Recycling Shredded Paper

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1. ,30. The pulp is put 6 through a screening process that filters out impuritiesand prepares itfor the removal of printing ink.7-23. ..The newly recycled pulp is mixed with fresh pulp to manufacture new paper products.For every two consoles shredded and recycled,one tree is saved.Confidential documents are dropped into a secure,locked console.On a scheduled basis,consoles are emptied and all confidential documents are destroyed. llUMENil nihilI 3A Certificate of Destruction is issued to each customer. Pulp is made as the fibers of the shredded paperare separated. Making sure it's secure. O 4 v 1) Shredded paper is transportedto a paper millfor recycling.I I I I I ITo learn how Shred-it is environmentally responsible and secure,call us at 800.697.4733 or visit shredit. com/ recycling