Rock LinkedIn - from an All-Star profile to lead generation

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Milena Regos Out&About Marketing
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Use this LinkedIn presentation to dial in your LinkedIn profile and get the most out of LinkedIn features to grow your community, connect with your contacts and start generating leads and sales

Transcript of Rock LinkedIn - from an All-Star profile to lead generation

  • 1.Milena Regos Out&About Marketing

2. Agenda Why LinkedIn? How to rock LinkedIn with an All - Star prole How to grow your community How to get found Best practices Lead generation and sales on LinkedIn 2 3. Award winning marketing professional with 19 years of traditional and digital experience in B2C and B2B. Founder/Principal Out&About Marketing, digital marketing and social media consultancy focusing on results. Frequent speaker on marketing and social media. Past appearances include American Institute of Floral Designers, American Marketing Association, 1-800-Flowers and more. Skier, paddleboarder, mountain biker, yogi. On LinkedIn since the beginning - 2003. About Me 3 4. 4Source:LinkedIn 5. LinkedIn Visualized 5 6. 6 LinkedIn Google Trend 7. 7Source: 8. 8Source: 9. 9Source: 10. 10Source: 11. 11Source: 12. 90% of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldnt get anywhere else. 12Source: Society for new communications research, US 2010 13. LinkedIn Members 200 million worldwide users Average age 44 2x more buying power than Facebook and Twitter 41% Household income of $100K+ 13.5M business decision makers 52% college grad or post grad Company pages 2.8 million+ Groups 1.7 million+ Sources: 1)comScore US 9/2012; 2) LinkedIn 3) comScore US Plan Metrix 4)comScore US Plan Metrix 12/201213 14. What do people do on social networks? Personal Networks Professional Networks Socialize Maintain professional identity Stay in touch Make useful contacts Be entertained Search for opportunities Kill time Stay in touch Share content Keep up to date for career Spend time Invest time 26% more interested in receiving updates from brands Source: LinkedIn 14 15. 25% penetration in the U.S. 15Source: SocialBakers 16. 16Source:LinkedIn 17. 17Source:LinkedIn 18. 18Source:LinkedIn 19. 5 elements for a compelling headline 1. Showcase your specialty, value proposition, or your so what 2. Speak directly to your audience 3. Be specic 4. Use the important keywords 5. Be creative 19Source: 20. 20Source:LinkedIn 21. 21 3. Set your public prole URL Include in signature and business correspondence 22. 22 4. Customize your websites and links. Add Calls to Action: download paper, complete survey, read blog, etc. 23. 23 5. Use the Summary to Show and Tell Company Background Passion CTA 24. 24 6. Update current and 2 past positions. Get recommendations and show your successes. 25. 25 7. Showcase your education 26. 26 8. Connect with people from your school 27. 27 9. Showcase your publications 28. 28 10. Give and Get Recommendations 29. Write endorsements and recommendations 29 30. 30 11.Add your skills and experience. Give and get endorsements. proles with endorsements have 4 times better visibility than those without Source: LinkedIn 31. 12.Add contacts to improve your visibility 31 32. 32Source:LinkedIn 33. Improve your connectability Complete the interests and groups and associations sections, past companies, alumni 33 34. 34 Become an All-Star Upload a professional photo Create a compelling headline Complete your summary Fill out your previous positions Fill out your skills Education and experience Get endorsements and recommendations Grow your network to 500+ 35. 35 Get found on LinkedIn - use keywords and phrases specically in: 1. Headline 2. Current and past positions 3. Summary Statement 36. Linkedin Guidelines 36 Be real Be professional Be nice Respect others rights and follow the law Respect LinkedIns Rights Source: LinkedIn 37. NEVER send out a blank invitation to connect 37 Use custom invite text unless you know the person really, really well. 38. Your network is gold 38Source: 39. To grow your network Connect with direct contacts rst Add contacts from business meetings, network events, trade shows, mixers, email, etc. Add previous colleagues and classmates Join groups and participate 39 40. Find 4-5 groups that interest you 40 41. Use search to nd background information on people and companies before connecting 41 42. In sales its not about what you know but who you know Source: 42 43. Source: 43 44. Source: 44 45. Source: 45 46. Suggested time spent on LinkedIn 20 minutes per day 4 days per week Doing 5 things: Updating status message Write endorsements/recommendations Respond to messages Clean inbox Prospecting for business or direct reachouts to achieve business goals 46 47. Questions? Milena Regos Out&About Marketing [email protected] Twitter: @milenaregos All images are credit of CreativeCommons unless indicated otherwise. 47