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  • 7/27/2019 Renzi Newsletter Fall Session I, 2013


    In mid-


    a Highland

    pet group



    menagerie of reptiles and

    amphibians...and even aspider or two, to the Renzi

    center for the kids to

    enteract with and learn

    about. Those who didnt

    have squeamish stomachs

    held pythons around their

    necks, held and pet

    lizards, and much more.

    The Renzi Newsletter

    staff even caught Mrs.Jennifer holding a bearded

    dragon that was curiously

    color coordinated with her

    wardrobe for the day. The

    kids learned about the

    eating patterns of snakes

    and why you should never

    feed a live mouse to one.

    The bearded dragons were

    soft and friendly,snuggling like babies

    against kids big and small.

    These were not the only

    animals that paid a visit to

    the Renzi campus during

    the first Fall session. The

    Pep! class entertained with

    dogs of all sizes and even

    a couple of ducks! Check

    out page 2 to read more

    about it! - by Mrs. Carey

    Creepy Cool Poetry with Mr. Maurice

    Animals, Animals, Everywhere!Fall Session 1-2013

    Volume 1, Issue 1

    The Renzi Reader

    Dora Is Missing - by Marie, Kevineisha, Kaylum, Quinton, & Dekwon

    The rain is falling very soft The kangaroo has on a black hat

    The monster is sleeping in the loft He kills the monster with a black bat

    The monster is very black The kangaroo saved the day

    He hung Dora on a rack The kangaroos name is Bay

    Dora is crying for her backpack - article by Abby & Marie

    The monster hid it in a red sack

    Teachers Favorite

    Candy PollBy: Sophia & Quinton

    Jolly Ranchers

    Reeses PeanutButter Cups



    & candy

    Mrs. Christy voted for ReesesPeanut Butter Cups

  • 7/27/2019 Renzi Newsletter Fall Session I, 2013



    Age: 9

    Favorite Teacher: Mr.Chuck

    Favorite Class: Mr. Chucks

    Favorite Color: Brown


    Age: 5

    FavoriteTeacher: JnAnne

    Favorite Class: sculpture

    Favorite Color: Purple, pink, red all

    mixed together.

    1. They need to be

    spayed and neutered

    to help control the pet


    2. They need lots of nutritious

    food and water.

    3. They need shelter from the

    weather and danger.

    4. They need to go to the vet for

    regular check-ups.

    5. Keep your pets nice and clean

    with baths and the brushing of

    their coats.

    6. And most important, lots of


    Page 2

    Getting To Know You: Renzis Newest Friends -by Haven & Catherine

    The Renzi Reader

    The Scoop: Pep! Tips for Taking Care of Your Pets

    Directions: Mix all ingredients

    together. Pinch about a tablespoon

    of the mixture and roll into a ball.

    Place on wax paper or

    aluminum foil until

    ready to feed to your

    furry friend!

    2 Tablespoons

    Peanut Butter

    1 cup Oats

    1 Tablespoon


    1 Banana smashed

    1 cups of Dog Food, ground fine

    Recipe: Super Duper Doggy Treats


    Age: 6

    Breed: Part

    Yorkie, partPoodle


    Age: 6

    Breed: Part

    Yorkie, part


    About Pep:

    Pep is a group of 20 volunteers

    who talk to schools for free. In

    the past 5 years, the organization

    has educated over 50,000

    students about pets.

    -by Marie & Abby

    In Memory of Brainy

    A fish had a big head. He was a

    picky eater. His name was

    Brainy. He died of old age. The


    By Joseph


    Age: 15

    Favorite Teacher: Mr.Jay

    Favorite Class: Wire Sculpture

    Favorite Color: Red

  • 7/27/2019 Renzi Newsletter Fall Session I, 2013


    1. Whos

    your favorite

    male hero?


    2. Whos

    your favorite heroine?

    Modesty Blaise

    3. DC, Marvel, or Indie?

    Moonstone (Sherlock, Kolchak,

    The Phantom, etc.)

    4. Favorite Writer?Jack Kirby

    5. Favorite Artist?Jack Kirby

    6. Favorite Impression to do?

    Stan Lee

    7. Favorite Comic? Doom Patrol

    8. Favorite Color? Green

    9. Whats the best job youve

    ever had? Renzi10. Describe yourself in one

    word: Unpredictable

    11. What did you want to be

    when you grew up?Tarzan

    12. Has it changed now that you

    are an adult? I still want to beTarzan

    13. What are your favorite T.V.

    shows? Doctor Who; Johnny

    Sokko and his Flying Robot

    14. What are the names of your

    pets? My dog is Mr. G. My cat

    is Cowgirl

    15. If you could only teach one,Cartooning or History of

    Comics, which would you

    choose? Cartooning

    16. What is your favorite book?

    Tarzan of the Apes

    Volume 1, Issue 1

    Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid - by Marcus

    Whats Going On With Mr. Chuck? - by Olivia

    Page 3

    I like the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. This is my favorite book

    because it is long. The main character in the book is Greg. The book is written as

    if it is his diary. The supporting characters are Rowley, Roderick, and Fregley.

    The book focuses on Gregs first year of middle school and all of the thing he

    does to try to be considered cool.

    Pollito - chicken

    Gallina - hen

    Lapiz - pencil

    Plurza - pen

    Ventana - window

    Puerta - door

    Techo - ceiling

    Piso - floor

    Almahada - pillow

    Cama - bed

    Mesa - table

    Silla - chair

    Dedos - fingers

    Cabeza - head

    Brazos - arms

    Peirnas - legs

    Catherine Translates:

    Spanish to English

    Student Poll:

    Superman or


    painting by: Hope


  • 7/27/2019 Renzi Newsletter Fall Session I, 2013


    Renzi Education and

    Art Center

    Meet the Renzi ReaderReporters

    Abby8 years old; 3rd grade; loves dogs, pickles, and the show Gravity Falls

    Marie9 years old; 4th grade; loves hamsters, spies, and Sailor Moon

    Sophia8 years old; 3rd grade; loves horses, art, and guitars

    Quinton7 years old; 2nd grade; loves the number 13, hot dogs, and the color red

    Joseph9 years old; 3rd grade; loves dogs, cats, and the color blue

    Haven13 years old; 8th grade; loves the color pink, music, and the arts

    Catherine14 years old; 8th grade; loves cats, movies, and Anime

    Marcus10 years old; 5th grade; loves football, being outside, and bikes

    Olivia12 years old; 7th grade; loves Dr. Who, Sherlock, John Green, Internet

    Faith13 years old, 7th grade; loves The Walking Dead, puppies, and Facebook




    1. A boys name.

    3. I stepped on the ___ just inside the



    1. I ___ in the chair.

    2. I can find Shreveport on a ___.

    3. My mom likes to ___ cake.


    Puzzle by Joseph

    Say Cheese!


    The Renzi Joke Book

    Helium walks into a club. The man

    behind the counter asked Why the

    long face? Helium replied I lost an

    electron. The man says Are you

    sure?. Helium quickly replied, Im

    positive. - by Olivia