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Copyright Oracle Presentations 2005

Official Report

By Garry D. Johnson, C.Ht.

416-430-01121200 Markham Rd., #104, Scarborough, Ontario

Secrets of a

Naturally Thin Mind

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Secrets Of A Naturally Thin MindHello, my name is Garry Johnson Master Hypnotherapist, I've written this report because I've found that in over 18 years of helping people to make changes, there are a few important distinctions I've made in regards to the success of permanent weight loss. These distinctions are not discussed or addressed in the current dieting weight loss systems currently on the market. Either they don’t know about them or they’ve been keeping it from you so you end up back in their programs over and over again. I believe in empowering people by giving full disclosure on the subject and then letting them choose what to do with their new knowledge. This report is designed to educated, enlighten and hopefully motivate you along your path to lasting positive changes in your life.

Let’s start this report with a look at some of the major reasons why someone doesn’t lose weight, or if they do, why they don’t keep it off. These 5 primary reasons for weight loss failure all have simple solutions, but simple is not always easy (we’ll talk about options that will make it easy).

Weight Loss Saboteur #1: Unconscious Eating Patterns

What does that mean? It means eating in times when your mind is focussed on anything other than eating, watching TV, reading, on the phone and other non-active activities. There was research that was done at Deakin University in Australia which studied people who watched between 1-2½ hours of TV per day. They found that these people were 93% more likely to be overweight than those who watched less than ½ hour per day. When asked why, Tom Farley, M.D. at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, said “When adults watch TV they are virtually motionless, and research has found that your heart rate, blood pressure and metabolic rate all slow down while you’re watching TV – even more than if you were sitting in a chair doing nothing.” This decline in the metabolism can result in burning 20-30 fewer calories per hour, so someone who watches 5 hours of TV per day can gain more than a pound each month and that’s not even including all the extra calories that are piled on from the mindless eating in front of the ‘boob tube’.

Weight Loss Solution #1: Becoming More Active

Find things that you are interested in doing that you can do while these non-active activities are going on. Turn off the TV or choose to do some task or chore while watching your shows. Things like filing papers, sorting mail, folding laundry, doing dishes even exercising on a bike, treadmill or a mini trampoline. These things can distract you from the urge to munch, if you do get an urge, be conscious about it and pick healthy vibrant foods and eat them in small portions. When preparing food to eat, make only a little bit at a time, this way it becomes more of a chore to go back for more.


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Weight Loss Saboteur #2: Fat For Two

This is an interesting phenomena I’ve found and there is even research to back it up. If you are married, I bet that part of your vows didn’t include gaining weight together. Eating habits are compromised once married, and women tend to compromise more than men. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people often gain an average of 5lbs. within two years of getting married. Jeffrey Sobal, Ph.D. professor in nutritional sciences at Cornell University says, “When you’re single, you're more likely to skip meals or just have a salad for dinner. But when you're married (or in a committed relationship), you tend to eat larger meals with multiple courses.”

Weight Loss Solution #2: The Power Of Success Partners

If you are in a committed relationship and you need to lose weight, you can use the power of Success Partnering by making a pact together and supporting one another. Discuss and decide to do activities and programs together so that you don’t feel like you have to live an alternate life in order to lose weight. If you’ve gained together you can lose together: Indiana University found that married couples who joined an exercise or weight loss program together were 95% less likely to drop out after a year, than married people who did it on their own. As far as eating goes, it’s a good idea to make a promise to one another to eat lighter versions of your favorite foods a few nights a week, and hold each other to your promises.

Weight Loss Saboteur #3: Stress... Stress... Stress...

With the increasing demands from society, work and family, people are more stressed than ever before. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, an extra-frenetic day does not kick your body into calorie-burning overdrive. The reality is that science has been proving over and over again that increased stress has an adverse reaction. When your body is stressed it increases production of a hormone called cortisol, which in turn signals your body to store fat in your abdomen. Shawn M Talbott, Ph.D. clinical professor of nutrition at the University of Utah says, “cortisol also drives your appetite, especially for things that are sweet, fatty and comforting.” A recent study in Denmark found that nurses who experienced extremely busy schedules and felt no control over how their jobs were done gained significantly more weight than nurses who had less pressure and more control in their jobs.

Weight Loss Solution #3: Relax... Relax... Relax...

Find ways to unwind and relax that have nothing to do with foods. Make time for yourself and treat yourself in positive and productive ways. Learn relaxation strategies and practice them regularly. It’s been proven that soothing scents, deep breathing and visualization for just 10 minutes, “will reduce your levels of stress hormones and take away some of the appetite-triggering and fat-storage effects associated with stress,” Talbot explains.

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Page 5

Weight Loss Saboteur #4: Sleep Debt

Good quality sleep or lack of it can have a direct impact on your metabolism. The University of Chicago did research and found that having sleep debt can wreak havoc on the metabolic system, making it easier for your body to retain and gain fat. Eve Van Cauter, Ph.D., one of the studies authors explains that sleep deprivation leads to an increase in insulin resistance which affects your body’s use of blood sugar and can lead to diabetes, it also decreases levels of a hormone called leptin, a hormone which appears to play a key role in feeling satisfactorily full. While the occasional sleepless night isn’t likely to create a problem, it doesn’t take long for sleep debt to add up and if you are having chronic sleep problems this can cause weight gain or reduce the ability to lose it. You may need to get caught up on your sleep debt and this may take a little time for the body to get back into balance.

Weight Loss Solution #4: Relax The Fat Away

Every body requires a different amount of sleep time in order for their systems and organs to function properly. What really matters is quality of sleep. Start to find ways to increase your sleep time and sleep quality like going to bed 15 minutes earlier each week until you are getting consistently good rest. If there are chores, tasks or work related things you do which keep you up, find a different time of the day to do those things and stop sacrificing sleep to get them done. Search for and learn relaxation techniques which will allow your mind to slow down and let go of stresses and tension while you sleep.

Weight Loss Saboteur #5: Lack Of Commitment To Success

I’ve found over the years that this is undoubtedly the biggest saboteur of them all. Overweight people are constantly bombarded by the diet industry with promises of losing 30lbs in 30 days. This has developed a mentality that weight loss has to happen fast, but not realizing that fast weight loss on a diet is rarely, if ever, healthy and certainly less likely to have lasting results. So when someone begins a weight loss program and they don’t get results the same way the person in the ad does, then they get frustrated and start thinking they are a failure, or the program they are on is not working. This is not the case at all... the fact is there are many factors which can contribute to or affect the rate of healthy weight loss. If you really want to get off the dieting circuit, you must consider weight loss as a process of change, not an instantaneous event that turns everything in a 180 degree direction. Sure its nice if weight loss happens fast, but it’s not the only criteria for success, as described later in this report, I’ve found that there are 3 pillars to weight loss success.

Weight Loss Solution #5: Plan For A Lifestyle Change

Make sure that whatever you choose to do to lose weight, you start off by deciding to create lifestyle changes instead of just falling into another diet trap. Whatever you do, it should be a complete program that supports you throughout the transition to thinness. Never sacrifice health for speedy weight loss. Remember that most people don’t gain the amount of weight they want to lose in a few months, yet they expect to lose it in a couple of weeks.

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Three Pillars of Weight Loss Success

In my experience… it doesn't matter what method you use to lose weight… if all 3 of these pillars are not addressed then I can assure you that the weight will come back on sooner or later… and for most people sooner. A complete weight loss system needs to have a plan to work on all 3 pillars systematically and strategically and if at all possible... scientifically.

Pillar #1 - BehavioursstThe 1 pillar is an obvious one, and is the area where a lot of people find themselves focused

on (neglecting the other 2) so let's begin there, this pillar is the “Behaviours”… Yes I know it's obvious to most, but not to all, that if you have overweight behaviours, your chance of a naturally thin body is… excuse the pun… slim!

So what are those behaviours? Let's go through the main ones… drinking water… eating less, reduce or eliminate snacking between meals, eliminate or minimize junk foods and drinks, exercising regularly, eating slowly, choosing healthy vibrant foods consistently, nurturing a positive self image, self esteem or self worth. All things you've been told or knew when you were on a diet you were supposed to do.

When you enrol as a client in our centre, we focus on all those things and more. So how is it different from another diet? Well, that's simple…

­On a diet… you know you need to drink the water but it's usually forced, it’s a lot of work and you have schedule it into your day, usually with a great deal of difficulty… with hypnosis you'll start to crave, thirst and need 8-10 glasses of water every day.

­On a diet… you know you need to eat less, but you are constantly left with an unsatisfied deprived feeling… with hypnosis you’ll begin to listen to the wisdom of the body, eat less and feel satisfied with what you get.

­On a diet… you are told to reduce or eliminate snacking and junk foods, yet it's seems to always be on your mind. In fact it seems to intensify the moment you decide you are going to do a diet, and it's a constant battle that's usually won by the snacks... with hypnosis you'll just forget about foods between meals… it won't even be on your mind until your body reminds you that it's hungry.

­On a diet… you're told to exercise regularly, and you find that the majority of the exercise you get is the constant tug-of-war between the gym and your couch… somehow the couch seems to be the victor most of the time… with hypnosis you'll develop an intense motivation, desire and drive for exercise.

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Page 7

Most people stop at this pillar, and think that it's good enough for their changes to stand the test of time, but sure enough those changes wobble and the end result is shattered dreams, broken self image and the frustration of what to do next.

Pillar #2 - PhysiologyndThe 2 pillar is the “Physiology”… and many people don't think about or consider this pillar

when starting a weight loss program. What I mean is that no matter how good your behaviours are, if your body is not physiologically capable of burning the fat and keeping it off on its own, your results will we be marginal at best and certainly not permanent.

Think about this… every part of your body works in conjunction with every other part. That means that if one is unbalanced or unhealthy, then it will borrow from another and if it does that long enough the other will also become unbalanced or unhealthy, beginning a negative cycle that will ripple through every major system and or organ in your body.

So based on how you have fed your body in the past, based on what your body has been through, based on any sicknesses, illnesses and or injuries that you've had, your body may not be capable of burning fat at the rate you would like it to without having to be forced in some way. Diets, extreme exercising, starvation, liposuction and things like that… all of which are short term results to a long term problem.

­On a diet… you know you should eat your foods slowly, but life gets you so caught up, that the time you have to eat between your next activity, event or task is so short that when you sit down to eat, it's like you're competing in a speed eating contest… with hypnosis you’ll slow down the eating process in your mind and at the table you chew completely and find that you need less to feel satisfied.

­On diets you are expected to eat foods that are healthy, but many times they are tasteless, expensive or just plain inconvenient, not to mention that there's one meal for you and another for everyone else in the family… with hypnosis you’ll actually crave and desire the healthier choices, in fact they become the first choice you make, not the last.

­On diet programs it’s rare that they really do anything positive to a person's self image. Many times clients will tell me that when they got to their goal weight on a diet they still felt fat, or that it never seemed enough. These are signs of a poor self image, and what about when you gain the weight back, you can start to question whether or not you can actually stay thin without the pains of being on a diet forever... with hypnosis the self image is developed from day one, I like to say, “from the inside out,” so that the number on the scale becomes the least important factor. Allowing the naturally thin lifestyle you’re establishing to remain at the forefront.

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In order to strengthen this pillar you need to make sure that your focus on any weight loss program is about getting your body into a healthy state so that it becomes capable of doing what it's genetically designed to do. Yes, contrary to some people's beliefs, your body is designed to burn fat as a major source of energy. The way we know this is because when you are a baby, you have excess fat because you need the energy, when you are going through puberty you have extra fat because you need it for energy, and when a woman is pregnant there is excess fat because her body needs it for energy.

The problem arises when somewhere along the life line an imbalance occurs in the body or mind, and your unconscious mind decides that burning fat becomes less of a priority for survival… silly thing… it would rather take care of your heart, kidney, liver, immune system and other vital systems instead of burning fat… of course if you had your way, you might do things differently… and that's why your conscious mind isn't in charge of you staying alive.

The key to having this pillar stand strong is this (THIS IS CRUCIAL TO YOUR LONG TERM SUCCESS); give your body and mind things that promote health, harmony and vitality, this way you ensure that you maximize your body's ability to burn the fat at a rate that will lead to permanent results. It's also important to be patient with your body in case it needs some time to rebuild those essential mechanisms, before getting around to burning the extra fat. Remember that you didn’t gain it overnight and if you’ve had a lifetime of mastering the art of weight gain, then re-educating your behaviours, thoughts and even the cellular structure of your body to do it differently IS going to take some time for most people.

This is how I usually explain it to clients; Your unconscious mind’s number 1 priority is survival, and with that at the top of the list there is a hierarchy of things below that to take care of, to ensure it is successful. Beating your heart, breathing, your immune system and all the other essential functions your body does without you ever having to think about it.

Let’s imagine all you had was 100 units of energy for survival, and your unconscious mind decides it needs all 100 units to take care of the to 10 essentials for survival, and number 11 on the list was burning fat. It wouldn’t spend much time on that task because burning fat is not a high priority for survival. The human body can have a lot of excess fat before it becomes a danger to survival.

When you go on a diet or forced model of losing weight, all you are doing is temporarily borrowing energy from the top 10 and applying it to number 11. Sooner or later, one or all of the top 10 will start to suffer and call the unconscious attention back to it and off of burning fat. This is where the weight starts to come back on, and the wisdom of the unconscious mind knows that starvation is not a model for survival, so it gains an extra 5-10lbs. to make it more difficult the next time you try to ‘starve’ it.

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Page 9

In the above chart you’ll see a list of the major systems and organs of the body, remember that your body is composed of all these interactive systems. The functions of your organs in these systems cannot operate by themselves and in order to move burning fat higher on the list of priorities, you have to help the other systems to get healthy enough that they don’t require ‘extra’ energy to work.

The reason people end up in a lifetime of weight problems is because they under estimate the importance of looking at the whole picture and think that addressing ONE issue is going to be “The Answer”. This kind of thinking is what gets them into the problem of gaining and gaining and... well you know the rest. Start now to redesign your thinking to accept that losing weight is about getting your body healthy enough so that it can lose weight on its own, without being forced through a diet type model.

Pillar #3 - PsychologyrdThe 3 pillar is your “Psychology” - meaning the sum of mental states and processes of a

person. This is very seldom, if ever addressed or looked at in diet programs. I've found that there are certain cases where the psychological reasons for the weight were so strong that even though the behaviours were in place and the body was fairly healthy, weight loss didn't happen.

You may be saying, “Do you mean that my mind set can determine my success?”… YES!!! Most definitely! Sometimes the unconscious mind has reasons that are both wacky and profound as to why it feels it needs to keep the weight on. I've had clients who do all the right things and still have challenges with weight loss until an unconscious reason like “It's my way of making sure I don't get inappropriate attention.” I've even had one lady realize that the weight gain ensured that she didn't venture off and cheat on her husband. I've had a guy







Skeletal &Muscular




Lungs, Nasal Passages, Bronchi, Pharynx, Trachea, Diaphragm, Bronchial Tubes.

Spinal Cord, Brain, Nerves, Skin, Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Nose.

Kidneys, Bladder Ureters, Skin.

Pituitary Gland, Adrenal Gland, Thyroid Gland, Gonads.

Bones, Muscle.

Blood, Blood Vessels, Heart, Lymph


Stomach, Live, Teeth, Tongue, Pancreas, Instestine, Esophagus.

Intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide from body.

Control of body activities and the reaction to stimuli.

Controls water and salt balance.

Production of hormones and body regulation

Protection and movement.

Transport of nutrients, metabolic wastes, water, salts and disease fighting cells.

Protection of body from injury and bacteria, maintenance of tissue moisture, holds receptors for stimulus response, body heat regulation.

Break down of food and absorption for use as energy.

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Page 10

who felt that if he lost the weight he'd be an easy target for being bullied at his workplace… in all cases once the unconscious reasons were resolved, clients had breakthroughs in their weight loss results.

I've found that 80% of the time when the first 2 pillars are in place this pillar just gets resolved and falls in alignment with a successful outcome… but in those 20%... it can sometimes demand the full extent of a person's patience, but the persistence is worth it. If you feel you are doing all the right things and you are truly honest with yourself about that, yet you still aren't losing the weight or at a plateau in your success, then you may fall into this category. You will need to do some investigation of what's going on with your mind set.

With our program... if you fall into this 20%, you will have a coach to support you in your search for the reasons, instead of taking the plunge on your own into unknown, uncharted territory. With a coach who will hold you to your commitment to be thin, you’ll increase your chances of success.

So to recap and sum it all up... in order to have effortless permanent weight loss you have to keep your awareness on 3 pillars:

1. Get your behaviours in alignment so that they are a part of your lifestyle2. Take care of the physiology of your body so that your systems and organs are in optimum working order.3. Make sure you clear out any psychological blocks and have the support to see you through the tough times.

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Page 11

Our Complete Weight Loss Systems are the only programs out there which tailored to your specific needs while covering all 3 pillars systematically and strategically. When you decide that you are fed up with the emotional and physical ups and downs that diets consistently deliver, or if you are fortunate enough to get this information before having any of those disappointments, then give us a call at 416-430-0112 and schedule your hypnotic screening and evaluation and come in to see if you qualify as a good candidate for success with our programs. Check out the coupons on the inside cover and back page of this report.

Until then, I sincerely hope that this information was able to educate you, enlighten you and inspire you to make positive changes a permanent part of your life. Thank you for reading this report, and may today be the beginning of a trance formation into the lifestyle you deserve.

If you haven't already done so, call now at 416-430-0112 to schedule your consultation. Please note that our customer care representatives are not qualified to give quotes over the phone, the only way to assess what you'll require is to have you come in for the qualification and evaluation so we can assess what you'll need to achieve success. Congratulations on your decision to be Naturally thin forever.

When you are done with this report please feel free to share it with someone else who is considering this important decision… you may be saving their life.

Finally!!! A Complete Weight Loss ProgramAnd No Diets... No Pills... No Drugs... No Needles...

Just Lifestyle Changes That Last.Studies ProveHypnosis 17XMore Effective

As evidenced by recent studies published in medical journals, hypnosis has been shown to be a successful tool for weight loss.

For example:

In a study reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, subjects who completed a behavioral treatment program for weight management that included hypnosis lost significantly more weight than subjects whose treatment plan did not include hypnosis.

A Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology reported on a study of 60 women who were at least 20% overweight.

The women who participated in hypnosis lost an average of 17 times more than the control group.

Other studies show that unlike diets, which can only produce short-term weight loss, the benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time.

Use the coupon(s) in this report and call 416-430-0112 to schedule your consultation. Your Program Director will assess your needs and suggest a personalized program for you.

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Page 12

Is there any research to show that hypnosis works?

Yes… lots of research in Medical Journals, Psychology Journals, Science Journals… in Major Universities around the world hypnosis is studied and taught as a degree program. And with the advent of Scientific Hypnotherapy we are taking all the guesswork out of the equation with methods of showing and proving the hypnotic state of a client.

What can I expect in a Session?

When you come in, we'll have you sit in a nice comfortable recliner… the room will be dimly lit to set a relaxing mood… your hypnotist will go through a series of questions with you to find out what we need to work on and figure out which technique or strategies would be best suited for you… then after guiding you into hypnosis, we'll place headphones on your ears… we'll put on our microphones and then ask you with your eyes closed, continue to listen to your hypnotists voice… and in your headphones you will also begin to hear some soothing music…

You only need to follow our instructions to the best of your understanding when we give them… and throughout the session you will be able to hear what we are saying… some find that they drift off for a bit and then drift back… this goes on throughout the session…

As we are taking you through the hypnotic experience we are recording everything live onto an audio CD… while there is some interaction involved, for the most part… you just sit back and relax… at the end of the session, usually between 20-40 minutes depending on the technique, we will give you the audio CD to take home to listen to for repetition and re-enforcement… With your eyes open, you will usually feel refreshed and very alert, and your session is complete… you'll go home and actually start to notice some behaviour and/or thought pattern changes before your next session when you'll come in and do it all again, working on the next piece of the puzzle that's right for you.

Thank you for you reading this report, we hope it has given you a greater understanding about the benefits of hypnosis and how it may be an option for you on your path to your goals. If you haven’t already scheduled your consultation & evaluation, use this coupon to get your consultation for FREE! See Page 2 for ‘Success Partners’ Consultation and get an additional bonus.

~ Positive Changes Hypnosis ~

FREE Consultation & Evaluation


Coupon Valid to only 35 people per month who call to schedule a Hypnotic Consultation & Evaluation to assess if Hypnosis is the right option for you. Regular consultation fee is $59 but with this coupon you get it for FREE.

1200 Markham Road, Suite #302, ScarboroughA08 040808

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After Reading This Report, People Just Like YouHave Decided To Experience

The Power Of Hypnosis...And Here Are Some Of Their Results...

Thanks to a unique gift from my mother, I melted off a staggering

149 lbs. Effortlessly! My dress size plunged from an obese 26 to a

lean 10. The following is my account of true and lasting weight

loss success. ~ Ellen.

I was overweight most of my life. At age 12, I gained weight virtually overnight. By the age of 18, I was heavy, uncomfortable and utterly miserable!I reached the point where my tremendous weight was seriously affecting my health. Severe arthritis made it difficult to get around. I had high blood pressure and felt tired all the time. To put it mildly, I was unhappy, unhealthy and downright fed-up.

My Best Gift Ever...I was immediately impressed with the professionalism at Positive Changes Hypnosis. My free hypnosis screening was a rare treat. The entire staff made me feel at home. There were no hard sales tactics.That night I couldn’t stop talking about my hypnotic screening. I told my mother how I had witnessed hundreds of testimonials...on video and in writing. “I honestly think hypnosis can help me,” I’d said. She smiled and told me that if I really wanted to lose weight, she would make Positive Changes Hypnosis my birthday present... It was my best gift ever!In three short weeks, I had lost 23 lbs. My energy level skyrocketed. Three months into the

program, I had lost 50 lbs. For the first time in my life, I was actually enjoying long walks and exercise. After seven short months, I had lost 100 lbs. and dropped 5 dress sizes! It was a milestone I never dreamed I’d reach.I take pleasure in preparing healthy, nourishing meals. I never feel deprived. I relax and savor the flavor of food. Today I am 149 lbs. lighter! I exceeded my goal!I was elated when my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication. She was surprised when I told her how hypnosis had helped me. Now she is advising her patients to do the Positive Changes Hypnosis complete weight loss system.

~ Ellen Bragg

My name is Sally Adams and I teach 3rd grade. My excess weight used to make me feel older than my years, to the point that I lost my enthusiasm for life. I tried dieting, but diets and weight-loss programs only made me focus on what I couldn't have. Then I found Positive Changes. I lost 85 lbs. in 6 months and now I'm lighter than I ever thought I would be! It wasn't difficult. In fact, it was the most relaxing thing I've ever done.

I feel so much better about myself. I have more energy. I can do the things I've always wanted to do but couldn't do when I was heavy. I exercise every morning, go canoeing, kayaking and rowing, and take my dog for walks. I have fun with life! I know I can reach any goal I set for

myself because Positive Changes has given me that ability. There's no weighing of food or counting points or calories or fat grams. There's no deprivation or feeling like you can't do something. Hypnosis helps you make the right choices and the weight comes off naturally.

~ Sally Adams

“I Lost 85lbs In 6 Months!”

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Fat & LazyI used to be an athlete in college. Then I blew out my knees. I gained weight and stayed overweight for 12 years. Snacking and fast food became my routine. I was on a constant trek to the refrigerator. My cholesterol was high and my energy was low. I felt fat and lazy. Diets never worked for me. My bad habits would win every time. My stomach was in control.I was skeptical of hypnosis, even when my weight was melting off. Now I’m a believer! Hypnosis made my weight loss easy. I never felt like I was on a diet.

New HabitsHypnosis stopped my bad eating habits instantly. I quit snacking between meals. I quit eating when I was bored. I eat smaller portions and healthier, more balanced foods. Best of all, I enjoy my healthy foods far more than the junk foods!Positive Changes Hypnosis is the smartest investment I’ve ever made. I am no longer bound by laziness and bad habits. If you need to lose weight, I can tell you from experience, it’s a

waste to try anything else. Diets and drugs are temporary.Hypnosis gave me genuine, lasting weight loss results. It can do the same for you. I urge you to call now.

~ Steve Sawyer

“I lost over 60 pounds in six short months My pant size dropped from a plump 44 to a trim 34.”

“At 360 lbs., I had reached a point of desperation! I had been overweight for 20 years. With Positive Changes Hypnosis my weight came off at an average of 12 lbs. a month. I took off a total of 170 lbs.! I am amazed by how easy hypnosis made my weight loss because I had tried a multitude of diets that didn’t work. I would initially lose weight, but always gained the weight back plus more. Diets made me feel out of control. Hypnosis put me back in

control. It eliminated food cravings and my old eating habits. I know that my weight loss is permanent. If I can do it, anyone can!”

~ Sonny Wagner

My Waist Size Shrunk From 54 to 34!

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Most people think that older folks can’t lose weight. It simply isn’t true. I had been overweight for 30 years. I was unhealthy, unhappy and downright miserable about my weight, until I was hypnotized and lost 51 lbs. and five

dress sizes!“Queen of the Yo-Yo”

Dieting had been my life story. I was the queen of the yo-yo diet. I had crazy cravings too. It was uncontrollable. With every diet, my cravings got worse.I looked at the Positive Changes’ ads for months. I asked

everyone I knew what they thought about hypnosis. I even asked our priest. He said, “Oh, go ahead, hypnosis is nothing to fear.”

Amazing ResultsAt first I thought the hypnosis wasn’t working. Then all of sudden, I had no desire to eat the rest of the food on my plate.

I was amazed. In one short week I had a whole attitude change.Diets were always such a hassle. The beautiful part about

Positive Changes is that I make my own food choices. I don’t have to conform to somebody else’s idea of what I should be eating.

When I first came to Positive Changes, I desperately wanted to lose 40 lbs. Now that I have taken off 51 lbs. in nine easy months — and now that my dress size has plunged from a plump 24 to a lean 14 — I’m certain that my weight problem is gone for good.

Youthful and CarefreeI’m full of energy, youthful and carefree. Hypnosis gave me confidence in me. I know some of my friends are watching to see if I go back. There’s no way that will ever happen! I’m a 72-year-young lady thanks to Positive Changes Hypnosis!

~ Josephine Hageman

“Thanks To Hypnosis I’m Slender For Life!”

I struggled with weight my whole life. I tried pills, shakes and counting calories. You name it, I tried it. I'd tried everything else, why not

hypnosis? Thanks to Positive Changes, I'm 35 lbs. lighter! For the first time in my life my friends and family are saying, "Don't lose any more weight. You really look good." I don't crave anything. I don't feel deprived. I just feel good--and it's all due to Positive Changes.

~ Jo Ann Armistead

“I Don’t Crave Anything... I Don’t Feel Deprived!”

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“I was overweight off and on since my youngest child was born. I never felt hungry because I ate all the time. I tried to lose weight with several diets, but nothing worked.

Hypnosis eliminated my constant need to eat. I lost 54 lbs.! I enjoy my healthy choices more than I ever enjoyed junk foods. I absolutely believe in the power of hypnosis to change lives.”

~ Debbie Day

Dieting NightmaresI had tried all the fad diets. I tried gruelling exercise routines. It would never

stick. When I didn’t feel the results, I’d get discouraged. The cravings were unbearable. One day a close friend encouraged me to try hypnosis.

I was sceptical. “I’ve heard they get great results,” she said. I could only hope.

Instant ResultsImmediately after my first hypnosis session my appetite diminished. I felt completely satisfied with small, healthy portions. Next my food choices changed. When I was fat, I would not touch raw vegetables. With hypnosis I have developed this strange attraction to carrots! They’re as appealing as potato chips used to be.

New LifeI used to feel sluggish by 9:00 a.m. I was so depressed. Even my hair drooped. Since hypnosis I look and feel young,

alive and vibrant. My skin is glowing. My hair is thick and shiny. I have tons of energy. I feel wonderful about myself. If it weren’t for hypnosis I wouldn’t be enjoying my slim, healthy body today. I know I will never,

ever gain my weight back. Now that I’m thin and happy with my body, I can’t think of a single reason to overeat!

~ Tanya Olson

“I dropped 72 pounds of fat in 13 short months using hypnosis!”

I Saw Immediate Changes!