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Chapter 23: Last Trip AbroadBy Lyzah-Nicole C. Bati

ObjectivesWithin 15 minutes of lecture time, the student/learner shall be able to:

Identify the nationwide events in the Philippines that occurred during Rizals last trip abroadRelate the Historical Philippine Revolution events to the uprising of Rizals doom Compare and contrast the culture of Rizals time to the present

Rizal was no longer in exile so he had a

pleasant trip from Dapitan to Manila He missed the Isla de Luzon going to Spain Kept as a guest on Spanish cruiser Castilla Meanwhile, Andres Bonifacio and Katipunan raised the cry of revolution in Balintawak Rizal then left for Spain on the Isla de Panay on September 3, 1896

From Dapitan to Manila He left midnight July 31, 1896 on aboard the

Espana 1st stop was Dumaguete (capital of negros oriental) he described it as "on a beach, with iron roofings" he liked one lady's house & another house w/ ipil posts

From Dapitan to Manila in Dumaguete, Rizal visited Herrero Regidor

(friend, former classmate, and judge of the province) he also visted the Periquet and Rufina families he operated on a Spanish captain of the Guardia Civil


From Dapitan to Manila Dumaguete to Cebu Rizal called Cebu "beautiful" He went to house of Atty. Mateos where he

met a familiar couple he met way back in Madrid He performed 2 strabotomy operations: one ear & one tumor

StrabotomySurgical incision of a muscle or tendon of the eye to correct strabismus

From Dapitan to ManilaCebu to Iloilo On the way, Rizal saw the island of Mactan Magellan vs. LapuLapu

He went shopping He visited Molo church w/ paintings by Gustave Dore

Island of MactanHistorical site where Lapu-Lapu resisted against Magellan

Rizal Misses Ship going to SpainRizal missed the Isla de Luzon for Spain He requested to be isolated except from family So he stayed on a Spanish cruiser Castilla for 1 month by order of Governor General Ramon Blanco Enrique Santalo: accommodating captain of the Castilla

Outbreak of the Philippine RevolutionFray Mariano GilAgustinian cura (name of a divine figure whose name means "Care" or "Concern" in Latin) of Tondo Discovered Katipunan (Association) plot to over throw Spanish rule


Outbreak of the Philippine RevolutionKatipunan plot was aggravated by Cry of Balintawak raised by Bonifacio & Katipuneros on Aug. 16, 1896. Aug. 30: Bonifiacio & Jacinto attacked San Juan but lost to Spaniards

Governor Gen. Blanco then proclaimed war in Manila, bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Nueva Ecija, & Tarlac

Governor General Blanco

Outbreak of the Philippine RevolutionRizal worried for 2 reasons: Violent revolution would only cause more suffering for the Filipino people Spanish vengeance would arouse against all Filipino patriots

Departure for SpainRizal received two letters of introduction from Governor General Blanco for the Minister of War & the Minister of coloniesMinister of War: General Marcelo de Azcarraga

Rizal also wrote a bon voyage letter addressed to his mother

Departure for SpainRizal transferred to Isla de Panay steamer which would sail to Barcelona

He was with Don Pedro Roxas (rich industrialists and his friend) & his son Periquin

Isla de Panay!

Rizal in SingaporeIsla de Panay arrived Sept 7 Don Pedro & Don Manuel Camus (head of Filipino residents of Singapore) begged Rizal to stay to save his life Rizal refused b/c he honored governor General Blanco


Victim of Spanish DuplicityGovernor Blanco was a BIG


Governor Blanco was conspiring w/ Minister of War & Colonies to destruct RizalRizal was as gullible as Sultan Zaide

Rizal didnt know that during his trip, Gov. Blanco & MOW were exchanging telegrams for his arrest in Barcelona as a deportee and kept under surveillance

Rizal Arrested Before Reaching BarcelonaRizal was still aboard the Islad de Panay towards Barcelona

He saw Isla de Luzon leaving Suez Canal filled w/ Spanish troopsHe heard frm passengers that Francisco Roxas, Genato & Osorio were excuted

Rizal Arrested Before Reaching BarcelonaA passenger told Rizal that he would be arrested by Spanish officials under the sly Govenor General Blanco Rizal was so MAD! Rizal followed Captain Alemanys advice to stay inside his cabin

Arrival in Barcelona as a PrisonerSteamer anchored in Malta He stayed in his cabin for 3 days His jailor changed to General Eulogio Despujol (the one who order his banishment to Dapitan)

After waiting, General Despujol interviewed Rizal for an hourRizal was shipped back to Manila aboard the ship Colon full of soldiers & their families

General Eulogio Despujol

SOURCES:Zaide, G. & Zaide, S. (2011) Jose Rizal: life works, and writings of a genius, writer, scientist, and national hero (2nd ed). All-Nations: Quezon City, Philippines http://lapulapu.weebly.com/ http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Cry_of_Pugad_Lawin

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