Scene 1.1 - Creative and Media Venues In Stratford, E15

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Transcript of Scene 1.1 - Creative and Media Venues In Stratford, E15

  • 1. Our Local Creative And Media Industries By Rubina Begum 10q

2. *Dance* *Stratford Circusis a contemporary performing arts venue located in Stratford, East London which hosts various performances, events, workshops, education programmes and training opportunities for people of all ages from the local community, as well as wider audiences. It has also hosted numerous BBC Question Time debates.Address Stratford Circus Theatre Square StratfordLondonE15 1BX Telephone Switchboard: 020 8279 1001 Box Office: 0844 357 2625 3. *Venue* The building was designed by Levitt Bernstein and was quoted to be The best, most central and prestigious venue in Newham by the Cultural Industries Development Agency. They provide inspiring and creative spaces which are fully equipped to meet the clients needs. From conference auditoriums, to media suites, to performance spaces and private bars, all their spaces are available for hire at very competitive prices. Thetwo auditoriums are equipped with state of the art sprung floors, staging facilities that include counterweight flying bars and electric shutters for adjustable shading. It also includes mirrors, top lightingand sound projection equipment, a permanent rig, bars, an orchestra pit and is built to accommodate up to 120 people. 4. *Location* It is situated at the very heart of Stratford, right next to the 2012 Olympic site. Stratford Circus is both a receiving house and a producing house as they produce shows and workshops for the community, as well as hosting various events, activities and educational programmes etc. 5. *Theatre* Theatre Royal , located in Stratford East is a theatre which works to discover new talents and new audiences. They produce plays and shows which reflect the talents , concerns and dreams of their local community, as well as attracting audiences from all sections of the population, no matter their differences. They are here to bring everyone together through their shows which specifically reflect both ethnic identity and multiculturism. Among there many other purposes, they also entertain and educate their audiences by remaining true to their social and educational values. 6. *Venue* This performing arts venue was first opened in 1884, but since then has undergone many changes to the building structure and seating arrangements etc. In 1992 the auditorium themed around the Victorian era was restored; it now seats 460 people on three levels. The first being Stalls, the seconds being Dress Circle and the third being Upper Circle. All seats, no matter where theyre located, have spectacular views of the full stage so the audience can enjoy and take in the whole performance. After the refurbishment project in Autumn 2001, the theatre reopened with both public areas and technical facilities fit for the 21 stcentury., for example, a larger eating and drinking area with a fully equipped kitchen. 7. *Contact Information* *Whats On*Address: Theatre Royal Stratford East Gerry Raffles Square Stratford London E15 1BN Type talk:07972918050 Fax:02085348381 Administrative Line:02085347374 Email:[email_address]

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Box Office openMon - Sat, 10am 7pm Box Office /Information Telephone:02085340310 Mon Sat, 10am 6pm 8. *Location* Theatre Royal is a receiving house, as well as a producing house , as they play host to many travelling theatre companies, allowing them to perform at their venue. But they also produce 7 new shows every year, including a traditional pantomime, one off shows and try outs. So they are both. 9. *Studio* Rich Mix Studio , located in Shoreditch/East London, is one of Londons up-and-coming cross-arts centre. They provide rich and diverse programs , boasting the best in art, performance, fashion, design, music, dance, film, theatre and comedy, to celebrate Londons cultural diversityand to establish a new landmark in world culture. The studio is passionate about diversity, arts, creativity and inclusivity and believe that in orderfulfil their missionto encourage, look after, grow and explore the cultural and creative talent of all people through a vibrant, dynamic celebration of togetherness, they can reach their goals and aims to help the community. They have no specific target, their audience is anyone and everyone. 10. *venue* Rich Mix is a 132,000 square foot flagship arts and cultural centre including a three screen cinema which entertains audiences with blockbusters movies, as well as a selection of Independent, Art house, World films and documentaries. Alongside that, there is a performing arts venue which delivers audiences' from all over, a line up of Arts and Culture programmes: theatre, dance, music =, spoken word and more. Other amazing features include education spaces and family programmes, four floors of affordable creative workspaces that have hosted 15 educative charities and creative businesses. Also there is a wide contemporary bar, an alcohol-free cafe space, exhibition galleries spaces and spectacular views of the city from a top venue and event space etc. 11. *Whats On* *Contact Information*

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Address: 35 47 Bethnal Green London E1 6LA Office/Admin: 02076137490 Fax: 02076137499 Email: [email_address] 12. *Location* Rich Mix is a receiving house because they do not produce their own shows/films/plays etc, but they show others work to the audience and are occasionally host to travelling theatre companies etc, for example, the films which they show in their cinemas are not created by them, but they are shown by the studio, to the audience. They are also a non profiting media/performing arts venue, as they do not make money out of what they do. 13. Type Of Venue Description Example Concert Hall Concert halls generally host music events such as rock/pop gigs and classical concerts. Some concert halls are subsidised but some operate in the commercial sector. The Royal Albert Hall, London. St George's, Bristol Art Centre An arts centre will host a large variety of performance events than a theatre. It may buy in theatre, dance productions, gigs and concerts. Many hold events that involve public participation, e.g. drama workshops or dance classes. An arts centre may also screen films and have a gallery for exhibiting the visual arts. Most art centres are subsidised. Warwick Arts Centre. Pocklington Arts Centre, East Yorkshire.Producing Theatre This is a theatre that has a company of performers and production team who produce a number of shows each year. Many producing theatres are subsidised. Northern Stage, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. Receiving Theatre A receivingtheatre buys in productions from production companies and/or touring theatre companies rather than producing its own shows. Most of the theatres in Londons West End are receiving theatres. Most receiving theatres operate in the commercial sector. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London The Sunderland Empire, Sunderland Other Venues Some performances take place in multi-purpose venues from small spacessuch as community centres to huge sports arenas. Some performance events may even be staged out of doors. The NEC, Birmingham. The Odyssey Arena, Belfast.