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lesson plan and rubric for grissaille still life painting

Transcript of Rubric LP Still Life Painting

DP 1: Unit 5 Transition from Drawing to Painting Lesson: Grisaille Still Life Painting Project Objectives: Create an acrylic painting of a still life with the following: An understanding of acrylic painting techniques A composition based on visual movement and thumbnail planning Using value to create form Demonstrate an understanding of perspective set through sight lines and measurements. Project Materials: Acrylic paint; brushes; canvas; gesso; still life objects Main Project Directions: 1. Create a value scale and sphere to learn how to use acrylic paint. 2. Make a detailed thumbnail to plan your composition with visual movement. 3. On a canvas board, light draw in charcoal the still life from your thumbnail. Use sightlines and measurements to help draw the still life prior to painting. 4. Set the 0 and 9 values according to the still life. Begin painting by lightly underpainting the darkest areas. 5. Begin modeling the elements of the still life by using black and white paint and retarder to help keep the acrylic paint from drying too quickly. 6. Use the large flat brushes for the larger areas. To make details, use the pointed round.

20 points each**, 100 points total Student Teacher 1. 2. 3. 4. How well did you use value to give form to the objects of the still life? Does your painting show good painting techniques? Did you create a composition with a strong sense of visual movement? Does your work demonstrate a strong understanding of how to use sight lines and units of measures in your drawing of the still life objects prior to painting? How much effort went into the craftsmanship of the project? Did you go the extra mile?


TOTAL ** 20-18=Advanced; 17-16=Proficient; 15-14=Emerging; 13-0=Unsatisfactory