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RiteTag is the only tool that helps you identify hashtags - for multiple social networks - based on words, not necessarily hashtag and schedule posts with thems. Interactive RiteTag Reports show content that has gone out recently with a suggested hashtag, influencers using the hashtag, how many times, and when the hashtag is used the most. From these hints, decide which hashtags to use, save them as a Tag Set or use with your content immediately. With RiteTag, we curate content, aggregate, use the content discovered in RiteTag (with full attribution to original content sharer) where we wish. RiteTaggers curate content into Collections, move content around, scrape from many social networks, and save it for reference or copy and paste - with proper, built-in attribution of the original content creator - for aggregation into a multi-author article. Share content from Ritetag easily Lastly, you can buff up the tags on other peoples' content and share content - directly to your own accounts in many social networks, directly from RiteTag. Finally, I always like to take challenges: what topic-followers do you need to reach? Hit Saul Fleischman (me) up in Google+, and I'll gladly screenshare RiteTag, and show you what I would do to get your message to those not even following you.

Transcript of RiteTag hashtag search, optimization & evidence it pays

  • RiteTag Hashtag Optimization Using what works: for retweets, favorites, link clicks and comprehensive social media optimization Saul Fleischman, RiteTag Founder
  • Scheduling + smart-tagging = #SMO Social media optimization Its about reaching more of your followers and then, its about #reachbeyondyourfollowers
  • You know what youre talking about / RiteTag guides you to tags that are most likely to be searched & tracked. Search RiteTag A.I. from any word/words/hashtag/brand/name to see the who, what, when, and how many times a hashtag has been used recently. Use tags that are in play.
  • Tag Optimizer: 3 sources of hashtags from topics or tags. Choosing from tags that got be the best results to-date: My top-performing
  • Hashtag sources and hashtag types I use Brand tags, top performers, and super-relevant hashtags RiteTag A.I.: get tags used with topic(s) Tag Sets - save groups of tags that have worked. Brand/blog name/campaign or event: use a hashtag of this sort to be sure your tweet/post is findable for what you have going on. http://ritetag.com
  • URLs get shortened - so we can track what each tweet and each of your uses of a hashtag actually gets you.
  • One-click hashtag optimization! Here, I take #CMO the pink line, indicating reach is short, but relevancy is perfect, so Im using it.
  • RiteTag A.I. is always learning When you find no recent use for a tag with your query word(s), the tag will get pushed down in results. Of course, you can learn from the Standalone use of the hashtag; it might be good!
  • RiteTag A.I. results: all the info you need to choose the right tag For each hashtag that ranks and is suggested in A.I. results, youll see: hashtags used the most in posts together with your searched term(s). latest real-time posts with the suggested tags - standalone use. Main influencers (top users) of the hashtag.
  • Standalone: how a hashtag is used, in general (with and without your query term) - real time results! Standalone use, use with & influencers: All the data you need to wisely select hashtags for a post/topic
  • Stats: dont just study, Tag Bag! Your Stats on times youve used a hashtag, link clicks, retweets/shares and more - all of this is in My topperforming, but from Stats, click any hashtag to save a Tag Set from the Tag Bag. Tag Sets are a tab in Tag Optimizer for fast access.
  • Before Tag Optimizing with RiteTag browser extensions Go to Settings, and set your range of hours, interval between posts, etc. - then, auto-schedule away!
  • Tag Optimize from any page on the web - with the easyinstall browser buttons
  • What do I get for my smart-tagging? I share to Twitter from several sites; the lions share of my retweets and link-clicks are on my RiteTagged tweets.
  • What $9/month* gets you unlimited RiteTag A.I. searches, tag black-listing, real-time standalone data, hashtag influencers, instances count unlimited Tag Sets, 30 days rich Stats - tracking every tweet you RiteTag, every hashtag used in a tweet/schedule from RiteTag unlimited Scheduled post editing 20 interactive RiteTag Reports/month - industry leader! 50 tweets/custom schedules/auto-schedules PER DAY. Chrome & Firefox extensions - just click your name, pull down to grab. Android app - included at no cost. * based on annualized fee.