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  • Self Portraits 10 Examples of self portraits

    Alex Korach

  • Traditional

    Painted self portraits area classic way of representing one’s self viaartistic interpretation.

  • Masking

    I find this portrait interestingbecause the hands feel as ifthey represent a false identity.

  • Clearly this man is reallyinto photography, so to him its his eyes that arethe camera.

  • Abstract

    Self portraits don’t have tobe exact representations toshow what a person is likeon the inside.

  • Geometric

    I chose this portrait becauseof the technique the artistused. I think the geometric design can reflect some deepemotions.

  • Pixelation

    Not everything can be described by a single image.This artist clearly took time to make each tile unique, and meaningful.

  • Paper Craft

    3D “portrait”. I just like the idea of a person wearing a mask of themselves.

  • Child Portrait

    Self portraits are specialbecause they show whatyou truly think about yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else ever could.

  • The Selfie

    The selfie: a way to make a self portrait that showsa fake version of yourself toyour friends and family

  • I picked these because they are weird.