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  • Football Quiz How many international football teams would know recognize? Download free the game "Football - Quiz" and demonstrates your knowledge of the most famous teams in the world! Surely you know the shields of Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Santos, Corinthians, PSG, Porto, Pumas, Galatasaray, AC Milan, Bayer Munich and River Plate, but, do you recognize the shields of the smaller teams?
  • World Cup Brazil 2014 Puzzle World Cup is the greatest sport event on Earth involving 32 countries and watched by billions of pairs of eyes around the world. Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and become the most favorite sport of all time. Now for those of you.... fans of the World Cup tournament, you can use the World Cup Brazil 2014 Puzzle to enliven the biggest sport party on earth. Select the image of your favorite national football team from our gallery and make your favorite team as wallpaper on your gadget if you successfully completed each puzzle.
  • Real Football Quiz Footballers and clubs! You see them everywhere. On newspapers, in magazines and up on the big screen. You'd know that lethal strikes, killer looks, dashing dribbles and charming personality anywhere... Or would you? Think you know your Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, your Leo Messi from Barcelona? Nows the time to test your knowledge of clubs and famous footballers with Real Football Quiz! And if youre already playing Logo Quiz, youll love Real Football Quiz.
  • WORLD CUP QUIZ 2014 online Highscores. 3 different games (Quizgame / Speedchallenge / Levels). 3 difficulty levels
  • World Cup 2014 Logo Puzzle The World Cup 2014 edition of logo puzzle quiz! Do you love logo quiz, soccer and puzzles? Then you will also love our World Cup 2014 edition. A relaxing puzzle game with the logos of the 32 qualified countries who will participate in the World Cup Brazil. The 32 logos are their national soccer team badges. Do you recognize all the team logos?
  • Soccer Players Quiz PRO 2014 How many soccer players do you know? In this game you can show us! You will find the best soccer players and trainers in the world.
  • Football World Cup Quiz Cant wait for the Football World Cup in Brazil begins in 2014? Play this quiz game alone or challenge your friends in the history of FIFA World Cup. Play it with your friends during half time and see who knows the most about the World Cups in football. The questions are about results, statistics, programme, schedule, squads and the famous football players you see in Champions League.
  • Football Players Club Quiz Players Quiz is a great Football game about players and clubs they play in. Guess the Club in which the given player plays. If you are a Football fan and want to test your knowledge or learn something new, this is the perfect game for you!
  • Football Quiz World Challenge Football quiz: World challenge! You love football? Enjoy playing Football Quiz: World challenge! NEW logo quiz for millions of football fans! This is the brilliant opportunity to test yourself and improve your knowledges about football logos. This quiz contains huge number of football logos (clubs and national teams) from ALL OVER THE WORLD.
  • Quiz Flags Logo Learn the countries flags and capitals in a quiz form. Guess the name of hundreds of countries by its flag! How many questions can you answer???