rediscovering DUNCANVILLE

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Transcript of rediscovering DUNCANVILLE

  • rediscoveringDUNCANVILLE

    taking a different look at our community

  • The key to first ring suburb sustainability-Promoting local entrepreneur/investor owned properties -Walkable, bikeable neighborhoods as an option to the car - Wide range of housing and job types-Programmed community events in our parks and public spaces-Neighborhood Identity

  • Why Duncanville?

    -Grid Street System-Jobs-Economical housing stock-Efficient location to the Metroplex -Churches are here

  • How suburbs are built...

  • How urban areas are built

  • A South Austin neighborhood

  • An Oak Cliff Neighborhood

  • Downtown Duncanville

  • Connect the City

    create bike and walking paths that connect ourschools, parks,retail districts and churches.

  • Small repairs create connections.


  • highland village perspective 1

  • Lions Park Bridge

  • Lions Park Bridge

  • The housing stock in Duncanville has many types of

    architecture style.

  • Downtown District

  • Fairmeadows South

  • Downtown

  • Swan Ridge

  • West Park

  • West Park

  • West Park

  • West Park

  • Urban Farmstead right off Main Street

  • Repairing the houses we have.

  • Turn closed floorplans

    contemporary styling

  • Into open floor plans

  • Open Floor Plan

  • Before

  • After

  • Local Duplex ready for updating

  • Simple landscaping and paint

  • House in a hole near Lakeside Park

  • After elevation repairs

  • Home Restoration Ideas for Duncanville

  • RebuildRepurpose

  • Ex Auto Repair Shop

  • Turned Successful Restaurant

  • Lucia in the Bishop Arts

  • The Single Story Post Office

  • The Old Post Office now mixed use

  • The Old Bank Building

  • Will now become a

  • We need a bike-preneur

  • Imagine if this were a restaurant


  • Anchoring Main and Wheatland

  • Old K Mart box store turned Tortilla Factory

  • Old Church

  • Repurposed as office and retail

  • Old Air Conditioning Shop turned Outreach Center

  • Post Office turned Call Center

  • And Everything Nice.../Annice Antiques

  • Historical Landmark?

  • DISD-710 S. Cedar Ridge

  • Texas Theater before

  • Renovated Texas Theater

  • Smoke before

  • Smoke after

  • Anchor Businesses are Already Here

  • Ben Franklin

  • Cox Farms Market

  • Red Bird Lanes

  • Pet Village

  • Industrial District

  • Quality Cabinets

  • Pioneer Frozen Foods

  • Metro DANCE

  • W&B Services

  • What do we do now?

  • Sign Toppers create community pride

    Downtown District Merrill Meadows Flame West West Park Merribrook Park Doris Heights Fairmeadows South

  • Become bike friendly over time

  • Bike lanes empower kids to get to church or local businesses.

  • Walkable cities empower the elderly

  • Activate parks as event space

  • Community Sponsored Street Markets

  • Activate parking lots withCar Shows and Swap Meets

  • Why We Like Duncanville.

    Unique opportunity to capitalize on existing infrastructure

    Community influence over development instead of outsider dealings

    Small incremental developments foster healthy growth with lower risk

    Fast, efficient, and results oriented

  • Start small right where you are.

    one houseone building

    one street marketone event at your local park

    one bicycle ride to your local store

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