Renowned Fashion Photographer - Michael William Paul

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Renowned Fashion Photographer Michael William Paul

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Renowned Fashion Photographer Michael William Paul


Michael William Paul is the creative director of MWP Studios and it is located in the heart of New Yorks fashion district, Ideal for HD Motion Picture + Photographic Campaigns. Including; Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Catalogue, Product, Jewelry. Advertising Campaigns + Original Content Production for; Webcast, Television, Motion Picture Film, Corporate, Educational, Philanthropic, Political and Artistic. Creation + Completion + Vision = Goals + Achievement + Success.

PHILANTHROPYSince the very beginning of his professional career, Michael William-Paul believed in the importance of charitable and humanitarian organizations. Through his extensive experience working with International Government bodies, NGOs, and the United Nations he has been able to provide impactful philanthropic contributions.

UMP aspires to provide an insightful platform that combines influential members of popular culture incorporating; top fashion models, celebrated actors, award winning musicians, and competitive athletes; their efforts help create successful projects relating to peace and security and the advancement of the United Nations MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

Michael William Paul Editorial W/Americas Top Model Nina BurnsFashion photographer Michael William-Paul photographs Nina Burns untamed in New York City at Michael William-Paul studios. an Edgy risqu editorial draws a lot of attention and showing yet another side to America's next top model finalist Nina Burns as she portrays an enraged yet caged animal vying to be set free, armed with her signature cat ears, which are custom designed, she wears fashion designs by Jeffery Campbell, Maggy London, and Swedish label Dbrand among others.

Michael William-Paul comments on Nina Burns and his shooting of Americas Next Top Model contestants in general. I have worked with a number of the show winners and finalist and Nina has a personality which is simply incredible, with abundant energy.

Model Ambassador ProgramMichael William Paul is the founder of Model Ambassador Program. A Model Ambassador is an outstanding individual who spearheads a project with the purpose related to achieving and promoting the Global Goals for Sustainability. (SDGs) or commonly known as The Global Goals.

The Primary objective of The Model Ambassador is to create ideas into opportunities. This is achieved by connecting people, partners and sponsors with each other to collectively provide resources and tools, necessary to support and promote Global Goals related projects in an efficient manner. In support of this initiative, The MAP (Model Ambassador Program) provides a diversified set of support services and collaborative strategies that will assist promising Model Ambassadors the ability to expand their initiatives in an accelerated fashion.