Remote Experimentation with Emona DATEx

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Fifth Annual iLab and National Instrument Conference Theme: “Online Laboratories: An Icon Educational Technology for a Richer Pedagogical Experience” July, 2011 Aboluwarin Oluwapelumi. Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
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A presentation of my work on Emona DATEx at the 5th Annual iLab conference that held on 4-5 July 2011 at Makerere University, Uganda.

Transcript of Remote Experimentation with Emona DATEx

  • 1. Fifth Annual iLab and NationalInstrument ConferenceTheme:Online Laboratories: An Icon Educational Technology for a Richer Pedagogical ExperienceJuly, 2011Aboluwarin Oluwapelumi. Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

2. Emona Datex iLab Development of a framework for rapid development oftelecoms experiments on Emona DATEx To be used in EEE407 (Pulse & Digital Techniques), EEE411(Communication Principles) and EEE509 (CommunicationTheory) Enhanced UI to make user experience comparable to that ofreal lab Programming languages used are JavaFXScript, Java, LabVIEW & C# 3. Lab Client Lab Client developed withJavaFX Script, a platform forRich Internet Applications It gives users a richerexperience, highlyinteractive, flexible &involving Mimics actual Emonainterface to give a RicherPedagogical Experience 4. Connections are made Programmatically activated switchesthrough mouse action(press & drag) on nodes Knobs and switches areadjustable through press &drag mouse actions Can match wire connectionwith experimentconfiguration Programmatically activated knobsWire Connecting NodesNode 1 (Adder B input) Node 2 (2KHz Sine) 5. Use of fade mechanism to gray out unused regions in specificexperiments to reduce cluster and confusion on user interface Use of tooltip text to describe important components whenmouse hovers such components Mouse cursorTooltip textGreyed region, Inactive areaAdder KnobActive region, Not greyed 6. On clicking submit button, wiring is verified & validated to gainaccess to LabServer Correct Wiring Response Wrong Wiring Response 7. Emona DATEx Client Scope displaying a waveform with controlsactivatedWaveform channel 1 & 2 Enabled controls for adjusting scope properties 8. Lab Server Experiment Engine built on C#. Communication with hardware is achieved through custombuilt LabVIEW dllVIs were developed as standalone capable of handling alldesired interaction with hardware before exporting as dll C# class developed as an interface for communication betweendll and remaining part of experiment engine VIs developed with LabVIEW 8.5 but final release will beported to 8.6 9. Experiment Block Diagram Block diagram showing device drivers (NI Elvis & Emona) used Emona Datex Device drver. Current NI Elvis oscilloscope device driver selection is adder module 10. Further Work Alpha release features deployment of 5 labs; AM, DSBSC, AM &DSBSC Demodulation, Modelling Equations with Emona Addition of more labs: SSB, FM, FM Demodulation, PCMDecoding & Encoding Switching matrix service will be implemented into the system Optimization of images used so as to reduce jar size Porting of existing JavaFX Script code to pure Java since JavaFX2.0 libraries are now accessible within Java 11. THANK YOUAll life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better. -Ralph Waldo Emerson