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Social Media play an increasingly important role in modern communication. This presentation shows the role these channels play in creating ambassadors for the space exploration story.

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  • @timmermansr #SSP14 The Role of Social Media in Space #SSP14 Alumni Conference 12 July 2014
  • @timmermansr #SSP14
  • @timmermansr #SSP14
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Social Media are a waste of time!
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 WAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Boring definitions Social media is digital content and interaction that is created by and between people. Sam Decker Mass Relevance Social media broadly defined consists of any online platform or channel for user generated content. Joe Cothrel Lithium Technologies, Inc.
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Social media are about SOCIAL more than about MEDIA
  • @timmermansr #SSP14Source: John Zahn
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 2009: first tweet from space
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 2014: NASA Social Media 6.9 million followers 3.6 million page followers 300 million+ views 32 channels 900,000 subscribers 187 million views 800,000 followers 6,800 photos 18 TV channels, always live! 600,000 followers 19,000 followers
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 So how does it work?
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Social Media Strategy Why Social Media? strategy, objectives How will I use it? content, audience What will I use? channels
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 @NASASocial Photo credit: NASAphoto credit: NASA/Bill Ingals Brand ambassadors for life, 100 at a time Follow Tip!
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  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Measuring your impact
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Measuring your impact
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Not much happens Alumni start arriving Astronaut Panel Alumni Activities
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 SSP13 SSP13 SSP13 SSP12 SSP14 SSP13
  • @timmermansr #SSP14 Summary Social Media are the new Mass Media Social Media are about SOCIAL interaction Social Media require a strategy Social Media can be accurately measured Social Media use the power of ambassadors Social Media are perfect for Space Outreach!
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