Rough Snowboards 12/14

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We created ROUGH Snowboards in 2002 and since then we have grow a lot together. We are all snowboarders and all friends, we all put our best into ROUGH snowboards. Since day one, our goal was to create something snowboarders would really love because it would satisfy their needs and tastes. Well, actually we are not that smart. After starting a snowboard company we realized there is a lot of work to be done to keep things going on, and it's not so easy to do it while all our friends are on the mountains shredding powder. Anyway not everyone can play the cool guys role, some smart guys are needed and we are proud of our choice.

Transcript of Rough Snowboards 12/14



  • The Foundation is the most accessible and easy board of our collection, but it still has a very distinctive character, which we have graphically illustrated for this season in a strong way. The Foundation is soft and comfortable like a fur coat, but still strong and wild like the beasts represented on it. The Anti-shock Woodcore construction makes the boards from this series indestructible even in tough terrains like in the street and dome. The sha-pe is Mid-wide with single radius in-verted camber and Hammer Head.

    FLEX: 2

    149 cm 142 cm 145 cm 152 cm 155 cm


  • For the second consecutive season the Revolution boards have been de-signed by three independent artists. To us at Rough Snowboards the Re-volution is the perfect board to shred freely and to express yourself with your style and tricks on any terrain. The freedom we give the artists that develop the graphic designs of the Re-volution series boards represents this same freedom of expression. Medium flex and no compromise Mid-wide shape with deep side cut, these bo-ards are very aggressive despite their deep rocker giving them the typical ROUGH snowboards feel and ride.

    FLEX: 3

    151 cm 153 cm 155 cm


  • The Experimentation series boards, represent the top-of-line ROU-GH snowboards, with unique con-struction features. They are dedicated to snowboarders looking for a board that can deal with any kind of snow andall types of terrain, from frozen pipes to deep powder runs. We like to experiment new technologies in order to reach higher performan-ce levels. The profile of the Rough Cut Edge allows an incredible edge hold even on the most icy pipe wal-ls, while the Bamboo side walls and the Hem Pop strips give flex cha-racteristics that only a drug can do.

    FLEX: 6

    153 cm 147 cm 150 cm 155 cm 158 cm


  • 148 cm 151 cm 154 cm

    During the 2012-13 season, Fredu Sirvio has been the first big name to join our Team, therefore the very first pro-model of Rough snowboards history ould only be his. When we met Fredu, we rena-med him The Finnish Rail Reaper so for his pro-model he requested the Rea-per to be on it. The result is a board that is Just Killing it! Besides the graphic Fredu has also guide the technical de-velopment, adapting the construction and features according to his preference and riding style. We therefore develo-ped with him the Damn Flat Camber, the Bootleg Woodcore with POP Snap-per inserts, and the Skinny Ass Shape.

    FLEX: 3

  • 95 - 105 - 115 - 125 - 135 - 140 - 142 cm

    Kids are awesome, as soon as you put them on a board, they start shredding immediately. We have been wanting to produce a kid board for quite a while, and this season we have managed to realize it.We have developed the boards with particular attention to giving them a flex that was suited to their weight, ad that could let them do everything they would like to do as grown-ups like ollies and presses. To facilitate as much as possible the manoeuvrability of the board, hence making the lear-ning process much quicker and safer, we created the Barefeel Rocker whi-ch combines our Inverted camber to the Balance Base. Together Inverted camber and the Balance Base make the riding of the board super intuitive, a real toy to play for tomorrows pros.

    FLEX: 1



  • 151 cm - 154 cm

    The Garbage is the board to bomb the park! Solid wood construction with True Wood Core to resist any abuse, Double Kink Rocker for quicker weight shifts in ollies and presses, Popsicle inserts for hi-gher snaps and outrageously stylish design. Agile on any park feature, suitable for riders looking forma-ximum manoeuvrability but and at the same time, stability and support in the most challengingmanoeuvres.

    FLEX: 4



  • 150 - 153 cm

    Rough and Bastard are both united by the pas-sion for skateboarding and their independent filosophies. Bastard saw in Rough the skate sty-le that first made them fall in love with snow-boarding. We helped them create a clothing range designed specifically for urban riding, with rough designs and extra comfortable fits.

    * Images of clothing range might not fit exactly with final product. For final images and more information on the collaboration please contact [email protected]

    FLEX: 2

    At Rough we like to exchange ideas with people that share our passion and experiences, and we also like to work side by side with new people. During the past season we had the privilege to meet the guys at Bastard, and from our rendezvous, a lot of ideas came up which resulted in a double collabora-tion with them. Rough has created a snowboard while Bastard an apparel collection which go under the name UNITED series. Since Bastards close ties with the skate culture scene, we de-cided to make a board that would look as much as possible like a skateboard. The graphics are concentrated on the base and its design was done none other than one of the greatest Skate culture related artists of all time Todd Bratrud.

  • hOCKEy hOODIE(Tall Fit) (AF.03.13)

    KILLIN IT hOODIE(Regular Fit) (AF.05.13)

    COLLEgE hOODIE(Womens Dress Fit) (AF.09.13)

    BASEBALL hOODIE(Womens Regular Fit) (AF.08.13)

    BASEBALL hOODIE(Regular Fit) (AF.04.13)

    TEAM hOODIE(Tall Fit) (AF.02.13)

    SCRIPT hOODIE(Tall Fit) (AF.01.13)

    hOCKEy TEE(Tall Fit) (AT.03.13)

    BASEBALL TEE(Regular Fit) (AT.04.13)

    SCRIPT TEE(Tall Fit) (AT.01.13)

    COLLEgE SwEATER(Regular Fit) (AF.06.13)

    KILLIN IT TEE(Regular Fit) (AT.05.13)

    TEAM RAgLAN(3/4 Raglan Tee) (AT.06.13)

    COLLEgE TEE(Regular Fit) (AT.02.13)

    SCRIPT LONg TEE(Womens Regular Fit) (AF.07.13)

    DIy BEANIE(Two Face Beanie) (AH.01.13)

    LOgO BELT(100% Leather) (AA.01.13)

    LOgO BELT(100% Leather) (AA.01.13)

  • INVERTED CAMBERSimple as it is effective. A barely hinted arc of circumference extends along the whole length of the board up until the tips. Combined with the mid-wide shape is the best compro-mise between manoeuvrability and stability. *find this tech on Founda-tion Series, United Series.

    PURE ROCKERThe same concept our Inverted Camber, single radius Rocker with a more accentuated profile, combined with deeper side cut , for the most demanding Park and Freestyle ri-ders. *find this tech on Revolution Series.

    DOUBLE KINK CAMBERFlat between binding inserts, rocks out towards the tips. The Double Kink Camber is designed to lock ea-sily and solidly on rails and presses. *find this tech on Garbage Series.

    STEEP KINK ROCKERSimilar to Double kink Camber this rocker has shorter flat segment in the dead centre of the board and ste-eper rockers towards the tips. Than-ks to our Rough Cut Edges increa-sed grip ability to perform on any type of snow, we decided we could go even more radical on our rocker profile. *find this tech on Experi-mentation Series.

    DAMN FLAT CAMBERPerfectly flat base extending from the tip to the tails contact points, the best compromise between agility and stability . Fredu Sirvio requested this type of profile for his pro model. *find this tech on Signature Series.

    BAREFEEL ROCKERDeveloped specifically for the bo-ard series designed for the younger groms, the Barefeel Rocker consists of a convex base profile, which we refer to as Balance Base, combined to our Inverted camber. The Balance base facilitates the weight tranfer from one edge to the other, and minimises edge catches, while the inverted cam-ber makes it all more fun. With the Barefeel Rocker moving on the snow will be like going barefoot. *find this tech on Signature Kid Series.

    hAMMER hEADThe slightly squared Hammer Head Construction has a double practical functionality: to increase tips stren-gth on impacts, and a few centime-ters on where they are not strictly needed, thus saving on overall wei-ght. *find this tech on Foundation Series, United Series.

    TRUE TwINPerfectly symmetrical boards and centered stance. Same performance riding forward or switch. *find this tech on Foundation Series, Revolu-tion Series, Experimentatio Series,Mini Signature.

    MID-wIDE ShAPEBit wider than standard boards to better clear toe drag and increase stability in street riding and jibbing. *find this tech on Foundation Se-ries, Revolution Series.

    SKATE KICKSSkate style tips that steeply angle up at the contact points to help hold ef-fortlessly those presses in style. *find this tech on Garbage Series.

    SKINNy ASS ShAPESlightly less width to help you out with fast and technical tricks. *find this tech on Signature Series.

    ROUgh CUT EDgETraditionally edge profile is a seg-ment of a single radius. Our Rough Cut Edge, has a 6 wave profile, which in fact triplicates the contact points between the boards edge and the snow. This means added grip on any snow condition, increased stability out of kickers and in the icy pipe walls. *find this tech on Experimen-tation Series.

    SKATE TIPSSkate inspired nose and tail shape for skating the snow! *find this tech on United Series.

    ANTIShOCK wOODCOREThe secret lies in the resin! Our An-tishock Wood Core is a composite of Siberian spruce wood and a specially formulated low density resin. The end result is a soft and uniform buttery flex with unparalleled and above standard resistance to hits and stress compared to c