Red Shoes Consulting Overview

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Life is Short, Talk is Cheap Life is Short, Talk is Cheap Results Matter Results Matter
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Transcript of Red Shoes Consulting Overview

  • 1. Life is Short, Talk is Cheap Results Matter

2. Our Background

  • Red Shoes Consulting is comprised of partners and highly experienced consultants who bring diverse global perspectives and experience to our clients in the US, UK, India and Russian Federation.
  • Red Shoes Consulting is focused as a boutique advisory services firm on:
      • Business Development & Interim Management
      • Social Media Marketing & Measurement
      • Digital Media Strategy, Production & Distribution
      • Strategy, Transformation & Market Research
  • We differentiate ourselves with our people, simple approach and straightforward philosophy.We were founded in 2001 as HarrisonGrayand through mergers / divestures rebranded as Red Shoes Consultingin 2009.
  • We develop clear and direct strategies for our clients that can be realistically and rapidly implemented together. Strategy's important, but it's not of much use until it's translated into attainable goals and real action.

3. Approach Ideas > Action > Results Our engagement model is predicated upon adding meaningful value and quantifiable results. Our people have an unwavering commitment to the creative process, innovation and excellence in everything we undertake. How We Are Different

  • Rapid, Entrepreneurial, Creative and Nimble Approach
  • Experiencepeople with real world and client-side experience do the work, not recent college grads
  • Fixed-fee for fixed scope and risk-sharing fee models - no clock watching
  • We share your sense of urgency and consider ourselves part of your team
  • We are not yes-peoplewhile we will support you, we will challenge what we think is not working
  • The solutions and strategies are owned by you and we ensure that knowledge transfer is complete

4. Past & Current Clients 5. What Our Clients Say

  • RSCs approach and reach goes well-beyond traditional consulting firms.They delivered a complete turnkey online and mobile marketing strategy backed up with rigorous analytics, unparalleled consumer insights, creative ideas and new distribution channels.-R.Wells,
  • "This guy makes things happen. You need a big room to contain all the great ideas that he can come up with...and he follows up like none other. Marcus is one of the most creative leaders in business. Out of the box doesn't quite sum up Marcus. If he doesn't think of it, who will? - Dan Shmalo, Managing Partner 360 Venture Law
  • "Spanning cultures and continents yet bridging the positives of every individual with inspiration and support. Marcus is a mentor, a facilitator, a catalyst, a friend at all times, a maven and the hub of large networks of people and thinking. He is a believer, unrelenting in his passion to produce nonzero value for each and everyone he meets. It's just a matter of time before he impacts you directly or indirectly but positive and lasting it will be. What can you say to someone who brings the rain and the sun when you need it? Honored and yes...privileged..."
  • Paul Chong, Director, Red Point International
  • "Marcus is one of the brightest 'thought leaders' in the new media game I've come across in a long time. His knowledge, passion and 'can do' attitude has seen him achieve a lot of success in his career. I enjoyed working with Marcus and hope our paths will cross again soon." - Dharpan Randhawa, Managing Director / Group Publisher , 100 Thousand Club

6. Media Asset & Portfolio Risk Management Engagement Approach ClientChallenge RSC Solution

  • Establish a portfolio of options and identify purpose of each investment
  • Determine which opportunities will best help in renewing core
  • Understand and define how to invest and nurture ongoing growth & innovation
  • Company faces uncertainty about future
  • Industry dynamics are rapidly changing and competition is coming from new areas
  • Many new technologies provide for array of options to grow business

Sample initiative investment portfolio for a market leader: Disadvantage Stay in business (SIB) Infrastructure Return on investment (ROI) Faster, better, cheaper Option creating investment (OCI) Creating future marketplace and competitive advantage (Size of circle represents size of investment) We evaluate and prioritise existing business opportunities Competitive Impact Advantage Parity Investment Categories SIBs ROIs OCIs 7. Case Study: International Paper

  • Business Problem:
  • Managing poorinvestment performance
  • Recent acquisition raised heightened awareness to increasing administration costs
  • Management and merging of complex population and plans.
  • Concerned about capturing and measuring accurate administrative requirements for their complex population, technology requirements, and sheer number of plans
  • Pushing & managing current vendor to provide market updates in compliance, technology, and processing
  • Solution
  • Review current state of administrative practices
  • Provide comparison against industry standard for administration and investment structures
  • Developed and managed Request For Proposal process
  • Provided and presented vendorevaluations
  • Results
  • Uncovered non standard market practices and out dated technology approaches in current administration
  • Provided best practice solutions and set market technology expectations
  • Analysis provided a stack ranking of outsource providers and investment groups along with strengths and weaknesses
  • Negotiated rate structures and the inclusion of standard and plan specific practices
  • Implemented solutiondecreased administration costs by 4 million

8. Client Case Study: Social Media Ideation & Solutions Engagement Approach ClientChallenge RSC Solution

  • Collaborate with client to create new viral social media campaigns, contests andsocial media / organic search presence
  • Developed plan and platform to launch series of new apps, sales initiatives and social media strategy
  • Company growth slowing and profits declining
  • High growth and emerging product areas dominated by focused competitors
  • Difficulty in incorporating new technologies into core business processes

Market Assessment Check Aspirations Where should you be? Establish current positioning andtarget competitive market, set objectives, and assess executive alignment and willingness Investment Project Duration Develop Options and Select Concept Size : Scope Conduct ideation sessions, customer research, market and competitive analysis Align Are you prepared to get there? Set Context Where are you today? SocialMedia Dynamics Demand Drivers Market Shaping Paradigms Analyze current state and marketDifferentiators and potential barriers to market leadership Develop & Launch NewInitiatives Social Media & SEO Diagnostics 9. Increase revenuesand drive product innovation by seeking to identify and leverage brand assets across new platforms like social media and mobile platforms Client Case Study: Using Brand Extension to Drive New Revenues Engagement Approach ClientChallenge RSC Solution

  • View brand as a platform for innovation
  • Seek to increase brand awareness and create consistent message / perception across media
  • Seek new to the world extensions of companys brand
  • Company is attempting to seek new revenue streams to grow and/or replace current business
  • Increase return on assets while be a good steward of your brand

Source: Brand Asset Management, Scott Davis Brand Value Expected Differentiating Breakthrough Benefit Type Brand extension type Cost reductions Repositionings Improvements/Line extensions New to thecompany New to theworld Degree of risk and return

  • Screen new ideas for consistency with existing brand strategy
  • Assess type of benefit that will accrue to the company
  • Link benefit to new revenue streams
  • Classify degree of risk inherent in new revenue stream
  • Quantify expected return
  • Assess impact on firms brand value


  • He has managed engagements as a partner and independent consultant for Andersen, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, Parson / Proudfoot, 7days, Goldman Sachs and HarrisonGray.
  • Marcus focus in recent years has been in digital and social media, joint ventures, opening international markets, and driving digital distribution / cross-platform revenue growth for leading media and entertainment companies.Marcus has considerable experience advising clients and leading cross-functional teams in the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia / CIS, India and Australia.
  • Recent Engagements:
  • Contracted to develop, launch and lead New Media, Digital Distribution and JVs for Bollywoods Eros International based in London
  • Russian Federation / VTBBank New Media Advisor
  • Developed and implemented online strategy and outsourcing for largest Medical Weight Loss network
  • UK Government (Department of Works & Pensions): Organizational Assessment & Design

Marcus Stuart Vannini Marcus is an international leader in management consulting with over 16 years of demonstrated experience in driving engagements within the financial services, media & entertainment, telecommunications, energy and government sectors.Managing Partner 11. Erin Taylor Red Shoe Consulting [email_address] 603.835.6706