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Transcript of Roots & Routes - Introduction to Islandora

  • 1. Roots & Routes - 2014 Kirsta Stapelfeldt Coordinator, USTC Librarys Digital Scholarship Unit Introduction to

2. Workshop Outline Logging into the Islandora Sandbox Islandoras Architecture and Goals Adding content to Islandora Resources for working with Islandora 3. Navigate here for access to a live installation of basic Islandora. 4. Login here 5. Youre logged in as an administrator 6. Click Islandora Repository 7. Content Types supported by Islandora 8. Islandora is a suite of Drupal Modules 9. Drupal is... open Content Management Framework software maintained and developed by 630,000+ users and developers. endlessly customizable via Modules - functional plugins that either come with drupal or are developed by the community. 10. Drupal is... the "website" side of Islandora. Non-repo pages, menus, site theme, users - These are all managed by Drupal. 11. 12. 13. 14. Islandora uses Drupal, but provides additional features 15. Click on the Book Collection 16. A thumbnail image represents the book cover. Click it. 17. the Internet Archives book reader 18. Open Seadragon Image Viewer 19. Drupal is only part of the architecture 20. Select the manage tab 21. the book object, which is comprised of datastreams - this package of content is FedoraCommons 22. FedoraCommons is... a general-purpose, open-source digital object repository system. originally developed by researchers at Cornell University as an architecture for storing, managing, and accessing digital content in the form of digital objects. 23. FedoraCommons is... a unique content and relationship modeling framework that preserves the integrity of collections and can be modified to manage any digital asset. the storage layer of Islandora. Objects ingested into and managed with Islandora are stored in a Fedora repository - not in Drupal. Why is FedoraCommons important? 24. Select the MODS hyperlink 25. Other Types of Metadata Provenance: who owns this? Where did it come from? Who has touched it? Technical: What is needed to render, interact with and use the digital object? Rights management: What intellectual property rights must be observed? 26. RDF or Relationship metadata allows for the creation of graph-like data structures 27. Short break? 28. 29. From a book, select pages 30. click on an image thumbnail to access a single page 31. Select manage 32. Select datastreams (the theme makes it a little hard) 33. Multiple datastreams make up each page 34. Security Access control for people - multiple roles, with permissions written to the datastream level. Versioning for datastreams (so that any error can be removed) 35. Can be extended Because it is open source, it can be modified by a developer for additional functions & themed to suit a specific community. Metadata that contains dates or geographic coordinates can be indexed and rendered in maps and timelines 36. Add something to Islandora Add a simple image to Islandora 37. go to google images and grab an image of .jpeg, .png, or .gif type 38. Navigate to basic image collection 39. Select manage tab 40. Select Add an object to this Collection 41. If you had a library catalogue record, you could upload it here. Just select next 42. Type a title for your image Then scroll down & select next 43. Choose and upload the file that you just saved Then select Ingest 44. Image appears with a message that the object has been ingested 45. Selecting the Manage tab, and datastreams will show you all the files that have been created. 46. Search & Indexing 47. Simple search for Prince 48. Solr: Open-source searching platform Fast and flexible search powering numerous sites with different data Netflix Internet Archive the Smithsonian Instagram eHarmony JSTOR reddit Public Library of Science 49. Multiple options to configure advanced search 50. What have we covered? Logging into the Islandora Sandbox Islandoras Architecture and Goals Adding content to Islandora Resources for working with Islandora 51. 52. Go to your library or ITS department to see if you can get support. Thanks for listening to me! 53. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.