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2. purpose Showcasing our product offerings and leadership in the PPM space and proving it. 3. about usSoftwareDevelopers ProfessionalClarity ServiceProviders Setting newIndustry Standards Our mission is to maximizeSpecialistsenterprise productivity and performance via innovative Clarity PPMIT products and solutions. MS SharePointProductsCustomization& Enterprise dataIntegrations & SolutionsMigrationsWith no dataload limits and the types of data that canbe integrated.The Next Generationof Enterprise Application IntegrationExpert Service Providers(EAI) tools.Who utilize the IB suite on the job, saving youconsiderable billable time while driving companyproductivity and performance. 4. The IB3 is our flagship product of the IB suite. A versatile desktop application thatmaximizes enterprise ROI when it comes to data integrations to and from your applications.VersatilityThe PPM Excel Interface enables users to extract all data in Clarity directly into anExcel document, thus allowing mass editing and re-submitting of all the data inclusiveof edits back into Clarity, all with the click of a few buttons. Completely flexible and configurable for custom objects and attributes. No limit to what data can be loaded/retrieved via our PPM Excel Interface. Next TheDramatically less click thrus via Microsoft Excels drag & drop and sortingGeneration of Enterprise functionality.ApplicationIntegration (EAI) tools. 5. The leftis finallytalkingto theright! 6. ROI: mB3 & PPM Excel Interface progres85%reductions s pinpoint dataacross the board up toup to80% issues 75% 90%faster faster less updates clicks 3 thats over 10 000 clicks! ! UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCTIVITY this tool is 85%85% completely flexible and configurable for2 with a weekly allocation in Clarityless stepsrequiredless time requiredto build yourmigrationscustom objectsand attributes1 5 projects, 2 years long each, with 20 resources through its life cycleto push yourenvironments100% automated100%XOG85%functionality Guaranteed software customer less money training support feedback reports required to successfullyexecute also 1state that PMs are impressed by therealizeClickproductivity gains used as anMIGRATIONS and how the users your Archive fully automated quickly adopted ROI Mechanismthe tool 7. 8. introducing 9. Companies find themselves simply unable to getdata out of their numerous systems -- Too much,too little or too late is often the case.Power Data 360 bridges the gap between allyour apps and delivers the right data at theright time to the right people. 10. Mobile Devices Any BI tools supporting XML data 11. clients the proof is found in our customers success IT-ROI Solutions is pleased to work with a wide range of major international companies, helping each of them increase their IT-ROI and decrease uncertainty. A small sample of our current and recent customers. 12. contact Christopher Claunch (VP of Sales & Marketing) (954) 518 3330 x 104 [email protected]