you spend as much time on your spiritual self as you do on your physical self? This is your opportunity to renew and grow your spiritual self! We will explore the relevance of each Hebrew month, participate in activities that embody the monthly theme and discuss female figures that influence us; how they pertain to us and affect us in ways we don’t always recognize. Each meeting begins with optional gentle yoga/stretch/breathing to unwind. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. (If you have physical limitations, have no fear. You can participate sitting in a chair) What to bring - A candle in a container, a yoga mat if you have one. Don't have any of these? Come anyway!

Celebrate your feminine spirit and its link to the Hebrew calendar.

Reserve these dates: Sept. 23, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, Jan. 20, Feb. 10, March 17, April 21 and May 19

To RSVP or to be added to our evite list, contact Pam Chanin [email protected]

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Temple Beth Tikvah acknowledges with sorrow the passing of: Elsie Pearl Mother of Marcia Pearl Henry Cohen Father of Gary Cohen Louise Beck Sister of Gerald Prosterman

May God console you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


The Tree of Life is a great way to honor a person or life cycle event. Leaves can be donated by individuals or by several people or families. Please consider the Tree of Life the next time you are looking for a way to honor someone or something special!

Thank you to…

Esther Shultz, Lois Malkin, and Sheila Barid for preparing the Kiddush lunches during the month of July.

Leslie Swichkow, Marsha Mathis, June Wallach, Mike Singer, Charlene Milstein, Betty Rickles, Ruth Zeidman, Addie Myers, Janice Liederman, Ellen Levitz, Lois Clymin, Sandy Friedwald, Stefani Faer, Roberta Goldman, Rich-ard Staviss and Samantha Staviss for volunteering their time to help in the office.

Mazal Tov to…

Samantha Steuer, daughter of Howard & Cindy, upon her graduation from The University of South Carolina! She is pursuing a career in public relations and is cur-rently working for a large PR firm in NYC .

Maggie & Jason McAuliffe, on the birth of their son, Harris.

Amy & Scott Cooper, on the birth of their twin sons, Ari and Daniel.

Kudos Corner

Honor a special person or event with a leaf on

our Tree of Life

Get Well Wishes

The following congregants have recently been ill. We hope and pray for a complete and speedy recovery of the following members of our Beth Tikvah family:

Andy Zalkin Barbara Schall

Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are a beautiful way to

honor the memory of a loved one. Your

loved one’s plaque will be lit up several

times throughout the year.

We recite the Kaddish on the anniversary

of their passing and Yizkor, which means to

remember, is recited as part of the prayer

service four times during the year.

The price of a plaque is $300. If you have

any questions or would like to order a plaque,

please contact Lisa in the synagogue office at

770-642-0434 or send an email to

[email protected].


Schmooze Corner

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On October 11, the Anti-Defamation League and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus will present Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezin, a multi-media concert that tells the story of the courageous Jewish prisoners in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp during World War II who learned Verdi’s Requiem Mass by rote and then performed this compelling work 16 times.

The concert/drama features a full performance of the Requiem, video testimony with surviving members of the choir, original Nazi propaganda film footage, and actors telling the remarkable story of the Jewish prisoners who sang as a symbol of secret defiance against their Nazi captors. The performance is powerful, dramatic and inspirational, with a contemporary message of hope.

Click here for Defiant Requiem video & more!

Tickets are on sale NOW and can be purchased by calling the Woodruff

Arts Center box office at 404 733-5000 or on the Atlanta Symphony website at Use discount code ADL10 for a 10% discount on each ticket.

News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Submissions for the

October Kol Tikvah

are due to the synagogue

office by Friday, September 10.

Please email to

[email protected]

Planning a simcha or group gathering? The Tam-Blank Social Hall is the Place to Be.

For more information on renting our Social Hall, contact the synagogue office at 770-642-0434.

Donations may be mailed to: Temple Beth Tikvah

9955 Coleman Road Roswell, GA 30075

As we fast this Yom Kippur, let us

remember those who fast because

they have no choice.

Please donate

to Operation Isaiah.

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Synagogue Information

Synagogue Office - 770-642-0434

Fax Number - 770-642-0647

School Office (Perri) - 770-642-4168

Preschool (Jenifer) - 678-350-0076

Assistant to Clergy - Michelle Leder

Financial Secretary - Jenny Korsen

Admin. Assistant - Lisa Singer

Office Manager - Becky Sullivan

Adult Education Cindy Getty [email protected] Budget & Finance Harlan Graiser [email protected] Chavurot Ivie Graiser [email protected] College Outreach Lynda Bennett [email protected] Ginger Glazer [email protected] Communications Dave Faupel [email protected] Fundraising Ruben Braiter [email protected] Gift Shop Pam Alterman [email protected]

Carrie Bickwit [email protected] Rhonda Schweber [email protected] House Ted Nathan [email protected] Human Resources Karen Moss [email protected]

Israel Gene Carasick [email protected] Kehillat Chesed (Caring) Leslie Swichkow [email protected] Membership Recruitment & Retention Mark Rudel [email protected] Men’s Club Neil Goldstein [email protected] Nominating Committee Bart Schwartz [email protected] Andy Goldstrom [email protected] Outreach To Be Determined Ritual Esther Shultz [email protected]

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Group Pam Chanin [email protected] Security Michael Gutkin [email protected] Seniors Ruth Zeidman

[email protected]

Sisterhood Mary Block [email protected] Social Action Jeff Willard [email protected] Rodney Eberhardt [email protected] Social Committee To Be Determined Website Development Mark Weiss [email protected] Scott Povlot [email protected] Youth Group Chad Salinas [email protected]

Get Involved! TBT Committees and Chairpersons

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News and Happenings from Temple Beth Tikvah

Publication’s Title and Number: Kol Tikvah • Volume 26 Issue 9

Issue Date: September 2012 Frequency: Monthly

Authorized Organization’s Name and Address:

Temple Beth Tikvah • 9955 Coleman Road • Roswell, GA 30075

For A Special Friend: A courtesy examination & x-ray at

no charge when you present this card


5457 Roswell Road, Suite 102

Sandy Springs, Georgia 30342


Potential Customers are

Reading this

Publication Right Now!

Call Lisa at 770.642.0434

to find out how you can advertise your business.

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Fred Greene


Donald A. Tam

Rabbi Emeritus

Nancy Kassel


Hassia Levin

Education Director

Jenifer Friedman

ECEC Director

Steve Gerson


Ron Swichkow President-Elect

Paul Beckman

Vice President

Todd Boehm

Vice President

Marsha Mathis

Vice President

Mark Craig


Rhonda Povlot


Seth Zimmer


Board of Education

Attention Postmaster:

Time Sensitive Materials

In home date: August 31, 2012