RPO: Does it Make Sense for Your Organization? The True ROI

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RPO Or Not?

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Presentation from the ERE Expo Fall 2012, presented by Shanil Kaderali

Transcript of RPO: Does it Make Sense for Your Organization? The True ROI

  • 1. RPO Or Not?

2. INTRODUCTIONS h a n i l Ka d e r a l i S r D i r e c to r, Ta l e n t A c q u i s i t i o n , K n ow l e d g e U n i ve r s e Re c r u i t m e n t S t r a te g y & M a n a g e m e n t r o l e s w i t h C i s c o S y s te m s , We l l Po i n t Developed internal models growing teams from 0 to 50+ recruiters for high volume and complexhiring (high tech and health care)Wo r ke d w i t h i n R P O H y r i a n Managed Talent Sourcing for United Health Group 14,000 hires/year Managed clients like Kaiser, Disney Interactive GroupI m p l e m e n te d R P O m o d e l a t We l l Po i n t fo r a p p r ox 2 - 3 K j o b s / ye a rK n ow l e d g e U n i ve r s e L a r g e s t e m p l oye r o f e a r l y c h i l d h o o d e d u c a t i o n n a t i o nw i d e 3 0 0 , 0 0 0 s t u d e n t s P r i va te Po r t fo l i o C o m p a ny M u l t i p l e b r a n d s K i n d e r C a r e , C h a m p i o n s , C C LC $ 3 B ; 3 3 , 0 0 0 e m p l oye e s ; 17 0 0 + C e n te r s i n U S G l o b a l d i v i s i o n fo c u s e s o n K - 1 2 , C o l l e g e . H Q i s S i n g a p o r e 1 3 , 0 0 0 h i r e s / ye a r i n U S2 3. IMPACTING YOUR BUSINESS WITH EFFECTIVERECRUITMENT: WHICH IS BETTER? RPO VS.INTERNAL?Realize GreaterBusiness Impact Increased New Hire Effective ProductivityRecruiting Improved EmployeeBUSINESS IMPACTIncreased Candidate Engagement Quality Efficient Greater Revenue &Recruiting Improved HiringProfitabilityManager ExperienceIncrease ConsistencyEnhanced Selection ProcessReduce Time-to-Fill Reduce CostTIME4 4. RPO PROVIDER LANDSCAPE Originally RPO was .. RecruitmentStaffing Search Today RPO has evolved into an end to end solution..Strategy & Assessment Pre- Sourcing Screening TestingInterviewing EmploymentHiringOfferOn Processes Package Boarding Supported byCandidatewith metrics ApplicantRequisitionSystems TrackingDataIntegration that affect CriticalManagement ManagementService Levels 5 5. RPO PROVIDER LANDSCAPE Legacy Temp StaffingOrganizations > Spherion HRO Providers > Kelly HR First > *IBM > Momentum Volt> Aon Hewitt > ManPowerrs O provide > CDISubcontr acting HRalsin RPO dePure RPO Origins> The Right Thing (ADP)> Pinstripe Specialty/Search Firms > FutureStepEntering the NA Mkt> Hudson> Talent 2 (Asia)> Alexandar Mann (Europe) 6 6. IN-HOUSE MODEL Blend of internal recruiters, sourcers and coordinators to fill hiring needs Based on current model and lack of technology, initial investment in staff could be approximately 45 resources for 12,000 teachers Staffing would require 3 mos. Technology investment and implementation would require min 6-9 months for enterprise system Does TA have leverage for economies of scale regarding job board postings investment? Hiring teachers can (and should) be a source of competitive advantage which may occur within internal Internal recruiters learn the culture Internal models provide more control Internal model has demonstrated good understanding of culture 7 7. WHAT MODEL TO USE?VSInternal Model vs RPO Model Full Time Sourcing Employees as part of Recruitment organization or Outsourcing it to a vendor (ex, Right Thing, Aon,Pinstripe, etc) Internal model works well for Senior level positions (Apple, WLP, etc) - This model generally has the recruiter as mainPOC for hiring manager and managing the various recruitment processes RPO works very well for high volume positions (Call Centers, etc) Heres a SECRET: You can do both! Blended Models work the best for overall needs8 8. CASE STUDIES RPO has become much more sophisticated in last 5 years with advancements in sourcing,technology and globalization RPO Examples Wall Mart reduced