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Transcript of Response best practice webinar 12 feb2014 2

  • 1. CustomerGauge / Directness BV BOOST YOUR RESPONSEMaximising Your Net Promoter Feedback 14 February 2014 *Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. Adam Dorrell CEO Directness [email protected]

2. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Introduction Thomas S Watson, IBM 1921 *Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. Who this is relevant to: Net Promoter Professionals Marketing/customer experience executives in companies selling into medium/large organisations, with several contacts in the major accounts What we will cover: 10 steps to maximise your survey responses Who we are and our credibility: Adam Dorrell Former head of Marketing for b2b and b2c companies including Sony, Dell, FairMarket, FileNet, Interwoven (now ATG) Using Net Promoter since 2003 CEO of CustomerGauge Rhys Wesley Commications, CustomerGauge 3. CustomerGauge / Directness BV A word about CustomerGauge CustomerGauge is the leading real-time Net Promoter measurement platform. Complete workflow and service recovery system B2b, b2c and b2e solutions Automated reporting and digital signage Automated, with integrations to CRM systems including 32 languages (reporting system in EN, DE, ES, FR, NL, CN) Launched 2007 HQ Amsterdam, global coverage with partners Sending +2million emails a month A D V E R T I S E M E N T 4. CustomerGauge / Directness BV NPS Success Analysis COMMUNICATION ACTION NPS SUCCESS Time to close issues NPS score % Engage ment 5. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Some Math Higher engagement = higher NPS? Some clients at 80% response (b2b) 6. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Lets set the scene +60% Response from all customers is possible. Thats a lot of engagement. We invite most customers by email Industry stats say email click through = 3.4%* Yet we can achieve average completed Survey Responses of B2c 25% B2b 40% This is all customers, not a subset chosen for surveying Our top clients achieve 60% response. How? *Mail Chimp Average 7. CustomerGauge / Directness BV The 10 Steps to Response Success Travel Client: 48% Response - with HALF commenting Also, half also gave a 10. This is from ALL customers! 1. Relevance 2. Set Expectations 3. Qualified Data 4. Timing - Interval 5. First Impressions 6. Mobile Optimised 7. Following Through 8. Tell them again 9. Timing Day/Time 10. Manners 8. CustomerGauge / Directness BV What do we do? We use all the rules for our clients Simple email Short surveys 9. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Typical approach Not optimised for mobile devices 40 questions! 10. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 1. Relevance Is it a relationship or transactional? B2B / B2C What is the impact on customer? For a customer to care, they need to invest time and money Example of Free Products, low response 10% High involvement: 50%+ Set your expectation maybe only survey certain customers? Response% Value or investment The higher the order value the higher the response rate 11. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 2. Set Expectations Its important to tell customers ahead of time This also helps get around privacy issues Alert customers ahead especially in b2b You should expect some rejections 0.5% Unsubscribe (range 0.2 2%) You may be surveyed after this transaction - We would really like your help to improve our service Example b2b Model Contract between you and clients 12. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 3. Qualified Data Quality of list is essential clean email is essential B2b/b2c make concerted efforts to collect email Ask customers to confirm email at different touchpoints You need a system that will help you clean data Use bounces, unsubscribes Data ages! (go-aways etc, about 15% a year) Regular sending is better check 2x a year From CustomerGauge Reporting Responses 209 Data in: 720 Response = 28% With bounces etc taken out Actual sent: 658 REAL RESPONSE = 32% 13. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 4. Time Interval What is the best time after a transaction to survey? Ecommerce: 7 days after order (chance to experience delivery, product) On-site Service calls: 1 day (Major applicance vendor) Support on phone: 10mins (Company example gives 60%+ response) B2b: We recommend 2x to 3x a year 14. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 5. First Impressions Time: You only get 3 seconds to make an impression (and 11 seconds to read) Consider: Subject line - Keep it short: 50 characters or less works best. According to MailChimp, 28-39 had the highest click rate in a study of 200 million emails. Body of email (creative) Pictures Signature Tip: Avoid Spam (see resources on web no free offer etc) 15. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Email Design Frame your subject as a question and keep it short!! Clean design, concise email content Emphasize on less time needed to complete the survey Stand out survey link 16. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. How did we do it? 17. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Tell us what you think!... Two questions from IMR 18. CustomerGauge / Directness BV We would like to know what you think of us 19. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 20. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Different looks desk and mobile 21. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 6. Mobile Friendly Why is mobile important? +50% reading on mobile Average b2c up to 43% IOS now up to 25% B2b 22% and rising What is different? Size, functionality Attention span! SMS surveys 85% prefer to open link and answer in browser! Soon 60% of emails will be read on mobile.. 22. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 7. Following Through Survey qualities Short is good Especially on mobile Average survey time 1,27m Do you need to ask question? Each page drops 5 15% Expect 50% comments Use a social bar (Twitter etc) 23. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 8 Tell them again Power of a reminder: Get 50% extra response from a well timed reminder Example: 21% response 1st email, 13% reminder after 7 days = total 34% But not too much Dont overspam regulate with unsubscribe stats 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Email Secondary Primary 24. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 9 Timing in the week Experiment to find the best day to send Thurs/Fri best for b2c Send reminder on another day Can make +3% difference The closer to the weekend the higher response rate 25. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 10. Manners Remember to thank responders Tell them what you learned and what you will do with the information. Why? Because customers repeat. Top customers have double response rates: Say Thank You 26. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Bonus: Video NPS CustomerGauge embeds email in survey invitation. Works well on desktop or mobile. Increases response by around 10%* *testing in Sept/Oct 2013 27. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Video NPS Helps with branding Using a video boosts Comment rate 30% 28. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Bonus: Survey Completion Time 29. CustomerGauge / Directness BV SUMMARY The 10 Steps to Response Success THANK YOU [email protected] Relevance 2. Set Expectations 3. Qualified Data 4. Timing - Interval 5. First Impressions 6. Mobile Optimised 7. Following Through 8. Tell them again 9. Timing Day/Time 10. Manners 30. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Survey visits by technology (2013) Mobile technology (including tablet) continually erodes desktop presence Does not necessarily means desktop can be ignored since it still represents more than 60% of total survey visits 31. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Selected Clients: Shift to Mobile 32. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Survey by email client* Others 55.4% Microsoft Google Yahoo 44.6% Send rate * Email Client e.g. gmail, outlook, ymail, gmx, etc Nearly half of all traffic is to three domains 33. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Survey by email client Microsoft 19% Yahoo 17.8% Others 55.4% Microsoft Google Yahoo Google 22% Average Completed RateSend Rate Yahoo 21.6% Response is broadly similar on each email domain 34. CustomerGauge / Directness BV B2B Benchmark by numbers 0 100 7119 Response Rate 32 0 100 Comments Rate 13 81 56 -100 100 69 36 NPS 13 0 100 Bounce Rate 13.6 4.2 Based on 15+ clients 35. CustomerGauge / Directness BV B2C Benchmark by numbers 1000 597 Response Rate 22 0 100 Comments Rate 22 68 42 -100 100 72-29 31 NPS 0 100 14 Bounce Rate 2 Based on 15+ clients 36. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Mobile Vs Desktop Response Rate 7.4% 13.8% Comments Rate 78.4% 52.3% Avg. Comments Length 61.8 char 73 char Customer with L1L2 67.9% 75.9% Average L1L2 selected 8 5 Higher comments rate for mobile Customer more engaged by giving more L1 L2 37. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Survey Email & Appearance (mobile) 38. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Video Engagement Useful stats, measures of engagement 39. CustomerGauge / Directness BV Survey Follow Up -100 100 69 23 NPS -29 With Follow up Not followed up -100 100 72 34 NPS -5 Workflow Response Time (hours) 0 720 506 (21 days) 201 (9 days)6 How to boost your NPS: Follow up open cases! 11 points difference! 40. CustomerGauge / Directness BV 7 Steps to NPS Greatness 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Measure NPS score 1st time Share Customer Feedback around business Categorise feedback, unders tand drivers Reduce Detractors Team approach to solving problems Activate Promoters Use for Sales Management Internal culture change Bonus staff Improve Response DigSignage Manual Tagging Use L1/L2 Waterfall Workflow (firefighting) Thank You Emails Push Reporting Custom Dashboards Use Response Dashboard Lifecycle Activate Promoters Testimonials Climbers/Fallers CRM integration Mix of Transactional and Relationship Basic CG