Saga VI Semiconductor and Electronics: Uncover ...· Uncover Opportunities and Increase Revenue...

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Transcript of Saga VI Semiconductor and Electronics: Uncover ...· Uncover Opportunities and Increase Revenue...

  • Saga VI – Semiconductor and Electronics: Uncover opportunities and increase revenue

    March 2019 Sales Accelerator Campaign

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  • Uncover Opportunities and Increase Revenue – Agenda

    Semiconductor and Electronics Patricia Heredia, Industry Marketing Manager

    SECS/GEM Nick Infelise, Product Engineering Manager

    Front End and Back End Traceability and Inspection Harper Zwicky, Application Engineer

    IPC in Semiconductor Clark Kromenaker, Product Manager

    Success Story: Lunch and Learn @TEL Michael Frommelt, Regional Sales Manager

  • Sales Accelerator Campaign – Industry Solutions

    • Saga I Food & Commodities

    º Traceability

    • Saga II Food & Commodities

    º Package Sortation

    • Saga III Automotive

    º Traceability

    • Saga IV Semiconductor and Electronics

    º Traceability

    • Saga V Automotive

    º Traceability: Focus on the “M” of MVRC

    • Saga VI Semiconductor and Electronics

    º Uncover Opportunities and Increase Revenue

  • Semiconductor and Electronics – Uncovering Opportunities Global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing supply chain

    Omron (Japan) has been a member since 1996

    OEI (Industry Marketing Group) became an active member since 2017

    The Fab Owners Alliance, a SEMI Strategic Association Partner, is an international group of semiconductor & MEMS fab owners and industry suppliers

    In November 2018, OEI became part of the Fab Owners Alliance (FOA) in the Service Providers modality

    As a result of the FOA quarterly meetings, Omron has been able to meet with main semiconductor vendors and service providers, such as TEL, Global Foundries, AMAT, Intel, among many others

  • Semiconductor and Electronics – Tokyo Electron Success Story


    TEL – Chaska, MN

    Omron Industry Solution

    SECS/GEM + inspection + IPC

    Success Story

    02/27 Onsite Lunch and Learn

  • Semiconductor and Electronics – Tokyo Electron Success Story Attendees

    Product Design Engineering Manager

    entire teams: Electrical, Mechanical

    and Product Engineering

    Uncovered Opportunities

    • Liquid leakage sensor application

    • Wafer position, see through glass

    • SECS/GEM and OCR reading

    • Color detection on Argon jet to determine flow

    • IPC, remote monitor

    • EtherCAT for pressure sensors, transducers, vacuum valves

  • Semiconductor and Electronics – Tokyo Electron Success Story

    Working with our team

    How was your experience? Michael Frommelt - Regional Sales Manager

  • Lunch and Learn – Semiconductor and Electronics Concept


    SECS / GEM + inspection + IPC



    NJ5 demo with HMI

    FH inspection system


    Scanning station


    Target audience

    Engineering teams

    Electrical and Mechanical

  • Most Semiconductor Equipment Needs a PC

  • Features and Benefits for Semiconductor

    Compact Size

    Allows multiple IPC to be installed in a 1RU rack space

    OS Independence

    Allows preferred OS to be used instead of Windows


    Independent testing by one of our good customers confirms our performance exceeds the competition

  • Omron IPC in Semi IPCs are used extensively in Semiconductor industry

    Focus on Omron’s compact IPC, performance, quality, machine version to replace Beckhoff.

    A successful sale could result in many IPCs per year. We can do better in pricing for quantities. Don’t think we can’t meet price.

    Objections you will run into:

    • We use rack mount computers-19” EIA telecommunications rack

    • A clean room application doesn’t need an industrial computer

    • We need a VESA mount for mounting the monitor on an arm.

    Rack mount PC

    VESA Mount Monitor


    Target Profile Since SECS communications are used in Flat Panel Display and LED industries as well as semiconductor industry, FPD and LED industries should be included in accounts you may visit

  • Equipment BEquipment A

    MC+SECS/GEM(One CPU)Monitoring system(Ex. FDC)SECS Middleware






    Equipment A Equipment B


    Ethernet or serial comm.






    Unloader Loader

    Temp. control

    1. System configuration is 1:1 or 1:N between NJ501-1340 with equipment.

    2. Middleware NJ501-1340 has connect with equipment by Ethernet or serial comm..

    3. Incase of SEMI Backend user, The main processing machine is required to use the 1:1 configuration, sub system is 1:N for data collection.

    1. System configuration is 1:1 or 1:N between NJ501-1340 with equipment.

    2. NJ501-1340 has install the DIO, AI for FDC monitoring signals.

    3. NX-IO Block is an best solution for SEMI Backend industry, the module/program blocks is easy to use for production line re-layout.

    1. Integration Machine Control and SECS/GEM communication functions in One CPU system.

    2. The machine software designer uses the same variables between SECS host comm. and control program.

    3. Proposal OMRON knowhow for automations, especially the vibration and temp. control.

    Three SECS/GEM system application models for target industries

  • SPIN Questions – NJ501-1340 (SECS/GEM)


     SECS Middleware (typically at end-user)

     How many middleware PC’s are on the FAB floor interfacing to your HOST?

     How old are they?

     Can you easily add or modify messaging events at the tool?

     Do you ever need to add data being sent from the tool?

     Monitoring System (end-user or tool manufacturer)

     Do all of your tools interface to a HOST using SECS/GEM?

     If not, is this being mandated for traceability needs?

     All-In-One (tool manufacturer)

     Do you utilize PLC’s as the control platform on your tools?

     If so, does your current platform require a PC as middleware to the end users HOST system?

  • SPIN Questions – NJ501-1340 (SECS/GEM)


     SECS Middleware (typically at end-user)

     Are you seeing the need to replace PC’s due to age or failures?

     Are there issues of old software unable to run on new PC’s?

     How challenging has it been integrating in your new PC’s?

     Monitoring System (end-user or tool manufacturer)

     Do you now require to have tools that do not communicate to The HOST do so?

     Would those tools need to be modified by yourself or your supplier?

     All-In-One (tool manufacturer)

     Are your end users requesting SECS/GEM as well?

     Are your PLC’s actually PC based needing many firmware updates and possibly susceptible to security issues?

     How long does it take you to develop the programming for a tool?


     How would you benefit from an improvement in all tools having SECS/GEM capability?

     What would be the impact of simplifying the integration of your next system?

     If you could prove to your customers that you are able to provide SECS/GEM to meet their requirements, what would that mean for your business?


     What is the cost of replacing PC’s and getting custom code re-written and compiled for new OS?

     How has the complexity of integration impacted your line startup time and cost?

     What impact does not being able to incorporate SECS/GEM have on your or your customers’ production process?

    SPIN Questions – NJ501-1340 (SECS/GEM)


    Omron NJ501-1340 (typically takes 1 month or less to develop)

    o No address conversion is needed Same tags generated for SECS/GEM variables are imported to NJ

    o SECS messaging generation is needed (takes about 10 minutes/message)

    o Fast, easy FB library as well as pre-written code by OEI ATC is available to shorten overall development.

    Competitive Comparison


    Three competitive scenarios exit in this marketplace

    o PC running custom developed software (Scenario A)

    o PC or PC based PLC running packaged software (Scenario B)

    o PLC with C co-processor module running special software (Scenario C)

    Scenario A (typically takes 6-8 months to develop)

    o A team software engineers with extensive knowledge of SECS/GEM is needed

    o Each customer would require custom code to meet the specific needs of each

    Scenario B (typically takes 3