Sarina Homes. Our Values: the #culturecode

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We are an environmentally thoughtful modern inner-city home builder in #yyc’s trendy established communities. This presentation is all about our values and our #culturecode. Our culture directs everything we do.

Transcript of Sarina Homes. Our Values: the #culturecode

PowerPoint Presentation

Our Culture Code

Our Mission:#CultureCodeOur mission drives the WHY we do what we do. Our #CultureCode helps us build our stellar team to deliver on what we do. The values get us there. And this team is GETTING BIGGER#CultureCode

Our Core Values

What we live by at Sarina Homes13456Be honest with love and respectBe passionate and determined to deliver the WOWCare about each otherPursue creativityBe yourself. Have fun!#CultureCode2Build personal accountability through trust and teamwork

Be honest with love and respectHaving open and honest relationships within our team and with our trade partners is crucial. We strive for integrity and honesty, coupled with respect, in both the easy and challenging conversations.#CultureCode

We develop close relationships with our trades, suppliers and customers with open lines of communication and trust. It takes a BIG team to build homes! Build personal accountability through trust and teamwork#CultureCode

Be passionate and determined to deliver the WOW. #CultureCode

We are passionate about what we do. We deliver the WOW factor in our homes, our interactions with customers, partners, trades and the community.

Care about each other #CultureCode

We care about each other as co-workers and people. We also care about others in our society, through active volunteering and community involvement..

Pursue creativity#CultureCode

We solve challenges with creative and out-of-the box thinking.

Be yourself. Have FUN! #CultureCode


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