Resting Places In The Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Pla Pla с с e e for for rest in rest in Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk territory territory
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resting places in the Krasnoyarsk territory

Transcript of Resting Places In The Krasnoyarsk Territory

  • 1. Pla e forrest inKrasnoyarsk territory

2. To swim on a motor ship to down the Yenisei river 3. To leave in a trip in Preserve of Stolby" 4. To visit the museum of eternal frigidity in town Igarka 5. To rest in a mountain-skier resort - Mountain of Gladen'kaya " 6. To become a spectator in the festival of ethnic music "Sayan Ring" 7. Welcomeinthe K rasnoyarskterritory.