Requirements - und Projektmanagement

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Requirements - und Projektmanagement. mit Team Foundation Server 2010. Neno Loje MVP für Team System Agenda. Einleitung Application Lifecycle Management Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Projektplanung - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Requirements - und Projektmanagement

Neno LojeMVP fr Team Requirements- und Projektmanagementmit Team Foundation Server 20101dd/mm/yyyy, author_aliasPresentation_titleAgendaEinleitungApplication Lifecycle ManagementVisual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)ProjektplanungProjektsteuerung & TransparenzEinbeziehung aller ProjektinteressiertenAnforderungen

2dd/mm/yyyy, author_aliasPresentation_titleProjektmanagement != ProjektmanagementPresentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias3A Value-Up Approach to Software Development

PlanTask 1Task 4Task 3Task 2

Value-upWork-downIn traditional project management tasks are decomposed into items and checked off as completedValue-up methods deliver incremental value for the customer to evaluate each iteration4Application Lifecycle ManagementTeam System5ALM-Rollen und VerantwortlichkeitenBusiness Analysts

Requirements ManagementQoS ManagementRequirements AnalysisArchitects

Architecture ModelingAnalysis and DesignDesign for DeploymentUI Designers

UI DesignUI PrototypingUI Flow ModelingDBAs

Database DesignDatabase Source ControlDatabase Test Data GenDevelopers

Code AnalysisUnit TestingVersion ControlTesters

Test Case ManagementManual TestingLoad TestingAutomated TestingOperations

Customer SupportInfrastructure ArchitectureInfrastructure DeploymentProject Managers

Project PlanningTask AssignmentBug TrackingDevelopment ExecutivesPortfolio ManagementProject OrganizationStakeholder Communication

6No More Planning Black BoxPresentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias7 Create and track tasks, scenarios, requirementsAssign work across team Friction-free updates for teamUse workflow to enforce process Work tracking integrated with source control, builds, tests Multi-dimensional record of your project over time

Team Foundation Server 2008:Great for Tracking Work8 No support for hierarchy No tools for quickly managing your backlog No tools for managing team or individual capacity

Team Foundation Server 2008:Not Great for Planning Work9

Team Foundation Server 2010:No More Planning Black BoxTop-to-Bottom TraceabilityRequirements TraceabilityParent/Child RelationshipsRollup and DrilldownAgile PlanningBuilt-in product backlog mgmtBuilt-in iteration planningEasily customizableGreat Project IntegrationFull dependency linking Full round-tripping w/ TFS

10DEMOPlanning a Sprint with Team Foundation Server 201011No More Late Surprises12Reports indicate how the project is trending How many work items are remaining? How many unplanned work items do we have? (scope creep, or dark matter) Which requirements have been tested? How quickly are we resolving and closing work items? How many bugs are being re-activated?

Team Foundation Server 2008:Reports Help to Eliminate Surprises

13Built-in reports may not answer all questionsCustomizing process templates can break the built-in reports SQL Server Reporting Services very sophisticated but requires specialized skillset.Even with those skills, takes too much effort.Ad hoc reporting against the OLAP cube is possible but the schema can be tricky to master.

Team Foundation Server 2008:Building Custom Reports is Challenging14

Team Foundation Server 2010:No More Late SurprisesReporting for mere mortalsGenerate reports from queriesManipulate data with ExcelFriendlier OLAP cubeShare the knowledgeEmbed reports via MOSS

15DEMOBuilding and Customizing Reports with Team Foundation Server 201016No More Stakeholder Surprises17Stakeholders play a vital role in the successful delivery of an agile development project.Role of stakeholders:Project fundingProvide requirementsPrioritize workReview deliverablesProvide feedbackChange their minds

Stakeholders are Key to Success18 What is the team building? When will it be done? Is the team on track? What obstacles is the team facing? How do I file bugs? How do I request features?

Needs of Stakeholders19

Information-rich dashboardsRoll-up reports show KPIsDrill-down for further analysisQuickly customizableEasy interaction with developersWeb-based bug filingWeb-based feature requestsTrack status of bugs / featuresNo More Stakeholder Surprises

20DEMOA Stakeholderss view of Team Foundation Server 201021Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias22Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias23Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias24Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias25Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias26Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias27Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias28Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias29Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias30Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias31Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias32Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias33Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias34Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias35Work Item Apps, you have the choiceTeam ExplorerWeb AccessMTMExcelProjectIs web based?Integrated with Visual Studio?Easy for Developers?Easy for Stakeholders?Can bulk-edit work items?Can re-prioritize work items?Can help compute priority?Requires a CAL?bernommen von: Richard Hundhausen, www.accentient.comPresentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias36Even More Work Item ClientsIntegration with MS Outlook: TeamCompanion ($) MS Word : Word2TFS (free) Mind Manager: Requirements Mapper ($)Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias37"Basic Configuration"Reporting & Project Portal optional64-bit, DC, Client OS (Windows Vista & 7)Voraussetzungen (Server):SQL Server 2008, WSS 3.0 SP2HDD free space 1.5x size of current TFS databases (Upgrade)Voraussetzungen (Client):Office 2007 SP1, Windows XP SP3 (oder hher)VS 2010 (oder VS 2005/2008 mit SP1 und Patch)1 TFS und 1 CAL in jedem VS mit MSDNTeam Foundation Server 2010Presentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias38Team Foundation Server 2010Neue Work Items (z.B. User Story, Test Case, etc.)Hierarchische Work ItemsDiverse Work Item-VerknpfungstypenExcel-Sheets fr Projekt-/IterationsplanungBerichte von Work Item Queries generierenBerichte & DashboardsZusammenfassungPresentation_titledd/mm/yyyy, author_alias39berblickVisual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance (deu.)Installation, Konfiguration & AdministrationVorbereiten auf den Team Foundation Server 2010 (deu.)Team Foundation Installation Guide for Visual Studio Team System 2010 (engl.)Visual Studio 2010 TFS Upgrade Guide (engl.)Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 VM Factory (engl.)TFS Integration Platform (engl.)Visual Studio 2010 Licensing White Paper (engl.)AnforderungsmanagementVisual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance (engl.)ArchitekturSystem Modellierung, System Analyse sowie deren Erweiterbarkeit und Integration mitdem Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (deu.)Versionsverwaltung / KonfigurationsmanagementVisual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010 (engl.)Unternehmensweit einheitliche Build-Prozesse abbilden mit Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* (deu.)TestenEffiziente Qualittssicherung und Testen mit Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (deu.)Prozesse & VorgehensmodelleAgile Softwareentwicklung mit dem Visual Studio Team System nach Scrum (deu.)

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