say “Sorry” to you owe you an apology (for) a brief introduction short

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Transcript of say “Sorry” to you owe you an apology (for) a brief introduction short

  • say Sorry to you owe you an apology (for)

  • a brief introductionshort

  • wander along the quiet roadabsorb fresh airavoid noisy city life to getto stop sth from happening to walk around

  • risk getting too close to to have the danger of

  • the majority ofget confused about

  • A brief introduction Tiantai is a mountainous town and is famous for many places of interest , such as Guuqing Temple, Shiliang Waterfall. You may wander along the quiet road with your friends to absorb fresh air and avoid the noisy city life. But dont risk getting too close to the stone bridge. Its very dangerous. Besides, the weather in Tiantai is comfortable and the food is delicious. Whats more , you can meet friendly people in Tiantai. The majority of them are open-minded and easy going.

  • culturefoodweather, travelingsense of humortipping system(Para3)(Para4)(Para5)(Para6)

  • What do British people have for breakfast?Para 3&4:bacon and eggs with a few slices of toast. The British culture is different from Chinese culture in food and tipping system food&tipping

  • Why does Xiaojin suggest staying in the English countryside ? Para 5:enjoy hiking.traveling wander through What can they do while traveling there? pick mushrooms

  • Para 6:The British find the strangest things funny.sense of humorPeople between the two countries have different senses of humor.

  • food tipping systemweatherhumordifferencesculture shock

  • Whats the main purpose of the letter? A to apologize for not writing more often B to introduce British culture to his aunt C to suggest staying in the countryside D to tell the culture shock he met conclusion

  • 1. To avoid getting confused about the British tipping system, you need to check your bill to see if a tip is included or not. (Line 15)

    2. I think we should consider staying in the English countryside for a few nights as I know you enjoy hiking. (Line 19)Beautiful sentences

  • summary Xiaojin writes a letter to Aunt Mei, who is visiting London.Here is what he talks about in the letter. First of all, London is an __________ city, as a result, _______ food can be found there. A word of _________ he gives is to make sure to give a ____ and to bring travellers _________ instead of cash. He also suggests ________ in the countryside for a few days and ______a warm coat. One last thing is that the British sense of humor is quite different from Chinese humor. Although Xiaojin is still experiencing _______ ______ in London, he finds British people_________ but friendly and he has already made some friends. With a good understanding of British culture, he doesnt doubt that Aunt Meis stay in London will be an unforgettable ____________.internationalChineseadvicetipchequesstayingbringingculture shockstrangeexperiencesummary

  • discussionYour American friend is visiting Jiaojiang. Would you give him some suggestion?

    Im glad to hear/ know that you are visiting Jiaojiang.First of all,And a word of advice.One last thing, To avoid , you need to Talking of, I advise you to you should consider

  • Remember the words and expressions we have learned today.2 According to the discussion, write a letter to your American friend.