SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Business

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Sometimes it’s not easy for SEO beginners to prioritize SEO tasks, or know which practices are more effective for small business. That’s why we asked contributors of SEMrush Blog – specialists in small and medium enterprises (SME) – to give you advice on getting started the right way.

Transcript of SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Business

  • You should be aware and be ready to respond quickly to changes. Nick Stamoulis, Brick Marketing
  • While working on generating additional unique visitors via organic search, be equally concerned about conversion rate optimization. Jason Hawkins, and
  • Test all your pages: call to actions, specials, sales, etc. Be creative and try a different amount of form fields. Jason Hawkins, and
  • Share your data with others They will publish their own conclusions, and still credit you with a link to the original source. Barrie Smith, Receptional Ltd
  • Run a blog that constantly features new material valuable to readers. Amanda E. Clark, Grammar Chic, Inc.
  • Tie the goals of the website to the content you are creating Shawn Cohen, Standing Dog Interactive
  • Start collecting customer reviews and testimonials on various sites Todd Butcher, LSEO
  • Be timely! Chris Boggs, Internet Marketing Ninjas Keep some "wild card" time/resources to be able to create and publish topics based on industry buzz.
  • Get links from websites that are only about the region you serve. Paul Bliss, RankSurge
  • Optimize your Google+ Business Page: no less than 5interesting pictures, no less than 2 "how to" videos. Kristopher Jones, ReferLocal
  • Win a game in the minors (less competitive keywords) before you step up to the majors Shayne Tilley, online marketing expert & author
  • Ensure your keyword targets for SEO are localized keywords. Use Google's Display Network to market to your local area while SEO takes time to blossom. Phil Byrne, Internet marketing specialist, blogger & author
  • Go Local Make a local SEO plan that assures the site itself and content is developed around geotargeted keywords. Aaron Agius, Louder Online
  • ? Be sure your customers can find you! List your small business across the major Web directories. Adam Dince, Deluxe Corp
  • And keep on trying till you make it!