Rediscovering King Husky

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As a part of my Senior degree project I took it upon myself to rediscover and rebrand a Northeastern University icon, King Husky. This booklet reflects the history behind the NU icon as well as my process and reasoning.

Transcript of Rediscovering King Husky

  • By Nader Boraie

    RediscoveringKING HUSKYA N E W L O G O F O R A N U I C O N

    RediscoveringKING HUSKYK I L L I N G T H E Z O M B I E H U S K Y T O C R E A T E A N U I C O N

    RediscoveringKING HUSKYA N EW I D E N T I T Y T O R E S TO R E A N U I C O N

    RediscoveringKING HUSKYP r o p e r l y b r a n d i n g a n N U i c o n .

    RediscoveringKING HUSKYEND I N G T H E Z O M B I E H U S K Y S R E I G N .C R E AT I N G A N U I C O N .

  • Table of Contents







    In t roduct ion

    The H is to ry o f K ing Husky

    Husky Brand ing

    Rev iva l o f the Zombie Husky

    Good vs . Bad Des ign

    Rediscover ing K ing Husky

  • 1Introduction

    I n 2007 , I , a long wi th many o thers

    entered Nor theastern Un ivers i ty as a

    f reshman. As a f reshman go ing

    th rough o r ientat ion , I d is t inc t l y

    remember go ing th rough E l l Ha l l ,

    see ing the b ronze s ta tue o f K ing

    Husky, learn ing about

    Nor theastern be ing the second schoo l

    to adapt the Husky as a mascot , and

    hear ing how s tudents would

    commonly rub K ing Husky s nose fo r

    good luck every semester.

    I remember look ing a t the bookstore

    fo r Nor theastern appare l to suppor t

    my chosen un ivers i ty and upon my

    f i r s t g lance v iewing the Nor theastern

    Husky logo , I was baf f led that such a

    g reat schoo l would a l low fo r i t s own

    mascot to look so poor ly des igned .

    F rom 2007 onwards , I as wel l as any

    o ther Nor theastern s tudent have

    wi tnessed th ree d i f fe rent Husk ies

    come and go . A l though none o f these

    rebrands have rea l l y le f t an impact

    wi th s tudents o r the genera l pub l i c ,

    the most recent adaptat ion o f the

    Nor theastern Husky has s tudents ,

    facu l ty, and o thers in d isbe l ie f that i t

    i s an ac tua l o f f i c ia l un ivers i ty logo .

    Throughout the years i t a lmost seems

    as i f the b rand ing was improv ing , but

    the most cur rent vers ion o f our Husky

    has been a ser ious s tep backwards .

    As the second schoo l to adapt the

    Husky as i t s own mascot and the

    la rge amount o f Husky p r ide

    Nor theastern s tudents have , I fee l as

    i f the logos Nor theastern have been

    us ing have rea l l y done an in jus t i ce

    to K ing Husky, Husky p r ide , and the

    a th le t i c image of Nor theastern i t se l f .

    Due to th is d i lemma, in my sen io r

    year, wi th the oppor tun i ty to c reate

    my own degree p ro jec t , I dec ided to

    exp lo re the h is to ry o f K ing Husky in

    hopes o f a t tempt ing to to red iscover

    K ing Huksy, rebrand the Husky i t se l f ,

    and make a t ru ly i con ic ident i ty fo r

    Nor theastern s h is to r i c mascot . I n o r-

    der to c reate a new, t ru ly i con ic K ing

    Husky, and have a so l id

    unders tand ing o f how I came to the

    f ina l outcome, I be l ieve i t s necessary

    to look a t the h is to ry beh ind

    Nor theasterns Husky, exp lo re the

    b rand ing th roughout the years , and

    po in t out the f laws of the cur rent ,

    rev ived un ivers i ty zombie Husky.

    Th is book le t se rves to educate about

    the h is to ry beh ind K ing husky, whi le

    a lso showing the background o f

    Nor theastern s own Husky logos , and

    the dec is ion mak ing that took p lace

    in o rder to s ta r t the p rocess o f

    rebrand ing and red iscover ing K ing



  • 2

  • 3The History of King HuskyI n 1927 Nor theastern became the

    f i r s t co l lege to choose the Husky as

    i t s Mascot . On March 4 , 1927

    Nor theastern aqu i red the ac tua l

    husky, Sapsut , whom came f rom a

    l ineage o f s led dog roya l ty.

    Nor theastern t ranspor ted Sapsut f rom

    Alaska to Nor th Stat ion in Boston in

    o rder to o f f i c ia l l y obta in i t s own

    mascot . Sapsut s a r r i va l was

    ce lebrated by over 1 ,000 s tudents

    and c lasses were cance l led in o rder

    to welcome h im as a par t o f

    Nor theastern . The Nor theastern

    Un ivers i ty p res ident awarded the

    husky wi th an honorary degree and

    f rom that moment fo rward was named

    K ing Husky. K ing Husky s tayed wi th

    Nor theastern Un ivers i ty fo r four teen

    years and a f te r h is pass ing , h is

    l ineage had been passed down

    th rough generat ions o f new K ing

    Husky s which represent

    Nor theastern , have become of f i c ia l

    mascots , have won numerous

    p res t ig ious kenne l c lub shows, and

    become a la rge par t o f the

    Nor theastern Un ivers i ty cu l tu re . Up

    unt i l 1989 , the o r ig ina l Sapsut , o r

    K ing Husky s l ineage had been passed

    down to o ther K ing Husk ies that had

    taken h is p lace .

    However, in 1989 , due to the las t

    K ing Husky V I I pass ing , there was a

    14 year gap wi thout a rea l husky

    mascot unt i l 2003 when s tudents

    voted to f i l l K ing Husky s shoes wi th

    a new Husky.

    Th is Husky was a younger and f ie rcer

    can ine named Paws. A l though Paws

    was set to f i l l K ing Husky s shoes ,

    in 2005 , another member ha i l ing

    f rom Sapsut s l ineage was b rought to

    Nor theastern and c rowned K ing Husky

    V I I I .

    S ince then , both Paws and K ing

    Husky V I I I have been in a t tendance o f

    Nor theastern home ath le t i cs events

    and they have cont inued to win

    p res t ig ious kenne l c lub shows whi le

    a lso showing the i r Nor theastern

    p r ide .

    The History of King Husky

  • 4

  • 5Husky Timeline: 1927 2012

    King Husky I March 4, 1927

    Sapsut is brought from Alaska & officially crowned King Husky I.

    King Husky IMarch 26, 1941

    King Husky I passes away due to old age.

    King Husky IIAugust, 1952

    King Husky II abdicates.

    Throughout the history of Northeastern, the first occurance of an official, live Husky mascotappeared in 1927. Since then, there have been many successors whom passed down and followed in King Husky Is footsteps.

    Queen Husky IApril 16, 1941

    Queen Husky I is crowned.

    Queen Husky IJuly 1941

    Queen Husky I passes away.

    King Husky IIJanuary 1942

    King Husky II is crowned.

    King Husky IIISeptember 24, 1952

    King Husky III is crowned.

    King Husky IIIJune, 1955

    King Husky III is passes away.

    Princess Regent Husky ISeptember, 1955

    Princess Regent Husky I is crowned after student outrage on the death of King Husky III.

    The History of King Husky

  • 6King Husky IVFebruary, 1958

    King Husky IV replaces Princess Regent husky I

    King Husky IVAugust, 1958

    King Husky IV passes away & his father, Alyeskas

    Suggen acts as a temporary replacement.

    Alyekas SuggenAugust, 1960

    Alyeskas Suggen retires as a temporary replacement.

    King Husky VSeptember, 1965

    King Husky V purchased by the class of 1970.

    King Husky VMay, 1970

    Class of 1970 graduates & takes King Husky V back.

    Queen Husky II is pur-chased by the class of 1974

    King Husky VISeptember, 1972

    Queen Husky II abdicates due to stage fright. King

    Husky VI is crowned.

    King Husky VIDecember, 1972

    King Husky VI escapes and is hit by car, causing him to

    need to be put to sleep.King Husky VII


    King Husky VII crowned.

    King Husky VII 1989

    King Husky VII passes away and no live mascot

    takes his place for 14 years.

    Paws 2003

    Students vote to let Paws to fill King Huskys shoes.

    King Husky VIII & Paws 2005 Present

    A member of Sapsuts family is brought to NU to reign as

    King Husky with Paws.


    Huskies crowned

    Huskies relieved

    Huskies passed

    Previous Huskies

    Huskies reigning






  • 7 The History of King Husky

  • 8

  • 9Northeasterns Husky BrandingAs a par t o f my research , I searched

    th rough Nor theastern s l ib ra ry

    a rch ives fo r any t race o f o r ig ins o f

    any husky logos . Unfor tunate ly,

    noth ing was found concern ing the

    husky logos . However, a f te r go ing

    though numerous yearbooks , and a l l

    o f the a rch ived f i les on the

    Nor theastern Logos and sea ls , one

    th ing became c lear to me;

    Nor theastern has had a lack o f

    cons is tency wi th b rand image and

    logos , whether i t be fo r a th le t i cs ,

    husky logos , o r jus t in genera l . I

    thought I would come across a la rge

    amount o f o lder Husky logos .

    Unfor tunate ly, that was not the case .

    F rom what I have come ac