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Internet marketing is not like any other types of marketing. If you want to be highly-profitable by selling all your products and services on the web, it is important to know and understand Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Transcript of Seo guide 2015 (content + website) = traffic

  • Quality Content + quality website = Traffic

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  • Introduction

    Research has been applied to finding the best way to present internet website content and writing copy for Internet Marketing and SEO. Now, new eye-tracking research has confirmed what was projected to be the case. Internet marketing is not like any other types of marketing. If you want to be highly-profitable by selling all your products and services on the web, it is important to know and understand Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

    Good Content Makes Good Internet Marketing and SEO Traffic

    Table of Contents

    - Guidelines for your internet copy writing

    - Internet Marketing and Advertising

    - SEO Copywriting

    - SEO Copywriting Techniques That Readers Love

    - Power of Social Media Marketing and SEO

  • Guidelines for your internet copy writing

    - Keep Your Copy Concise

    - 500 - 600 Words Per Article Maximum - This Gives Better SEO and Long Tail of Search

    - Titles - Keep Your Titles Concise but Interesting and Containing Keywords

    - Keep Paragraphs Short and Concise

    - First Phrase of Each Paragraph Should Contain Your Point

    - Keep Your Vocabulary Simple

    - Impact, Not Fluff Is the Objective

    - Sans Serif Fonts are Faster to Read

    - Keep Your Content Scannable

    - Use Outline, Lists, Bullets and Bold Print

    - Pictures Are for Information, Not Dcor

    - Spell Correctly

    - Grammar Must Be Kept Simple

    The only time I break these rules (like this aside and the "Yes Ethel," phrase above is for a specific reason - this time to keep it fun). If you follow these guidelines you should get the maximum effect from your content writing efforts.

  • Internet Marketing and Advertising

    When it comes to Internet marketing, there is no bigger buzzword in the business than SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and this feature determines a website's ranking on the charts of a search engine. For example, if you used Google to search for the keyword "apple," the first site that pops up in the lists has the best SEO for that particular keyword. The reason why SEO is so important is that a staggering amount of website traffic is generated off of search engines - research has shown that nearly 85% of all website hits come from search engines. Thus, having good SEO is important in the grand scheme of Internet marketing - in fact, SEO might be considered the most important facet of a strong Internet marketing agenda. SEO is determined by a combination of factors, the two most sentient ones being coding and content. One of the most well-known coding tags having to do with SEO is the meta tag - using this, the creators of the website can list any and all keywords that are affiliated with the business of the page. Thus, when somebody surfing the internet types in those keywords, the search engine identifies relevant sites by the keywords in the meta tags and displays them on the results page. The second way to improve SEO is through content. There is a specific way to write blogs and articles for a website that bump the page up for certain keywords - the easiest way is through repetition of the desired keyword in a certain body of text. However, it must be done carefully, as pages that are full of keywords to the point of spam and simply used to generate traffic are penalized by search engines. Often, the very best way to improve the SEO of a website is to explore the idea of outsourcing your SEO needs to an optimization company. SEO can be extremely complex and time-consuming to master: many times it's best left to the experts!

  • SEO Copywriting

    Internet marketing is the use of a wide variety of techniques to get potential clients or customers take notice of a service or product using online technology and a different marketing skill set. One aspect of Internet marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is mainly the use of on-page or on-the-site and off-page or off-the-site methods to make a search engine qualify a site to be put on the top of the search engine results pages or SERPs. Why the need for a website to get placed on the top of the SERPs? This is to direct traffic to that site since people who use search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN, in looking for information have the habit of checking out the sites that are the most visible - the sites on the top of the SERPs. So what does this have to do with copywriting? Content is king, this is the mantra of online marketers. However this is not the only ingredient in making one's online marketing efforts fruitful. Dressing up the king, er, the content is another effective way to get your way as an Internet marketer. This means optimizing the content to be more appreciated by the search engine users and the little program components, aka search engine spiders or bots that grade a site's qualification to be placed on the top of the SERPs. Who else should be learning about this method of optimizing content but the copywriter, right? That's where the role of the SEO copywriter kicks in. An SEO copywriter knows how to make a site's content not only pleasing to the eyes of the human readers but to also the search engine spiders that guide these readers to the sites. Interested in learning how to be an excellent SEO copywriter both for your site's readers and your site's search engine position? Here are some tips: - Writing Basics Should Not be Forgotten Remember the hierarchy of information that's taught by writing instructors? It's still applicable in this type of writing - the Inverted Pyramid. Present first the most important information and keywords on the first part of your article to meet the requirements of an Inverted Pyramid. Yes, you've read that right - keywords. Keyword research is an important part of this process

  • - Keyword Research Will Make Search Engine Spiders Find Your Site Intelligible If done right, keyword research will make writing with readers and SEO in mind will make SEO copywriting a breeze to accomplish. To get a good view of how to do keyword research, taking note of ways people use the search engines, the keywords and keyword combinations and word arrangements in looking for information should be the first stuff you should take note of. Then, using keyword suggestion tools can help, too. There's WordTracker, Trellian Keyword Discovery, Overture and other keyword tools that can give you some ideas on keyphrases that people usually use. - Spam is Not the Food the Search Engines Would Love to Eat Good if you're able to gather keywords that are commonly used by searchers online. However, you should be careful in incorporating them to your site's content. Any sign that you are overstuffing your articles with these weird keyword combinations, which are usually not making any sense at all, and your site is doomed. Placing the keywords on the title on the first paragraph, on the subheaders, and on the last paragraph of your article is enough. Also, use a variety of keyword combinations and synonyms to further prevent search engine spiders from labeling your site as a keyword spammer. - Top 10 Lists of What to List on Your Site to Make it Search-Engine-Friendly One of the not-so-secret weapons of effective SEO copywriters is the use of bullet points, numbered lists or Top 10's of just about any imaginable information that can ever be disseminated. Why? Lists can be easily digested by readers and can be easily optimized. So make sure that you use this type of format in creating content every so often. Couple those tips with a good link building campaign such as building relationships with the key people in your industry with popular sites and your site is going to reach the summit of the SERPs in record time. This is not an easy feat but a determined and well-skilled SEO copywriter will definitely succeed in doing this.

  • SEO Copywriting Techniques That Readers Love

    The content One fatal mistake that most people claiming to be SEO experts will make is concentrating too much on making the content Search Engine friendly such that they forget that the content actually targets the readers. One way to employ SEO copywriting techniques that readers love is by optimizing the content for search engines with the reader in mind. Content arrangement Placing the keyword in the first paragraph and first sentence if possible, is a pretty good idea for the search engine spiders. As a SEO copywriter, it is important to observe this but not to the expense of content arrangement. Always start with the most important information. This will catch and retain the reader's attention and interest. Right keyword use Another one of the SEO copywriting techniques that readers love is the use of the correct keyword. This calls for good keyword research to establish what keyword is searched by most people. If you make use of the exact keyword, you will not only enjoy high ranks but also make your readers interested since they find the exact keyword they were interested in.

  • Power of Social Media Marketing and SEO

    Social media marketing means promoting your website, business through popular social media channels. Social media marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy and it not only brings quality links but also helpful in brand marketing and getting massive traffic to a website. Reason why I am posting information about "Power of social media marketing and SEO" is that while I was analyzing web stats for few of clients' website for whom we have recently finished social bookmarking campaigns. Below is my observation: - Number of visitors from social bookmarking websites we