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seaQuest DSV 4600

UEO seaQuest DSV 4600

First appearanceTo Be or Not to Be


LaunchedseaQuest DSV 4600 (2014)seaQuest DSV 4600-II (2021)

General characteristics


RegistryDSV 4600

Maximum speed160 knots (300km/h)

FightersSpector Class sub-fightersSea Speeder3 Classes

Auxiliary craftStingerSea Launch ShuttlesSea Crab

ArmamentsTorpedoes:E-Plasma TorpedoesPlasma TorpedoesEMP TorpedoesLasersSLBMs

DefensesTorpedo InterceptsFlash WarheadsCountermeasuresAnti-ballistic missile

PropulsionAqua Return Jets

PowerTwin Fusion Reactorusing Tritium extracted from sea water

Length1,007 feet (307m)

TheUEOseaQuestDSV 4600and theUEOseaQuestDSV 4600-IIare the two titularsubmarinesfeatured in thescience fictiontelevision series "seaQuest DSV", which ran for three seasons onNBCfrom 1993-1996. The originalseaQuestwas featured in the show's first season, while the second boat was featured in the second and third seasons.Design specificationsTheseaQuestwas the brain child ofCaptain Nathan Bridger, who designed the boat in the early 21st century, but Bridger left the Navy three years before construction on the ship was completed. Upon its completion,seaQuestwas the largest submarine anddeep submergence vehicleever constructed, measuring 307.1 m from stem to stern with a crew of 88 military and 124 science personnel. The ship could travel at speeds up to 160 knots (295km/h) and was propelled by twin fusion reactors. TheseaQuestwas coated in a genetically engineered bio-skin that remained completely inert against (most) marine bacteria and organisms with a crush depth of more than 9km of water. The ship is equipped with a complement of standard torpedoes, as well as nuclear tippedSLBMs(believed to be named the Triton II), intercepts, sea to air missiles, and state-of-the art laser banks, as well as a specialized "grapnel torpedo", which, when fired, would impact a target and allow theseaQuestto tow or retract.The ship was also equipped with a series of WSKRS (pronounced "whiskers"; Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites): small sensor probes that were remotely controlled by the ship's sensor chief. The WSKRS, codenamed "Mother", "Junior", and "Loner", served as the "eyes and ears ofseaQuest" and could relay telemetry data back to the ship miles (kilometers) away. In a pinch, the WSKRS could also be used as an emergency power supply and could be reconfigured for communication purposes. A special "Hyper-Reality Probe" was also part of theseaQuest's arsenal which allowed the operator to manually control the probe and conduct delicate repair operations or investigate various anomalies. The ship's communications buoy could also be detached to enable contact with surface bound vessels.

The ship was also equipped with a series of sea launch shuttles, as well as a series of speeder shuttles, a series of sea crab-class vehicles and, eventually, a specialized, high-speed, one-man submersible namedThe Stingerby one of the designers,Lucas Wolenczak. In 2032, the boat was equipped with two high-speed spector-class sub-fighters: high speed submersibles capable of engagements up to speeds approaching 300 knots (554km/h), comparable to (but not equal to) the Lysander-class sub-fighter engineered by Deon International.seaQuestfeatured an emergency override called the "Dead Man's Codes"; in the event that the ship's crew was incapacitated or dead, the codes could be used to bring the ship to any location on the globe by remote. The helm control has the final authority over the boat's course (Episode: "And Everything Nice"). The UEO Secretary General kept one set of the codes while another set was flash-fed into the computer banks and scrambled at random intervals.Originally designed as a purely military vessel, theseaQuestunderwent a refit in 2017 following the Livingston Trench Incident and the signing of theUnited Earth Oceans Organizationcharter.Command HistoryseaQuest DSV4600Captain Marilyn Stark: 2015-2017Captain Nathan Bridger: 2018-2019seaQuest DSV4600-IICaptain Nathan Bridger: 2021-2022 (presumed destroyed)Captain Oliver Hudson: 2032-onwardBridge CrewseaQuest DSV4600First Officer:Commander Jonathan FordChief Engineer:Lt. Commander Katherine HitchcockChief Medical Officer/Chief Science Officer:Dr. Kristin WestphalenChief Security Officer:Chief Manilow CrockerCommunications Officer:Lieutenant J.G. Tim O'NeillWeapons Officer:Lieutenant Dalton Phillips(2018),Lieutenant Obatu(2019)Sensor Chief:Chief Miguel OrtizSupply and Morale Officer:Lieutenant Benjamin KriegSenior Helmsmen:Helmsman Carleton(2018),Chief William Shan(2019)seaQuest DSV4600-IIFirst Officer:Commander Jonathan FordChief Engineer:Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson(2032)Chief Medical Officer:Dr. Wendy Smith(20212022),Dr. Perry(2032)Chief Security Officer:Lieutenant James Brody(20212032)Chief Computer Analyst:Lucas WolenczakChief Science Officer:Ensign Lucas Wolenczak(2032)Communications Officer:Lieutenant J.G. Tim O'NeillWeapons Officer:Lieutenant James Brody(20212032),Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks(2032)Sensor Chief:Chief Miguel Ortiz(20212022)Senior Helmsmen:Seaman Lonnie Henderson,Seaman Anthony Piccolo,Petty Officer Tyler,Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks(2032)Sub-Fighter Pilots:Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks(2032),Lieutenant James Brody(2032),Warrant Officer Anthony Piccolo(2032),Lt. Commander Heiko Kimura(2032)

HistoryseaQuest DSV4600TheseaQuestmission patch, introduced in 2018.Under the command of Captain Marilyn Stark, theseaQuestconverged on the Livingston Trench where a showdown between various undersea confederations could have erupted innuclear war. TheseaQuestalmost instigated hostilities when Stark planned to fire first in violation of NORPAC orders. Commander Ford instantly relieved her of command and the situation was defused.Thirteen months later, after an extensive scientific refit, the new UEO lured retired Captain Nathan Bridger aboard the ship as part of a VIP tour, however, once aboard, theseaQuestshoved off, effectively trapping Bridger aboard. Ford, under the orders of Admiral William Noyce, behaved in a very cowardly manner in an attempt to lull Bridger to take command. The ploy worked and Bridger signed aboard as captain. ("To Be or Not to Be")TheseaQuestunwittingly brought aboard biochemist and war criminal Dr. Rubin Zellar several weeks later after Zellar had assumed the identity of his ice prison's warden. With free rein on theseaQuest, Zellar held the crew hostage with a toxin frozen in ice and gained access to the missile control room where he coerced Bridger and Ford to activate the ship's missiles and fire them towards UEO Headquarters inPearl Harbor. However, Bridger had wisely disabled all the missiles once the crew learned of Zellar's true identity and disaster was averted. ("Games")The ship suffered significant damage when the communications buoy was struck by lightning several weeks later. With all power knocked offline, an away team stranded in a hurricane on the surface of the water, and a downed French sight-seeing submarine to search for, Bridger suggested that one of the WSKRS could be used to power the bridge stations enough to locate the French ship, save the away team and return to the ship todrydockfor repairs. ("Bad Water")Several months later,seaQuestwas hijacked by a group of ecologic extremists led by Colonel Steven Shrader, who planned to the use the ship's computer to obtain "shut-down codes" for various global pollutants. Shrader's plans were foiled when Commander Ford flooded the boat, causing Shrader and his men to panic and attempt to escape. However, Shrader failed to realize that because theseaQuestwas sinking, the increased water pressure would crush his ship. He ultimately died in the attempt, while Lucas and Krieg were able to activate Captain Bridger's prototype "hull siphons" which pumped the flooding water out of the boat and refloated the ship. ("Nothing But the Truth")TheseaQuestwas also involved with several space-related incidents, such as the recovery of theWayfarer, the first manned space vessel to reachMarsas well as uncovering an ancient derelictalienstarship which had been entombed in an underwater ridge for over a million years. The crew discovered that there were still active holographic projections aboard the ship that boarded theseaQuestand expressed their desire to have formal introductions with the human race. The bridge crew elected to send a message to the alien home world themselves and not tell the military about what had truly happened. ("Such Great Patience")Unfortunately, theseaQuestmet her ultimate demise at the end of its tour of duty when Captain Bridger ordered all hands to abandon ship and locked the ship's autopilot into a direct course with a lava well that threatened to raise ocean temperatures and melt the polar ice caps. Detonating the ship's nuclear weapons. the massive explosion of theseaQuestwas enough to seal the rupture and avert ecologic catastrophe. ("Higher Power")seaQuest DSV4600-IIWith the UEO so impressed with the originalseaQuest's performance, they quickly provided the funds to commission a new boat, which entered service in 2021 with some new bridge crew members. The new ship's first task was to stop theG.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) terrorists from destroying the world's oxygen production facilities. Bridger was able to convince the G.E.L.F. leader that destroying the human race would also result in their annihilation as well. ("Daggers")Months later, theseaQuestwas thrust 250 years into the future, where the crew discovered that mankind had annihilated itself due to its dependence on computers for entertainment. Lucas was able to deactivate the remaining computer system, allowing the only two humans left on Earth to rely on each other to survive and repopulate the species. While Lucas believed that what they've s