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Are you still putting ads in newspapers to recruit college grads? This presentation offers up some tips on finding talent that you may or may not have thought about.

Transcript of Recruiting Talent for Your Firm

  • By Debbie Elicksen, Publishing Media Creative
  • Strategic plan should include determining approaches to different generational groups (Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y) Use job aggregators and platforms Get more SEO specific on job postings by expanding title descriptionsfor example: instead of Business Development Director, use Business Development DirectorCalgary Send out a press release for job openings. List job openings on Craigslist and Kijiji
  • Outline potential partnerships, such as with educational institutions, associations, government agencies, for external recruitment, enhancing curriculums, and attracting more people to the trades (i.e. superstar executives as lecturers or recognizable spokesperson) Social media job boards: i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, tweet jobs Pitch stories on recruiting to media Online press releases (i.e. Marketwire, Wire Service Canada, prlog)
  • Post jobs in university job boards This requires participation from past recruits or the companies looking for placement to make it personal Short video clips of people doing the jobs, testimony from people working the positions Blog entries of people doing the jobs, testimony specific about the position from their perspective
  • Blog or Facebook page on working in specific locations if a multi-city company Rather than a separate site for Calgary, Detroit, and Phoenix, make it all encompassing and encourage participationthey can learn from each other workers helping workers Topics could include: Best cup of coffee in Mesa Activity options in the area for after hours Best boots for the jobsite Staying hydrated to increase energy
  • Partner with industry associations and HR associations Develop white papers on employee retention, how they can create stronger work environments, get employees involved in the hiring process, improve candidate selections by stepping outside the immediate area for people Network local business associations
  • Find out where they get their news from and what their favorite sites are to look for jobs When using images to accompany a press release or post on an online platform, make sure the image is directly related to the demographic you wish to recruit. Dont put a picture of a seasoned employee or one near retirement on an ad looking for someone just out of college.
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