Revolutionary War By: Sam Sadowski Revolutionary War Americans vs. British.

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Revolutionary War Revolutionary War By: Sam Sadowski By: Sam Sadowski Revolutionary War Americans vs. British

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Transcript of Revolutionary War By: Sam Sadowski Revolutionary War Americans vs. British.

  • Revolutionary WarBy: Sam Sadowski

    Revolutionary War Americans vs. British

  • How did the war start? There are different theories of how the war started. But this is the one I found while researching my topic.

    There was a mob of American citizens yelling at a officer and a group of British soldiers. The officer yelled back at the mob but the soldier thought it was a command to shoot and they fired. A few people died including Crispus Attuck the first African American person to die in the war. This event is known as the Boston Massacre.

  • Continued. This made the Americans very angry and planed the event as what we now know as the Boston Tea Party.

    But these 2 events lead to the King of Britain ( King George III ) raising the taxes on stamps ETC. Which the Colonists disliked and the battle of Lexington and Concord accrued.

  • Winter SoldierWinter was the hardest time for a soldier.Soldiers Wore layers and layers of clothing. They wore things called Ice Creepers on there feet witch helped them cross icy surfaces without slipping. They also wore anything they could find like blankets, rags, cloth, coat ETC to keep themselves some what warm. In New Jersey Washingtons army had to build 1200 shelters to fit every one.

  • Lexington and Concord British commander Smith sent 700 troops to take over American guns and ammo. Smith also wanted to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock. The British werent expecting the Americans to be ready and caused them to lose the battle. 90 Americans died or were wounded and 250 British died or were wounded

  • Yorktown The Last Major Battle of the War. 5,500 French soldiers helped the Americans in Rode Island to defeat the British. The Americans took out the 10th column of British soldiers as the French took out the 9th column of British soldiers. Which helped them take 8,000 British soldiers to force a surrender. 100 Americans died or were wounded and 600 British died or were wounded

  • Bunker Hill 1,200 American troops took over Bunker Hill Under the command of William Presscott. After 3 assaults the British took Bunker Hill back in its Control. The British captured the ammunition

    400 Americans died or were wounded and 1000 British died or were wounded.

  • WeaponsThere werent very many weapons in the Revolutionary War. There long range weapon was a Musket. For short range they had pistols, and knives. There artillery were 8 inch wide Cannons that weighed 700 lbs. They used lead bullets in till they ran out then they used whatever they could find.

  • Drummer Boy He told men when to get up, fall into rank, when to eat, fetch water, wood and more with a beat of a drum. In battles drummers beat commands so officers can keep control of there soldiers.

  • Interesting Facts The reason the Americans wore blue is because, Indigo dye came from a popular plant in the south. George Washington did NOT have wooden teeth. Yes he did have fake teeth though but they were dentures 25,700 Americans died and 10,000 British died. But Americans still won.

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