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Want to change your domain name (URL)? Want to know the best practices to change domain name? Need to avoid negative impact on search engine rankings? Worried about your pagerank? Exapmle: You need to redirect all pages of to Go through this step by step SEO guide.

Transcript of SEO: How to Properly Change Domain Name

  • How to Properly Change Domain Name (URL) Step By Step SEO Guide
  • Think about it in 3 phases: Before Changing Changing Process After Changing
  • Tool: In depth: Before ChangingStep 1 Check The New Domain History
  • Tool: Examples: Before ChangingStep 2 Upload Coming Soon Page
  • Add a backlink from the old site to the new one Anchor Text Example: Our new website is coming soon Before ChangingStep 3 Link New Domain With Old Domain
  • Redirect all current pages to the new domain page using 301 redirect In depth: Changing ProcessStep 4 301 Redirect
  • Use the Change Of Address tool to tell Google about your new Domain In depth: Changing ProcessStep 5 Tell Google About The Change
  • Let search engines know about 301 redirects In depth: Changing ProcessStep 6 Submit Old Domain Sitemap
  • Let search engines know about new pages under the new domain In depth: Changing ProcessStep 7 Submit New Domain Sitemap
  • Examples: Wikipedia, big media sites .. etc In depth: After ChangingStep 8 Redirect Important Backlinks
  • To benefit from it's backlinks that are redirected to the new domain After ChangingStep 9 Keep Old Site For Couple Of Months
  • To avoid any risk of losing the page rank of the current domain, move the website in parts, starting with the part that has the lowest traffic Notes
  • If you are changing the host, its better to choose the new server physical location to be in the same country of the targeted users, or the same country of the current host Notes
  • For few months, expect traffic decrease. After that it should be back to its normal situation Notes
  • Thank you Motea Alwan