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NO WOMEN NO WORLDSave girl child



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Opinion of parents When a girl is

born instead of being happy parents are thinking that a new burden has arrived in their life….

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Survey made by UN

The UN estimates that 700 go missing and are added to the ever increasing count of the ‘Missing Girl Child’ in India everyday. That means a loss of over 250,000 girl children every year and that figure is growing

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Why parents avoiding girl child We live in a patriarchal society where a son is valued as the carrier of the family name and a caregiver for the parents in their old age.

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Why we are killing our daughters..?

isn’t it always about a dowry to be given twenty years down the line (though that does play its own role); it is more often starts with the burden of bringing up a girl child.

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Many people still believe that a girl is a greater responsibility than a boy because of the dangers that she faces in being seen as a ‘sex object’.

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Girls are sent to schools and colleges to study in a sort of forced social emancipation, but rarely are they encouraged to pursue dreams of a career. There is proof enough of this in parents arranging marriages for their girls at 18- 20 years of age.

Higher education, where it is allowed is also often seen as a contributor to finding a groom

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Stop female foeticide The 2001 census first

revealed the abysmal sex ratios across India going as low as 793 girls for 1000 boys in Punjab. That the situation has deteriorated further is evident by the July 2007 discoveries of skulls of female fetuses found at the bottom of a defunct well

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palanpur: The body of newborn girl child was recovered on Monday on a road behind the office of Banas Bank where taxis and jeeps are parked. It was jeep driver M A Pathan who noticed a dog trying to take away a plastic bag from which blood oozed

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There are many sucessful woman's like... Kiran bediMother teresaAishwarya raisania mirza

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