Save Tibet!

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Transcript of Save Tibet!

  • 1. Whats going on inTibet!?!?! Keep watching to find out.

2. China has invaded Tibet. 3. From Chinas pointof view, 4. Tibet is a provinceof china and itspeople are inrebellion. 5. So china apparentlyinvaded to quash inrebellion. 6. BUT 7. TheTibetansdisagree. 8. They feel they are onautonomous countryand that China hasillegally invaded andoccupied them inmany ways 9. Another reasonChina invaded Tibetis because 10. They canmake lots ofmoney fromthings Tibet 11. Suchas.. . 12. Tibets natural resources,such as farmland. 13. China wantsancient paintingsfound in Tibet,they are said to beworth millions. 14. And we all know thatChina loves to havelots of money 15. The Chinese aretreating tibet like theAfrican warlords forblood diamonds. Butthey are in a farmsetting. 16. Another reasonis that a lot ofchinese people originated in Tibet so chinawants tibetto be part of theircountry . 17. Millions and millions of Tibetanshave died because of the "war" withChina. 18. Much more tibetans have alsobeen arrested. 19. China has been torturing Tibetans. 20. China is only doingthis because theyhave power, 21. And most people thinkChina have no right to dowhat they are doing 22. Many Tibetans have died more than onemillion. 23. They have died frommany things, Suchas..... 24. Prisons/Labor camp: 173,221deaths 25. Torture: 97,731Deaths 26. Execution:156,758 Deaths 27. Uprisings:432,705Deaths 28. Starvation: 342,970 Deaths 29. Suicide:9,002 Deaths 30. TOTAL: 1,207,387Deaths 31. So do you think Chinais so superior givingAmerica money? = 32. Or doing amazing in the Olympics? 33. Just rememberall those liveslost for noreason. 34. Thanks for watching!!!