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Unbiased Seagate Expansion reviews from real users. These reviews are from users outside USA but they as real as any other

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  • 5.0 OUT OF 5 STARS THE BEST PRICE, OK IN WIN XP 32BIT AND 7,200 RPM + Very good and at the best market price (February 6, 2013 -> 109). The TB leaves you 36 euros (72 if 2TB). + COMPATIBLE IN WINDOWS XP 32bit (and any 32bit) without doing anything, and that has its own tool to format and partition a 3TB MBR ( with "DiscWizard".) - The TV multimedia devices MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH 3TB.Si Physical Disks Disk 2TB find about 75 you recommend these second this. + Works with Western Digital TV Live (Updated) + Internal Model I touched:! "st3000dm001-1ch166" 7,200 RPM .. - Plastic Box (best of metal) devido it has high temperature - 51 temperature (22 ambient) -> high value compared to . other boxes / discs . + Silent (and it is 7200 ...), quality etc + utomatically turns off if the device is connected to k off. - No power button. - The USB cable is USB 3.0 Micro-B connector, you can not use the classic 2.0 other boxes. ratings:Megas real Windows: approx 2,793 MB (Like all hard drives). As all hard drives 3.5 "requires power supply (including .) CAN NOT connect to a computer internally (per port SATA) and retain data, YOU AGREE TO FORMAT therefore depend to keep the data of the box, NO ADVISE if this unit is very critical for Personal Data ( I think this happens in all 3TB drives). Though it is possible that over time there is a practical solution to this is better or 2TB disks Bery Good, the best price in the shops (February 6, 2013 -> 109). Tera Byte-> 36 ( 72 -> 2TB). + WORKS WINDOWS XP in 32bit (any 32bit) Have to do anything. Make the partitions and format whit Their program (Seagate "DiscWizard") - Multimedia TV need to be supported with 3 terabytes + Works with Western Digital TV Live (with update) + Internal model: "st3000dm001-1ch166" from 7,200 RPM! ! - Plastick Box (Beter Metal) + Quiet, good quality + Automatically Turn off if you turn off the PC or Multimedia TV.
  • 3.0 OUT OF 5 STARS GOOD PERFORMANCE, GOOD PRICE CAPACITY, BAD VENTILATION I have 2 more hard disk drives like this for half a year running smoothly, consider this model the best quality / price as of this review. Use external power plug (rather short cable) and USB 3.0 cable is compatible with USB 2.0. My previous external drives are Western Digital, iOmega, etc ... that have a half life of 2/3 years. Half-life of this model will make an updated review on spoilage and as I tell you. For you as a reference, use this disc on a late 2006 iMac Snow Leopard and it works perfectly. I mention this fact because certain older model iMac with USB 2.0 ports have problems with some USB3.0 Vendor or if the drive is powered through this, in which case some discs have a higher power consumption that can give models old iMac. 's previous two albums I've used this for storage and backup tasks fulfilling its mission. This last record I use a Synology NAS (USB Station 2) and also runs smoothly, but fails to put it into hibernation when not in use. 24h When switched on for use in the NAS, I've realized that being more than 4 hours on in activity, this HDD creates a worrying temperature. Ventilation is very low, with a fan and put your hand and you feel almost like you will get burn..
  • GOOD QUALITY / PRICE Much capacity at a great price, even cheaper than buying internal HDs without external casing ... Also where others see it as a counter, the failure to maintain positive button I see, as the HD off or turn on or off as the pc, even if you go to sleep, does not stay on as my other previous models brands, it is also USB 3.0, and it shows ... so highly recommended! USB3.0 2TB capacity and a good price. The hard drive is very fast, physically robust and aesthetically compact.Recommended. The price is about 20 USD less than one look and work equally. The only difference would be the size that is slightly larger but compensates. The drive is very fast (near the speed of 100Mb / s on large files on a USB 3.0 port write). I had no problems when connected to the pc (windows 8), recognized at the time. has no on / off. Lights when connected to USB. size and quality of the housing is good. Excellent quality / price ratio. Many capacity (2 TB) at a great price. Its size is small so it is very useful to connect to a laptop.Silent. Heat very little. Overall, good buy.
  • DOES THE JOB AND INTEGRATES PERFECTLY WITH ASUS DSL-N55U ROUTER Does the job and integrates perfectly with Router ASUS DSLN55U. 's modem recognizes it instantly and allows you to create FTP / SAMBA / MediaServer and Donwload Server. has a beautiful design, it is elegate and seemingly robust. Oct. 1! Alfonso Very good for the price : I bought this 3TB HDD without any problem connecting to the first, I have usb 2 and about 21 MB on average, I empieaza a little faster and then stabilizes, I have plenty of room for all. It is a desktop hard drive, ie, not move much. On the other hand, has sufficient capacity to be saving all my HD videos. It's what I wanted and also seagate is a good brand
  • 4.0 OUT OF A MAXIMUM OF 5 STARS BEST PRICE AND GOOD PERFORMANCE 3tb drive at a great price, in combination with a USB3.0 port will be an interesting choice. Vibrates a bit (normal mechanical drives) and something warm, but nothing out of the ordinary. Works fine and the data transfer rate is good. The only but is that the hard drive is not switched off when the PC is turned off. Find a 2TB external drive and USB 3.0 for this price is not easy. And again, a reputed brand. Excellent choice. The hard drive does what it says, no problems, speed 7200, the housing is not anything to write something bulky (normal for a 3.5), USB 3.0, Elegant design and as said before, no switch , which you are forced to remove and replace the power cord to turn on / off. Contrary to what he says in an opinion out there HOUSING MAY OPEN FULLY without breaking (you attest) introducing such card credit or similar for the binding together of the housing (there is a video on youtube) and also can perfectly use the housing with another disc after ... Really good performance at a good price, especially considering the unexplained factor come out cheaper to buy an external hard drive (with its case and usb 3.0 cable and transformer) that includes only one internal disk ...
  • COMPACT The product is excellent, by the way you connect to a TV via USB and reads perfect, even MKV files that play directly from the disc to the TV, you are missing the power button, but it can not at this price I have several external HDs connected to my MacMini, a WD 1.5 TB Hitachi Touro Desk 2TB and now has joined the Seagate, which is by far the least concerned with the three (being the larger capacity).Not noisy at all, and its operation is fast. I have not noticed that hot (although I must admit that by far the Hitachi is the "cold" of the three, possibly due to its larger enclosure). Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB Reviews Click here to see more reviews Se here some western digital reviews