Transcript of SCIENCE CRCT REVIEW JEOPARDY Danielle Ruff CES 3 rd Grade.

Science CRCT Review Jeopardy

Rocks 100Which of the following would NOT help you identify a mineral?ColorWeightHardnessTexture

Soil 100Which type of soil contains the smallest grains?ClaySiltSandhumusPollution 100Which is the BEST way to conserve resources?Keep your radio on a low volume all dayReuse wrapping paper to wrap gifts in the following yearThrow out your bike and buy a new one each yearProtest pollution by writing lettersRocks 200Salt is a mineral becauseIt has a flavorIt is artificialIt is hard and has no colorIt is a solid and is not living

Soil 200Which is the best type of soil for growing vegetables?SandSiltClayloamSoil 400Erosion is a process thatCauses stormsForms riversBreaks rocks into piecesMoves rock and soilSoil 500The soil in Georgia is red because it contains a lot ofIronCopperQuartzsedimentFossils 100A trace or the remains of a living thing is called aSedimentMineralFossilremainderFossils 200Petrified wood is formed when an ancient trees soft parts were replaced withBonesHard mineralsHardened tree sapLarge rocks and soilPollution 200Which is NOT a renewable resource?WoodOilAirSunlight

Rocks 400Scientists use many properties to identify a mineral. Why?No mineral looks like anotherMinerals look different once they are polishedIn nature, many mineral look alikeEvery property of a mineral must be found before it can be identifiedFossils 500By looking carefully at fossil teeth, a scientist can learnHow big the animal wasWhat the animal ateWhere the animal livedHow many bones were in the animals skeletonMagnets 100Samuel has some plastic letters that stick to the refrigerator door. What can he infer?They are steelThey contain ironThey have magnets insideThey make thermal energyMagnets 200An electromagnet in a junkyard is used to liftPlastic or glassWoodSteel or ironmagnetsMagnets 300Two bar magnets will attract ifThey do not have N and S polesThe N pole of one faces the S pole of the otherTheir two N poles are facingTheir two S poles are facingHabitat 300Which happens when a forest is cut down?Animals are harmed because the soil becomes pollutedAnimals are harmed because they lose their shelterThe number of birds increases because they have more room to flyThe number of insects increases because there is more sunlightPollution 300Which is not a way to conserve resources?Make a swing out of an old tireRecycle paper and plasticRide bikes to the storeDump used oil down a drainHeat 100What happens to boiling water after you add ice cubes to it?Its temperature risesIt changes to a gasIts temperature fallsIt bubblesHeat 200A group of campers are sitting around a campfire. How is heat energy being produced?RubbingFrictionMixing two things togetherburningHeat 300In which investigation would a student MOST LIKELY use a thermometer?To measure the thickness of a good conductorTo learn how long it takes to burn a logTo find out how fast cocoa cools in a plastic cupTo calculate how much insulation to buy

Heat 400What produces the heat that warms the air temperature on Earth?Mixing chemicalsRubbingThe sunfrictionHabitat 400Which helps chipmunks survive long, cold winters?Sharp teethHibernatingMigratingChanging colorsPollution 400Which of the following is NOT a form of land pollution?Dumping toxic waste in a fieldChemicals leaking into the soil around a factoryThrowing glass bottles on the ground at a parkCar smoke rising up into the airRocks 500What is a mineral that people use to make jewelry?MicaIronSilverGraphite Habitat 500In what hilly region of Georgia could you find hickory and oak trees and river valleys?PiedmontMountainsWetlandsCoastal plainPollution 500An oil spill from a ship accident is BEST described asLand pollutionWater pollutionConservationAir pollution