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Transcript of Securities Act (Alberta)

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    Province of Alberta

    Office Consolidation

    Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter S-4

    Current as of June 7, 2017


  • Copyright and Permission Statement

    Alberta Queen's Printer holds copyright on behalf of the Government of Alberta in right of Her Majesty the Queen for all Government of Alberta legislation. Alberta Queen's Printer permits any person to reproduce Albertas statutes and regulations without seeking permission and without charge, provided due diligence is exercised to ensure the accuracy of the materials produced, and Crown copyright is acknowledged in the following format:

    Alberta Queen's Printer, 20__.*

    *The year of first publication of the legal materials is to be completed.


    All persons making use of this consolidation are reminded that it has no legislative sanction, that amendments have been embodied for convenience of reference only. The official Statutes and Regulations should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

    Amendments Not in Force

    This consolidation incorporates only those amendments in force on the consolidation date shown on the cover. It does not include the following amendments:

    2014 c17 s2(c), (e) amends s1, s22 amends s75, s23 amends s76(1), s24 adds ss76.01 to 76.03, s55(b) amends s223.


    The following is a list of the regulations made under the Securities Act that are filed as Alberta Regulations under the Regulations Act

    Alta. Reg. Amendments

    Securities Act Securities ........................................................ 115/95 ............. 10/97, 204/2003, 236/2005, 204/2006, 66/2008, 240/2009, 47/2013, 184/2013, 99/2014, 155/2016

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    Chapter S-4

    Table of Contents

    1 Definitions

    2 Affiliation

    3 Control

    4 Subsidiary

    5 Beneficial ownership

    6 Deemed beneficial ownership

    7 Deemed insiders of a mutual fund

    9 Special relationships

    10 Designation orders

    Part 1 Alberta Securities Commission

    11 The Alberta Securities Commission

    12 Bylaws

    13 Chair and Vice-chair

    14 Remuneration

    14.1 Continuation in office

    15 Acting members of Commission

    16 Staff

    17 Duties of the Executive Director

    18 Duties of the Secretary

    19 Financial matters re Commission

    20 Annual report

    21 Agent of the Crown

    22 Delegation of power

    23 Sitting in panels

    24 Extra-provincial power of Commission

    25 Extra-provincial commissions

    26 Evidence taken outside Alberta

    27 Evidence taken in Alberta by other securities regulatory agencies

  • RSA 2000 Chapter S-4



    28 Engaging experts

    29 Conduct of hearings

    30 Referral by Executive Director

    31 Jurisdiction

    32 Decision made without a hearing

    33 Interim orders

    33.1 Failure to comply with filing requirements

    33.2 Halt trade

    34 Orders subject to terms or conditions

    35 Appeal from decision

    36 Appeals to the Commission

    37 Notice of review

    38 Appeal to Court of Appeal

    39 Policy Advisory Committee

    Part 2 Investigations

    40 Production of records

    41 Investigation order

    42 Powers of investigators

    43 Appointment of experts

    44 Report to Executive Director

    45 Investigation to be confidential

    46 Information

    46.1 Prevalence over FOIP

    47 Order to freeze property

    48 Appointment of receivers, managers, trustees or liquidators

    49 Income and liabilities of person or company

    50 Powers of a receiver and manager

    51 Court order

    52 Term of office

    53 Fees

    54 Directions from the Court

    55 Appointment of successor

    56 Funds expended by Executive Director

    57 Solicitor-client privilege

    Part 3 Record Keeping and Compliance Review

    58 Review and examination

    59 Recognized exchanges and self-regulatory organizations

    60 Requirements to provide information

    60.1 Record-keeping

  • RSA 2000 Chapter S-4



    60.2 Disclosure reviews

    Part 4 Exchanges, Self-regulatory Organizations, Credit Rating Organizations, Trade Repositories and Clearing Agencies

    61 Members of exchanges, etc.

    62 Recognition of exchange

    63 Operation of recognized exchanges

    64 Recognition of self-regulatory organizations

    64.1 Recognition of auditor oversight organization

    64.2 Recognized auditor oversight organization may require disclosure

    64.3 Compulsion protection

    65 Councils, committees, etc.

    66 Assignment of duties of the Commission or Executive Director

    67 Recognized clearing agency

    67.1 Designation of credit rating organizations

    67.2 Contents and methodology of credit ratings

    67.3 Recognized trade repository

    68 Recognition of quotation and trade reporting systems

    68.1 Personal information

    69 Powers re hearings, etc.

    69.1 Powers re investigations

    70 Appointment of receivers, managers, trustees or liquidators

    71 Acting as an exchange when not so recognized

    72 Voluntary surrender of recognition

    73 Review

    Part 5 Registration

    75 Requirement to be registered

    75.1 Responsible person

    75.2 Duty of care

    76 Registration by Executive Director

    76.1 Suspension of termination of registration

    78 Surrender of registration

    82 Further information

    Part 7 Trading in Securities and Derivatives Generally

    90 Requirements for confirmation of trade

    91 Attendance on or calls to residences

  • RSA 2000 Chapter S-4



    92, 93 Prohibited transaction

    93.1 Duty to comply with Commission decisions

    93.2 Duty to comply with undertaking

    93.3 Front running

    93.4 Obstruction of justice

    94 Dealer as principal

    97 Disclosure by registered dealer

    98 Provision of risk disclosure statement

    99 Use of name

    100 Representation or holding out of registration

    101 Representations

    102 Margin contracts

    103 Declaration of short position

    103.1 Disclosure of activities in relation to a trade

    104 Rights of beneficial owners

    105.1 Derivatives transaction not void for non-compliance

    Part 9 Distribution by Prospectuses

    110 Filing prospectus

    111 Preliminary prospectus

    112 Receipt for preliminary prospectus

    113 Prospectus and supplemental material

    119 Other forms of prospectus

    120 Receipt for prospectus

    122 Distribution of previously issued securities

    Part 10 Distribution Generally

    123 Distribution of material

    126 Defective preliminary prospectus

    127 Material given on distribution

    128 Order to cease trading

    129 Obligation to deliver prospectus

    130 Revocation of purchase

    Part 11 Exemptions from Prospectus Requirements

    141 Reporting issuer default

    144 Discretionary exemptions

    145 Reporting issuer by declaration

  • RSA 2000 Chapter S-4



    Part 12 Continuous Disclosure

    146 Disclosure generally

    147 Disclosure of material fact or change

    153 Deemed not to be a reporting issuer

    Part 13 Proxies and Proxy Solicitations

    157 Voting proxies

    157.1 Proxies and information circular

    Part 14 Take-over Bids and Issuer Bids

    158 Interpretation

    159 Making a bid

    160 Directors or directors or officers recommendation

    179 Applications to the Commission

    180 Applications to the Court

    Part 15 Insider Trading and Self-dealing

    181 Interpretation

    182 Reports of insider

    182.1 Early warning

    183 Report of a legal owner

    184 Interpretation

    185 Loans and investments of mutual funds

    186 Indirect investment

    188 Permitted investment mutual fund

    189 Fees on investment

    191 Filing by management companies

    193 Trades by mutual fund insiders

    193.1 Authorized exceptions to prohibitions

    193.2 Oversight, etc., of investment funds

    Part 16 Enforcement

    194 General offences and penalties

    195 Interpretation

    196 Extra-provincial warrant

    197 Declaration of non-compliance

    198 Cease trading order, etc.

  • RSA 2000 Chapter S-4



    198.1 Extra-provincial orders

    199 Administrative penalty

    200 Filing decision with Court

    201 Limitation period

    202 Payments of costs

    Part 17 Civil Liability

    203 Civil liability prospectus

    204 Civil liability offering memorandum or

    other prescribed offering documents

    205 Civil liability circular

    205.1 Defence to liability for misrepresentation

    206 Liability of dealer, offeror or issuer

    207 Liability material fact or change

    208 Action by the Executive Director

    209 Rescission of contract

    209.1 Rescission re offering memorandum or

    other prescribed offe