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Transcript of S.A.M.E. is coming · PDF file Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday...

  • Adopted in 2007, our Vision Statement helps to define who our church is and where we are going: “From generation to generation, we will seek to proclaim the good news of God’s grace by following the example of Jesus Christ who ministered to

    the needs of others through teaching, serving, and loving God and neighbors.”

    Sarah Ware 14 Heather Klose 15 Mary Copeland 16 Vernon McClenney 17 Nancy Forbes 17 Sandy Matthews 18 Jacob Lewis 19 Linda Riddle 19 Barry Menser 22 Emma Barefoot 22 Kylee O'Bryan 22 Youth Lin 27 John Christian 28 Eric Berge 29 Bill Hurt 30 Tom Matthews 30 Mikell Bond 30

    Styliana Velissarios 2 Phyllis Guilliams 3 Carlton Forbes 4 Ken Matthews 4 Evan Glass 5 Lisa Garber 6 Wanda Matthews 6 Brenda Cole 8 Corin Sandford 8 Carole Lynn 9 Bev O'Bryan 10 Ella Willoughby 10 Carson Rejzer 11 Dennis Allison 12 Clyde McFarland 13 Martha Pollock 13 Bruce Hoogstraten, Jr. 14 Molly Patrick 14

    April Birthdays Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear…

    Happy Birthday to all !!!

    HBC… Oldest Member

    Celia R. Dawson

    Happy 106 Birthday Mrs. Dawson! Love, Your HBC Family

    "Spring would not be spring without bird songs."

    ~ Francis M. Chapman~

    S.A.M.E. is coming home…

    SOUP KITCHEN is serving

    their “first hot meal”

    on the 18th of April

    in our “new facilities.”

  • Our Church

    Worship Services in April

    April 3 - Single Service at 10:30 a.m.

    Deacons Ordination & Communion

    April 10 - Regular Services

    at 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

    with Rev. Michael Sciretti

    April 17 - Single Service at 10:30 a.m.

    with Guest Speaker: Philip Gulley

    April 24 - Regular Services

    at 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

    A Love Letter... to the Army of Angels from HBC:

    Last week, and particularly on

    Saturday, an "Army of Angels"

    descended on our house and

    packed, boxed up, and trans-

    ported books, linens, CD's, cut

    glass, china and other kitchen

    equipment to the new house,

    and even brought food to sus-

    tain the other angels.

    Said Angels included Beth and

    Doug Heard, Jim and Judy

    North, Bonnie Madre, Susan

    McCauley, Alystra Barefoot,

    Susanna McKendree, Jane and

    Roy Austin, Frank and Mary

    Jane Ransom, and Jane and

    Pat Garvey. We actually

    looked up the hierarchy of an-

    gels, but it got too complicat-

    ed, so we have to assume each

    category was properly repre-

    sented! We are grateful be-

    yond words, and are touched

    by your thoughtfulness and


    Love from,

    Tom & Wanda Matthews

    Hampton Baptist Church, Hampton April 2016

    Hampton Baptist Church Presents

    “Front Porch Tales are the Same Everywhere”


    Author and



    April 16,

    7:00 p.m.

    The event is free

    but tickets are required.



    For more information contact

    Hampton Baptist Church

    office at 723-0707

    or via email: church

    @hamptonbaptist.org .

    http://tiny.cc/philipgulleyHBC http://tiny.cc/philipgulleyHBC mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Circles of Diversity 2016

    Beginning April 5, 2016, 6-8 pm, you are invit-

    ed to participate in this year’s Circles of Diversity Pro-

    gram sponsored by the Unity Commission of the City

    of Hampton. The first event will be held at Fort Mon-

    roe as the series on Race: Let’s Talk About It con-

    cludes on April 5. Please sign up as a participant for

    this and other Tuesday night sessions that will run

    through May 10th.

    Hampton Baptist will be hosting an event in

    our new activity room on Tuesday evening, April 19th

    at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served and the conver-

    sation will focus on the distinctive characteristics

    unique to Baptists. Ashleigh Diehl and Betty Pugh

    Mills will be facilitating this discussion. If you would

    like to join us in offering hospitality that day to

    members of BAPS SWAMINARAYAN Temple,

    First Baptist Church, HarborPointe Community

    Church, and the Mosque/Islamic Center of Hampton,

    let Ashleigh or Betty know of your interest.

    Everyone is invited and encouraged to join this

    very important conversation by registering online

    using the link below:

    The circles of diversity 2016

    Participant Registration form:





    “Cookie Makers”

    are needed to make cookies

    for the Phillip Gulley Event

    on April !6th. If you can make cookies (please

    no brownies or bar cookies), deliver them to

    the new kitchen in the church by Saturday

    Noon, April 16th, so they can be put on trays

    and ready to serve by that evening.

    Thank you in advance for your gift of service!

    Jane Garvey

    April 2015 Prayer Scripture Flowers appear on the earth;

    the season of singing has come…. Song of Songs 2:12

    Volunteer “Greeters” are needed

    for April 16th

    Philip Gulley Event

    Sign-up by email, calling 723.0707,

    or on the sign-up sheet in the

    HBC Office.

    Call for Graduates!

    Are you graduating from High School,

    College, or Graduate School?

    Do you have a graduating child

    or grandchild who grew

    up at Hampton Baptist?

    We would like to recognize

    you/them in worship

    on June 5 and/or in the church newsletter.

    Please e-mail the office a photo (jpeg)

    and we will be in

    contact with you for more information.


    Matt & Beth Harlan’s New Address 5570 SE Pine Street

    Portland. Organ 97215 (His words: “we are out of a trailer & in a home”)

    https://hamptonmarketing.wufoo.com/forms/s1jgslcm1spos12/ https://hamptonmarketing.wufoo.com/forms/s1jgslcm1spos12/

  • Deacon Assignments for April

    8:30 11:00 Deacon of the week

    North (baptistry)

    North (baptistry)

    4/3 Vacant

    Tommy O’Bryan

    (Capt.) Dee Dee Horne.

    (Capt.) Phil

    Everhart, Jr

    4/10 Dee Dee Horne



    4/17 Gary Powell



    Carole Lynn


    Lucille Everhart

    4/24 Patty Price


    South (piano)

    South (piano)

    Patty Price

    Ben Sandford

    *Names in

    blue are sched-

    uled for the

    8:30 AM



    (greeter) Melissa Lerner

    (greeter) Tommy O’Bryan

    The Month of April

    "The sun was warm but the wind was chill.

    You know how it is with an April day,

    When the sun is out and the wind is still.

    You're one month on in the middle of May,

    But if you so much as dare to speak,

    A cloud comes over the sunlit arch.

    And wind comes off a frozen peak,

    And you're two months back

    In the middle of March."

    ~ Robert Frost, 1926~

    Marian's WMU Corner.

    April 12, (Tues.),

    HBC “New” Dining Room.

    Guest Speaker @ 1:45pm -

    Rev. Alan DeFriese, Peninsula Rescue Mission.

    All WMU ladies, guests & interested church members

    are welcome to join Garber-Chandler group to hear

    Rev. DeFriese, Executive Superintendent of Peninsula

    Rescue Mission (PRM) in Newport News. He will pre-

    sent a program of slides on services provided by his

    ministry for the less fortunate and how we may help.

    We are collecting undergarments for men at his mission

    to donate at this meeting. Our WMU groups also gave

    monetary donations in March. Checks payable to PRM.

    A donation box will be provided at our meeting for un-


    Besides assisting families with food, clothing and fur-

    niture, the Rescue Mission provides spiritual and life

    skills training for men as well as shelter, meals and

    clothing for homeless men.

    They provide summer camp for less fortunate chil-

    dren. You may support the PRM Thrift Store by do-

    nating items. For pickup 380-6909.

    (small items may be brought to this mtg.)

    . . Thank you, Marian Supplee

    Missions in Virginia

    Are you interested in engaging in missions right here in Virginia this summer? Do you enjoy working with

    children and/or adults? Then this may be the oppor-

    tunity for you! Mar