Roof Painting, Cleaning & Metal Roofing Sydney

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Transcript of Roof Painting, Cleaning & Metal Roofing Sydney

  1. 1. Roof painting means replacing andimproving an old and damaged roof.
  2. 2. A good roof is one of the most important aspects of ourhouse.It takes up a large proportion of the exterior and thereforeplays a crucial role in terms of the appearance of ourhome.
  3. 3. Things to Remember Most roofs are ignored byowners because they are out ofsight The roof is the most importantpart of any structure and it ischeaper to maintain it thanreplace it Roof maintenance by anuntrained person can causeserious damage to the individualand the roof The roof should be inspected,repaired and painted at leastevery 10 years Make sure that your ladder isplaced on a solid surface. Always wear gloves.
  4. 4. Re-pointing your ridgecaps makes them safe inhigh winds and violentweather It protects it from U.Vrays Improves the qualityand purity of water run-off will increase the beautyof our house.
  5. 5. For more details visit this site