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Scientific Symposium. Opening session CTOS (1 pm to 5 pm) CTOS reception (5pm to 6pm) Dinner/Consensus Discussion (6pm to 9 pm) Panel George Demetri, MD Scott Schuetze, MD, PhD Laurence Baker, DO (moderator). P=Participating NP=Not Participating *Awaiting Contract **No longer accruing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Scientific SymposiumOpening session CTOS (1 pm to 5 pm)CTOS reception (5pm to 6pm)Dinner/Consensus Discussion (6pm to 9 pm)PanelGeorge Demetri, MDScott Schuetze, MD, PhDLaurence Baker, DO (moderator)

  • P=Participating NP=Not Participating *Awaiting Contract **No longer accruing

    start dateGleevecNov 01G Vs. Gem/TXT STSJan 03Columbia15NPEmoryNPP*MayoNP6MD Anderson4520U of Michigan6929Memorial Sloan Kettering3411National Cancer InstituteNPPPartners Dana Farber Massachusetts GeneralNP1UofCalifornia Los AngelesNPP*Washington Cancer Center1410Lutheran General **4210Total21987

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    PRPDPDMonth 2 Month 4

  • PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES OF THE BAYESIAN DESIGNThe hierarchical model allows data from each subtype to provide information about parameters in all other subtypes It avoids two undesirable approaches, conducting :- One trial, assuming one common parameter, ignoring the subtypes, or- Separate trials that ignore each others dataUser-friendly front ends greatly facilitate trial conduct

  • q = Pr( Response )95% Posterior Credible Intervals by Histologic Subtype

  • Pre-Gleevec8 weeks on RxH &. EcKIT74 yo man with myofibroblastic sarcoma

  • Pre-Gleevec2 weeks on RxH & EcKIT65 yo man with malignant fibrous histiocytoma

  • Planned Studies

    Gemcitabine/docetaxel in bone sarcomasImatinib neoaduvant treatment of DFSPAMG 706 Phase II trial in sarcomaBMS SRC inhibitorZiopharm active ifosphamide moietyUterine sarcoma adjuvant therapy