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  • 1.The Right People on the Bus: Your Core Group Makes All the Difference

2. Importance of Core Teams

  • 88 % of the fastest-growing Church Plants have a trained core team in place prior to public launch.
  • Only 12 % succeeded without having a core team in place.
  • Two biggest reasons for failure: Wrong planter, Mismatched core team

3. Having a team will make you good Having theright people on the teamwill make yougreat . 4.

  • Core group:
  • The nucleus of the future church plant.
  • How do you decide WHO should be part of this nucleus?

Definition 5. Group Question:

  • What are two key characteristics you should look for when selecting your core team members?

6. Step One: Choosing Your Core Team First

  • Share Gods vision for lost people (Strong faith commitment to Mission)
  • Passionate about the shared vision
  • Individuals who are magnets for others
  • Match the Demographic Target
  • Teachable Spirit/Positive thinkers

Anyone you can get!!! 7. Give people time to join the vision! 8. Get to Know Your Core Team

  • Catalysts (those who initiate)
  • Organizers (those who ensure it happens)
  • Operators (those who keep it going)
  • Developers (those who re-vision)

Coach/Train Help Pair Them

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Who are the WORKERS Who Are Your LEADERS 9. Group Question:

  • Give some suggestions for possible sources of core team leaders?

10. Recruiting Your Core Group

  • Pray God will bring the right people to you:
  • Friends
  • People you meet that match the target demographic to be reached.
  • Leaders who are duplicating themselves at church
  • Members who are doing outreach
  • Passionate new members
  • People recommended by other leaders

11. 12. Suggestions for Key Leaders Look for

  • Events Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Treasurer (with a vision for ministry)
  • Communications / PR Director
  • Prayer Team Leader
  • Small Groups Leader
  • Outreach Leader(Coordinates efforts)
  • Worship Leader
  • Music Leader
  • Children s Ministries Leader
  • Leaders for top Key Ministries

MINISTRY LEADERS SUPPORT TEAM 13. Leaders must be developed. Invest 70% of your time in your core team! 14. Group Question:

  • What are some key areas of leadership you need to cover as you look for core team leaders?

15. Fastest Going Church Plants

  • 92 % had at least 3 key ministries in place before they officially launched.
  • 98 % had worship ministries
  • (100% of failing plants had worship service ministry )
  • 96 % had Children Ministries in place before they launched
  • 48.3 % had youth & teen ministries

16. Coaching Questions

  • Around the tables: 5 minutes
  • How did you select your ministry leaders?
  • What leaders are missing from your team?

17. Boyan Levterov Coach/Pastor Crosswalk Fellowship Tel. 214-709-3338 [email_address] Questions