Rediscovering Pakistan

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Rediscovering Pakistan. MAJU 19 th Oct 2009. Pakistan – The Best Kept Secret. 6 th most populous country in the world 2 nd largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia Est. population =169,300,000 as of July 2007, (higher than Russia , and lower than Brazil) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Rediscovering Pakistan

  • Rediscovering PakistanMAJU19th Oct 2009

  • Pakistan The Best Kept Secret

  • 6th most populous country in the world 2nd largest Muslim population in the world after IndonesiaEst. population =169,300,000 as of July 2007, (higher than Russia , and lower than Brazil)Est. population 208 million by the year 2020 because of the high growth rate. The country is listed among the "Next Eleven" economiesSource: Wikipedia

  • Pakistan is the most connected country in South Asia, with the highest teledensity

  • Pakistans communications costs are lower than any other country in the region

    Pakistan had the worlds largest WiMAX network (Wateen in 17 cities)

  • Pakistan has one of the worlds most aggressive Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) rollouts

  • Pakistan has the worlds largest biometric database (NADRA); this system (not the data) is now being provided to allied countries

  • Pakistan CNIC is one of the most high-tech NICs of the worldSpecial multilayer plastic materialEnglish and UrduTwo pictures one on each sideSignature and ThumbprintHologramEmbossing2D Bar code 1000+ characters

  • Pakistan has one of the highest rates of cellular connectivity growth in the world According to PTA 2007s report the rate of growth in Pakistans mobile sector is fourth highest in the world is 4th Highest in Asia Pacific region

  • Pakistan was the winner of the 2007 GSM industry association award

    With WLL (CDMA), WiMAX, GSM and FTTH, Pakistan is pretty much leading the pack in terms of diversity and breadth of connectivity

  • Pakistan tops Google's maps experimentSILICON VALLEY (California) - Pakistani web users posted localised information and data on Googles map maker more than any of 160 countries simultaneously availing global search leaders experiment that started in June last year. - Googles-maps experiment

  • The US dept. of Homeland Security has imported UAVs designed and built in Pakistan to protect Americas borders . Company in Korangi Karachi Integrated Dynamics

  • According to Gartner, Pakistan is a first category offshoring location; this ranking has grown by leaps and bounds

  • Pakistani companies won several awards at Asias APICTA startup/innovation conference and were considered the most interesting and cutting edge in Asia

  • The worlds youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is a Pakistani and so is the worlds youngest Cisco CCNA professional

  • Pakistani students excelled in MITs global software talent competition

  • Pakistani Student Breaks World Record with 23A-LevelsAli Nawazish of Rawalpindi broke a world record when he passed 23 A-levels in subjects including pure mathematics, travel and tourism, and sociology. The 18 year old received 21 A grades and a B and a C, and will be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records for his achievement

  • Citations of Pakistani scientifice publications are rising sharply

  • Over two dozen Pakistani scientists are working on the Large Hadron Collider; the grandest experiment in the history of Physics

  • Secure Bytes Analyzer Tool was Editors Choice in IT Security magazine of USA in trade authorization engine is used at New York Stock Exchange 90% of the ATMs using TPSs Switching Solutions are located outside

  • On August 18, 2008 Mason Inman writing in the MIT Technology Review Article Spare Some Bandwidth?

    Pakistani scientists have a way to boost download speeds.

  • Youngs Food Karachi - Olive Mayonaise was selected in the top 5 new sauces of 2008 by a top international body The Association for Dressings & Sauces, USAShan Foods is the fastest growing brand in many parts of USA & Europe in 2008English Buscuit is leading the export of biscuits from Pakistan followed by other local manufacturers

  • Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry meets 70% of the country's demand of Finished Medicine. Domestic market evenly divided National and Multinational companies The value of pharmaceuticals sold in 2007 exceeded US$1.4bn, Export turnover of over US$ 100 Million in 2007

  • Trade of medicinal plants has crossed $ 500MOver 40 Biotechnology companiesBioinformatics workshop at UIT in July 2009Turkish company ZORLU has setup wind farm at JhimpirIndigenous nuclear plant KANUPP working for last 35 years

  • World standing2nd largest salt 5th largest gold mine7th largest copper mine Diq 6th largest standing army

  • World RankingsNo. 1 in CNG consumptionNo. 4 in Coal ReservesNo. 6 in Gas ReservesNo. 7 in Copper Reserves No. 5 in Milk (moving to No. 4)Wheat production: > Africa, = S. AmericaNo. 7 in Nuclear Deterrent

  • World RankingsCotton4Apricot (khobani) 5Sugar Cane6Milk 5Onion4Dates6Mangoes6

  • Rice12Wheat6Green Peas (matar) 12Maize18Oranges / kinoo11Potato?

  • Key MessagesDo not believe all that the media tells youConduct your own investigationsUse the internet your big advantageCollect success storiesStay away from pessimistsExpose the wrong-doersWork hard for positive change

  • SourcesGlobal Science magazine (Urdu)

  • At the end Say proudly

    I am proud to be a Pakistani