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The Best Transit App Aja Consultin 5994 S Holly St. #142 Greenwood Village , CO 303-459-6678 www.ajaconsultin

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The Best Transit AppAja Consulting 5994 S Holly St. #142 Greenwood Village , CO

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What is Scoot?Scoot is a reliable mobile app for planning bus and light rail trips on .

Scoot fits best on mobile phones and tablets, but also works on any computer.

Easy to use

No user cost

Plan from anywhere, even on the go

24/7 access to RTD’s routes and schedules

Customer Benefits:

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Customers Love Scoot!selecting a landmarkusing predefined stops

Save a favorite route

Use GPS to determine user’s positionCreate custom routes for routine trips

entering an address

Navigate by:


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Watch the Scoot Demo!(Internet Connectivity Required)

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Great for !

Integrates with current systems

Reduces call center load

Generates ad revenue

Decreased need for paper maps

Always available

Placeholder photo. Talk to Jack about going out and taking some photos to use in presentation so we’re good on copyright.

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What else can Scoot do?

Fare / security violator photos

Fare verification

Area-specific ads for ridersPaperless transit passes

Payment integration

Add-on Features