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Scrivener Technologies Slide 2 About Us Scrivener Technologies is a provider of offshore General Transcription services who can assist you by providing transcription services tailored to your needs. Our leading edge technology allows us the ability to interact with all existing computer systems available today. We provide you with the assurance that your records will be accurate, prepared in a timely manner and done with great care at our state-of-the-art General Transcription Production Facility in India. The most important asset that Scrivener Technologies has to offer is its staff of professional transcriptionists. These well trained, experienced, and dedicated individuals are the engines of our company. We look forward to working with you to make managing your transcription as easy as possible. Slide 3 Our Services General Transcription Sermon Transcription Business Transcription Interviews Seminars Focus Group Dictation transcription Voice Mail Slide 4 We Transcribe Interview Transcription: Recording of interviews of all types - telephone interview, radio interview, research interview, dissertation interview. Sermon Transcription: Converting recordings of sermons and lectures. Meetings Transcription: Transcribe recordings of meetings or discussions. Focus Group Interviews: Transcription of focus group interviews. Lecture Transcription: Convert recordings of lectures, classes, training sessions to text content. Dictation Transcription: Record your dictations and send us the audio files for transcribing. Conference Transcription: Transcribing audio recordings of all type of conferences including telephone conferences. Seminar & Webinar Transcription: Transcribing business meetings, conferences, trade shows, lectures, work shops, and training sessions. Slide 5 Mission To be an excellent contributor in the transcription industry using state-of-the-art technology, while maintaining compassion, patient focus, respect, integrity, quality and total accountability. Slide 6 Confidentiality Maintaining confidentiality is a far more important issue when it comes to transcription. Many of the recordings may contain important internal or sensitive matters. We take all due care not to allow any data leaks during the dealings with the transcript or the audio files. Slide 7 Confidentiality There are no external drives on our computers like floppy disk drives or CDROM Drives. We do not have printer attached to any computer on network in any of our setups. Our computers require passwords to start Windows and another password to access Word files. We currently require all our employees to sign a confidentiality and non- disclosure agreement. To prevent unauthorized use, security devices are employed to prevent theft and/or vandalism of any information stored on our systems. Technical evaluations are performed on a routine basis to make sure all systems meet or exceed specified security requirements. All persons, administrators and transcriptionists, who have access to any sensitive information, or voice files, etc., have the appropriate clearances and have signed confidentiality agreements. Slide 8 Our Team The most valuable asset we have to offer you is our highly qualified core team of transcriptionists. Through our internal training and stringent selection, we have picked the transcriptionists who possess tremendous listening skills and have excellent command over English language. Our dedicated team is well versed with business transcription whether it is board meeting, seminar, conference or a meeting, we assure you 98% accurate transcription with quick turnaround time. Transcriptionists are the most integral component of our organization. The team of qualified transcriptionists endeavors all the time to maintain the highest quality standards. Slide 9 INFRASTRUCTURE Our operations are conducted from fully owned, dedicated, and highly advanced transcription facilities in India. We are backed by an exceptional technical support staff, a qualified management team and stable financial resources that make sure that the team of transcribers, editors, and technicians are in sync with the objectives of the company and thus are able to ensure that the highest standards of services are offered to our clients. Slide 10 Our Infrastructure Includes Internet redundancy Communication Redundancy Scalable Network Architecture and Systems Scalable Cabling Design Network Security (Firewall Protection) Latest Workstations High-End Servers (Intel Servers) Slide 11 Contact Us Scrivener Technologies Aiswarya [Floor-I] Neelikulam North, K.S Puram P.O Kollam 690 544. Kerala, India Phone: +91 889 353 0923 Email: [email protected] Visit us: Slide 12