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Student Achievement Learning, Application, Presentations & Fun

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Student Achievement

Learning, Application,Presentations & Fun

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Using the ALEKS math program in combination with direct instruction, small group work, individual instruction, and independent work time, students are able to work at

their own level and pace through math courses.

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Students apply the knowledge and concepts they learn from mini lessons, direct instruction, and various activities to show their understanding of the content.

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Students often collaborate and work as a team to combine their knowledge, strengths, and abilities to work together. Not only do students need to demonstrate the content

in these activities, but also the ability to collaborate, communicate, and work well with others.

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A major component of project-based learning is the final product presentation to an authentic audience. Students learn and apply speaking skills they use continuously

throughout all projects and classes to demonstrate their learning.

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Students present and share their work and project creations with their peers to demonstrate their content knowledge and speaking skills to teach each other new


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Students applied their knowledge of simple machines to build a device out of wood and string to raise a 15 pound obelisk. Critical thinking skills, collaboration, and

content knowledge were huge components to a successful simple machine.

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Project Showcase Night provides students the opportunity to highlight and present their work to family, community members, and field experts as they assess student designs, engineering principals, and content application. In depth understanding of

concepts is critical to explain the complexity of each project.

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Interdisciplinary projects allow students to connect various subjects such as science, engineering, and language arts. Students developed themes, commercials, and

costumes to supplement their engineered pasta cars on Project Showcase Night.

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Students engineered cars made of pasta to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, friction, and design principles in

science. Costumes and car details added to the collaboration and community building among students in Catalyst.

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Prior to building pasta cars, students had to demonstrate their knowledge of design principles, scale drawings, and motion concepts in their pasta car sketch. Additionally,

students had to plan out materials needed and dimensions of their vehicle.

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The thrill and excitement of Project Showcase Night allows students to share their knowledge and excitement for learning with others.