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Transcript of RenterID - Automation for Landlords

  • Beta Automation for Landlords
  • Overview RenterIDTM is a software platform for accepting, storing and managing tenant application workflow Combining electronic applications, cloud- based data storage and automated background checks and rent payments, RenterIDTM saves landlords 75%+ the time of paper and manual processes
  • Application Automation Do away with paper applications We provide a referral URL for each of your buildings Tenants create a profile, complete an application electronically and submit to you Signup facilitated with LinkedIn credentials (Facebook support coming soon!) Responsive app scales for mobile and tablet devices
  • Credit Checks (in development) Credit checks become a breeze Landlord simply clicks an applicant to kick off a credit check Automated income verification from IRS also available
  • Rent Collection Tenants can e-pay rent invoices with credit card or ACH through PayPal Landlords can set up recurring e-payments Automated email reminders prompt tenants to pay rent invoices when due
  • Pricing (easiest slide ever) FREE for application automation and document collection $10 per credit check $15 per income check Electronic rent payment collection: Apartments Price 100 $149.95/month
  • Next Steps So what are you waiting for? Contact us and well get you set up with a *FREE* account, no credit card required Switch from paper forms to electronic apps within 24 hours