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Transcript of Restore and Revitalize Your Skin's Youthful Vibrance At ... · PDF file Hyaluronic acid is the...

  • "Restore and Revitalize Your Skin's Youthful Vibrance

    At The Cellular Level With This Breakthrough Renewal Serum..."

    “Gently infused into an exotic blend of nature's elements, this is the perfect fusion of nature and Stem Cell science. Witness the emergence of the latest generation of skin care, designed to renew the skin from within. Experience the magic of DermaStem in days and start renewing your skin the way mother nature intended.”

    Here are the details behind this extraordinary formula from the 2 men directly responsible:

    Shakahn: I've always wanted to produce a skin care product with zero chemicals and I mean zero chemicals.

    Christian: The discovery that Shakahn made with the Black Mamaku is really amazing.

    Shakahn: What we've achieved is quite rare and extraordinary, if not truly unique.

    Christian: When I was in New Zealand not too long ago and I had the chance to really look at what this product is and it's fascinating the effect it has on the skin.

    Shakahn: This whole project got started a long time ago, actually 21 years ago. As I was hiking through the forest, I came a across a big branch of a Black Mamaku tree fern that had fallen across my path.

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  • I came back a few hours later and to my astonishment, on the end of the frond, was this hemispherical translucent glob of viscous gel.

    It was just beautiful, it looked like a diamond, with the rays of the sun coming through the forest on it.

    I stuck my tongue out and touched it, dabbed my finger into it, put it onto my face, put it onto my hands and was astounded by the feel of it. It had this luxurious, exquisite, elegant feel to it and when I got home and looked in the mirror, I could see the left hand side of my face was smooth and tighter and the right hand side looks different, and my hand looked different. I thought, this stuff is truly a miracle, I'm really excited by this.

    If I could use this Black Mamaku as the foundation, as the base. Most skin care companies use filtered tap water as 60-85% of the base of their product and they put extracts into this water base. I thought, well what if I used 80% pure Mamaku juice and then went out in the world and found the most extraordinary, most efficacious, high performance actives and incorporate them into the base.

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  • I knew I had to incorporate them into the base and I knew I had to bring this concept to fruition.

    Christian: And we wanted to go and add everything out there that is known to have an effect on the skin. Our approach was a no compromise approach. Everything we know that can really have a great effect on the skin, those stellar ingredients in the world, we wanted to include them and not only include them, but study them for their effect on stem cells. All of these ingredients are known, we're talking about pomegranate, we're talking about Green Tea, Cacao, Moringa, Shea Butter, they're known for their effect on skin, but not their effect on stem cells.

    It's too new in the scientific world. So we wanted to know what is their effect on the skin through stem cells. Our objective was to have an all natural skin care product that is going to tap in the natural ability of the skin to renew itself.

    Shakahn: I've had a lot of experience with natural plant extracts and I knew that it would extremely difficult for me to preserve this into a skin care product without using chemicals and I really take a stand against chemicals. A big stand. No chemicals or I'm not interested.

    Flowers blossom and don't seem to get fungus and moulds or decay and I thought flowers must produce natural anti-microbial bio-chemicals.

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  • My research led me to discover some very potent ones which I was able to extract using a special cold infusion technique along with hydraulic pressing. Conventional botanical extracts use toxic solvents and I knew from day 1, not a single chemical can ever touch any ingredient in this formulation.

    So the techniques that we use retain the life force, the enzymes, the living essence of the flowers, of the leaves, of all the extracts that we use and many of these extracts are very, very, rare and extraordinary ingredients.

    Christian: Additionally, we wanted to have a direct effect on stem cells, so we added, for example a blend of Cytokines. These are molecules, naturally secreted by cells to support the proliferation and the differentiation of new cells -- the natural role of cells in the skin.

    Epidermal growth factor, fibro blast growth factor, we embedded them into nano capsules, so that they preserve, they have a better shelf life and then they penetrate better in the skin and retain their effect better in the skin. We're talking here about the natural signal, we're giving back to the skin it's natural signal for renewal. Then we added another ingredient, which is a derivative of Hyaluronic acid.

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  • Hyaluronic acid is the skeleton of the skin, it's what holds the skin together. When we're young and have youthful skin, Hyaluronic acid is all branched. When it is all branched, it has an amazing ability to retain water, up to 1000 times it's weight.

    As we age, we can still make Hyaluronic acid, but it is less branched. It loses its complexity and henceforth, it's ability to retain water. With less water, the skin gets thinner, it wrinkles faster and gives the appearance of old skin. So, there's a group of scientists, colleagues who found a way to develop these branches of Hyaluronic acid and by applying it in the skin, your skin, as it makes Hyaluronic acid, it can incorporate these branches and restructure Hyaluronic acid as it was before when our skin was younger, so it gives back the skin it's ability to retain moisture and it's youthful appearance.

    And finally Fucoidan which is extracted from sea weed, sea weed has been used for a long time in skin care, so we found a poly saccharide that is having an effect on the skin and giving again this youthful appearance. So we included these in DermaStem.

    So we have this all natural product, stellar ingredients, not designed to make you feel good the moment you put it on your skin, but meant to actually support the natural ability of the skin to renew itself so that by this renewal, this restructuring, it can retain it's own water and get back a truly youthful appearance.

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  • Shakahn: I'm confident that there's nothing but magic in this product. I can't imagine a product that's had so much heart, so much consciousness put into it, with the sole intention of it being the most extraordinary skin care product that has ever been made and the most natural, the most healthful.

    Christian: Many products out there that call themselves natural, are not really totally natural. We stretch the meaning of natural. The work that he has put into this all natural product is really impressive.

    Shakahn: I couldn't be more delighted because this product, it really works. You put it on your skin and you can hardly even smear it around, within 3 to 4 seconds, it's completely absorbed. It just leaves your skin with a beautiful, sensual, elegant feel. And to know though, that it's working at a cellular level and restoring the quality and the beauty, the health of the skin, I'm very proud of that. I'm very happy with this product.

    ALL-NATURAL DermaStem contains a velvety emulsion of the world's most restorative ingredients. A cold fusion of natural oils with absolutely nothing artificial, the serum blends invisibly into your skin.

    It contains:

    Genistein and Samambaia, along with 14 berry concentrates packed with antioxidants that offer natural protection against skin damage from sun exposure.

    Black Mamaku, Moringa, Shea, Rosa Mosqueta and Sangre de Drago are used by natives of various parts of the world to treat wounds and have shown, in various studies to support skin renewal.

    A blend of 6 cytokines was documented to stimulate mi