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Presented by Cathi Hight

Transcript of Recruit retain reward your members

Presented by Cathi Hight

Cathi Hight, The Retention Specialist

• President of Hight Performance Group• The nation’s member retention specialist• Developer of the Member Retention Kit• National instructor for the U.S. Chamber’s

Institute for Organization Management• Previously was Vice President of Operations

for the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii• Served on the Boulder Chamber of

Commerce board and was the Member Council Chair, (focuses on building a sustainable membership base)

• Immediate Past-President of the Boulder Area Human Resources Association (BAHRA)

• Is a member of the:– Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)– American Chamber of Commerce Executives

(ACCE)– American Society of Association Executives


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Session Agenda

• It’s a Whole New World for Associations

• Strategies to Recruit for Retention

• The Best Kept Secrets for Member Retention

• How to Keep Them Coming Back to You!

• Session Summary

3Recruit, Retain and Reward Members

It’s a Whole New World for Associations

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The Shifts Have Changed the Landscape• The Recession and the Recovery

o Housing meltdowno Wall Street tumbleso Massive layoffs

• Demographicso Aging Boomers exit the workforce o Millennials dominate the workforce

• Technologyo Social media revolutiono Cloud computingo Mobile society

• Time Povertyo Busy liveso ROI expectations o Board size and attendance at events

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Are the Millennials Joiners?

“Younger people seek and demand a return for membership, including tangible member services, high levels of accountability, identifiable career advantages, a sense of professional community, and opportunities to serve within associations.”

Generations and the Future of Association Participation

published by the William E. Smith Institute for Association Research

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GENERATION DIFFERENCES (Generations and the Future of Association Participation report)

1946 - 1964 1965 - 1980 1981 - 1995

Baby Boomers Generation X, Gen X, Xers Generation Y, Gen Y, Millennial, Echo Boomers

Characteristics • Hard working• Loyal• Confident• Competitive• Rebellious

• Anti-authority• Self-reliant• Family-focused

• Digital thinkers• Feel entitled• Needy

Their Experiences Grew up in time of affluence. Reared to pursue the American Dream.

Children of workaholics and divorce, cable TV. Reared to be self-sufficient (latch key kids).

Micro-managed by parents, technology, always rewarded for participation. Reared to be high achievers.

Communication Style • Prefer detailed dialogue in-person or via phone

• Appreciate meetings• Believe no news is good news

• Prefer clear, concise communication—not over-explaining

• Clichés or corporate jargon• Prefer e-mail

• Prefer frequent feedback and problem solving via technology instead of phone calls or meetings

Problems They Are Facing Right Now

• Dwindling retirement funds• Job dislocation• Rising health care costs or inadequate

health care coverage

• Debt• Caring for young children and

aging parent• Balancing life and career• Stuck in middle management

• Debt• Unemployment• Difficulty transitioning from college to

career• Negative stereotypes• Being taken seriously

Why They Join • Opportunities to lead and leave a legacy • Opportunities to further their careers

• Opportunities to learn from others and for career advancement

Volunteer Styles • Want to lead• Like to manage others• Like to hold meetings and discuss


• Want autonomy• Hate being micromanaged or

anything that wastes time

• Want structure• Expect immediate feedback and

increasing responsibility

Flaws • Have a “been there done that” attitude• Not always open to new ideas

• Have difficulty committing• Tend to have a “wait and see”


• Have short attention spans and high demands

• Asks “what’s in it for me?”

Turn-offs • People suggesting they try something new

• Chaos, distrust, loyalty that goes unrewarded

• Dismissing their ideas because of their lack of experience


Are You Ready to Serve All Generations?

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Top 10 Business Drivers

What Do Members Need?

Market penetration—local/global business opportunities, visibility, leads, and strategic connections.

Leadership development for younger talent and succession planning to replace an aging workforce vacated by the Boomers.

Skilled workers—attracting new skilled talent, retaining skilled and younger talent, retraining current workers to be competitive in the global talent war.

Representation and influence over policy decision makers—voice concerns, political action, monitoring, change.

Experts, mentors, peer network, industry/best practices, innovation ideas to navigate market changes, “how-to” resources, cost-savings, time savings, support with challenges.

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Association TransformationOld New

Motto: Access, Resources, Solutions

Programs: Strategic, multi-media, solution/cause-oriented

Boards: Small, Experts, Diverse

Financial Model: Multi-Revenue Sources

Motto: Get involved, get results

Programs: Add++, in-person, variety

Boards: Large, CEOs, Boomers

Financial Model: Fair share dues & events

Members: Local organizations Members: Local & global organizations

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Recruitment Strategies

Strategy #2: Recruit Ideal Members

• Not every prospect should be a member

• Understand who your “best” members are and what they have in common

• Identify common criteria for “ideal members” based on:– Demographic variables (FTE,

industry, category, length of time in business, generation)

– Psychographic/behavioral variables (values, beliefs, concerns, preferences, buying patterns)

– Strategic initiatives, organizational needs or potential appeal to your benefits

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How Would We Describe Our Ideal Members?

• Determine common factors of your “best” members• Create 3-4 ‘Ideal Member’ Profiles based on common variables• Target those that match up to profiles

Ideal Member Profile #2• 10 – 30 FTE• Been in biz 3> years• Multiple locations• Involved and invested in the industry• Sees the value in being members of

associations• Similar values to the association

Ideal Member Profile #1• <10 FTE• Been in biz 3> years• Single operator enterprise• Realizes that getting involved

= getting results• Long-time resident• Member of other association• Needs benefits

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Strategy 3: Help Prospects Buy, Don’t “Sell” Memberships

• Leverage the Discovery Stage• Build common ground with prospects• Confirm what you know about prospects, learn what you

don’t know• Prospects are already doing something without you, learn

what it is before making the sales pitch• Probe for needs and opportunities by asking questions• Use value propositions that align with prospects’ needs

and interests (people never argue with their own data)– Remember, people buy benefits, not features (Focus on WIIFM—

solutions they want/need)

• Listen more than you speak (10% / 90% rule)

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• Instant gratification tendencies (lack of patience for results, “me” focused)

• Failure to connect with targeted audiences• Haven’t plugged into or found their “community”• Lack of information or knowledge to access available


• Lack of perceived value

• Members’ own business practices, capability of being successful

• Loyalty has yet to be developed

New Members Usually Have the Worst Retention Rates

14Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

Strategy 4: Integrate 1st Year Members• Record reasons for joining in the database

• Encourage engagement in the first 6 months

• Help them get what they want from the membership (Member Value Plan)

• Create a 12-month onboarding plan and contact them 6-8 times:– Welcome letter– Membership Packet– Member Orientation (in person, over phone, webinar, or on web site)– 1st Quarter Touch (visit, call by staff or volunteer)

• Welcome, how to access benefits, possible connections– 2nd Quarter Touch (visit, call by staff or volunteer)

• Conduct 6 month audit (feedback on experiences, perceived value, list of actions)• Provide any stats on marketing, advocacy; association updates

– 3rd Quarter Touch (visit, call by staff or volunteer)• Follow up to mid-year audit

– Outreach, as needed, before receiving renewal– Thank you for renewal

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The Best Kept Secrets to Retention

Strategy #5: Know Your Real Retention Rates—Overall Retention Rates Aren’t Enough

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Analyze Retention Rates by Segment

• Calculate the retention rate of each segment over the last 3 years, such as:– Retention by category or industry sector (NAICS)– Retention by size of organization (FTE)– Retention by Length of Time as a Member– Retention by date business was established– Retention by other demographic variables to understand specific


• Identify which members are-most-at-risk, have the highest attrition rates, and what they have in common

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Drops by NAICS Over last 3-5 Years

19Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

Drops by Years in Business

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Understand Retention Trends

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Strategy #6: Allocate Resources for Retention

• Make retention everyone’ job

• Identify specific responsibilities for team members

• Recruit volunteer resources to conduct member outreach

• Leverage Board members to contact top investors, speak publicly, and facilitate leadership roundtables

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Types of Retention Activities• Outreach to members (calls, visits, e-mails, posting on social

media, making notes in the database)• Member feedback (surveys, polls, focus groups, phone

interviews)• Member rewards and recognition• Targeted audience opportunities• Running and acting on membership reports

– Retention audits (annually, semi-annually)• Review retention/drop rates by FTE, industry, year joined, year

business established)– New members—join date less than 90 days (monthly)– Members who are 6 months from renewal (monthly)– Engagement reports using the participation fields (monthly)

• Manage volunteer retention resources

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Retention Roles for Ambassadors

• Outreach contact to members (calls, visits, notes, e-mails)

• Meet & Greet at events• Postings on virtual venues

(start interactions, respond to interactions)

• Onboarding “buddies”• Connecting members to other

members• Providing testimonials on the

“value of membership”• Collecting testimonials (calls,

visits, capturing during events)

• Recruiting new members© 2012 Hight Performance Group

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Retention Roles for Membership Council

• Support for membership staff• Conduct 6-month membership

audits• Analyze engagement reports and

identify actions to take• Outreach to dropped or at-risk

members• Recognizing and rewarding

members– Anniversary Blitzes– Postings on virtual venues (start

interactions, respond to interactions)

– Getting nominations for awards

• Recruiting new members• Reports at Board meetings

25Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

Retention Roles for Board Members• Contact top investors

– To touch base– Talk about current business

issues and Association’s role

• Speak at community events to share the Association’s strategic direction, accomplishments, and ask for support

• Facilitate leadership round tables

• Post on virtual venues• Recognize and reward

members at special events• Send out welcome or “thank

you for renewing” letters

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Strategy #7: Influence Engagement

• Create circles of engagement (in-person or virtually through social media)

• Connect members to one another via mutual interests and initiativeso Task forces, councilso Special Interest Groups (SIGS)o Birds-of-a-feather (Women, YP groups)o Calls to Action

• Allow members to share best practices, solve common problemso Forums, panels, expertso Blogs, online resources

• Collect feedback from memberso Surveys, polls, interviews, list serves

• Track engagement• Provide outreach to low-engagers

27Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

• Find out about members’ challenges

o Surveys

o Interviews

o Quick Polls

o Phone Calls

28Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

• Remain relevant—provide benefits that matter to members

• Save members time and money

• Ask them if they value what you offer

• Find out what’s missing

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Strategy #10: Ask Loyalty Questions

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How to Keep Them Coming Back! Using Recognition and Rewards

Ways to Recognize Members

Recognize for Accomplishments or “Just because…” Recognize for Loyalty

• Send cards for personal achievements (e.g., birthday, promotion, new job)

• Send cards for professional achievements (e.g., business anniversary, promotions, new contracts, awards)

• Write and send out press releases for chair, committee or Board positions

• Create a ‘Good News’ section of the newsletter and celebrate members’ business accomplishments

• Send a thank you note to volunteers’ employers sharing the impact and contribution they have made

• Recognize employers of volunteers publicly• Write letters of recommendation and tout their

skills & accomplishments• Post on members’ social media pages and give

kudos for their product/service or something they’ve done for you

• Publicize their events, promos• Celebrate their implementation of “green” or

social responsibility initiatives

• Conduct an “Anniversary Blitz” to acknowledge members with for 3, 5,10, 20 years+ anniversaries

• Acknowledge their loyalty publicly on the web site, directory, newsletter, or at a large event

• Send a thank you note for their years of investment

• Drop by to present a plaque or certificate that can be displayed in their business

• Send anniversary cards to members to celebrate their renewals

• Celebrate your most loyal members with special recognition (e.g., pancake breakfast, special luncheon)

• Provide special perks (e.g., free admission to events, free parking, best seats at events)

• Invite them to lunch• Stage publicity events, invite the media, publish

stories & photos• Send them Valentine’s or Thanksgiving cards• Provide special name tags for events

32Recruit, Retain and Reward Members© 2013 Hight Performance Group, Inc.

Ways to Reward Members

Reward for Accomplishments or “Just because…” Reward for Loyalty

• Reward members for recruiting new members (e.g., $25 ‘referral ‘bucks’ to use for event or service, gift card for a retail store or restaurant)

• Enter members into special drawings who bring guests or refer potential members

• Hold a Volunteer Recognition event and invite those who have served on councils, committees, task forces, Board or other volunteer roles

• Solicit gifts from other members to use as rewards for other members (2-way win)

• Reward members who help you to save on costs (event or operational cost savings

• Allow members to submit articles for newsletters for “expert” areas on web site

• Provide special perks to increase engagement (e.g., special programs, task force or committee meetings)

• Drop by with doughnuts or other gift to share

• Appoint members for key roles (e.g., council, committee, Board position)

• Send members who have attended events frequently a complimentary pass for one and thank them for their loyalty

• Nominate members for local, regional and national awards

• Offer an extra benefit without charge to thank members for their loyalty (e.g., extra listing in the directory, online ads, expanded or highlighted directory or web site description)

• Give gifts and opportunities that one usually can’t buy (e.g., exclusive events, book signings, invites to special guest receptions)

• Offer discounts when they reach specified spending levels (e.g., 2 free lunch coupons after attending10 in a year)

• Give away items for reaching specific milestones for volunteer work

• Offer priority services for loyal members• Send them offers for business opportunities, provide

more referrals to build their business• Provide seats in a reserved section for events• Give an additional discount on specific benefits

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• Promote and protect your brand• Retention starts with smart recruiting• Benefits are in the eyes of prospects and

members• Retention requires resources• First year retention rates impact the

overall rate• The secret to retention is in segmentation• Engagement = retention• Retention requires proactive behaviors—

long before renewal notices• Members tout the value of membership

the best• Recognize and reward members—it is all

about them!

Hight’s Rules and Insights

34Recruit, Retain and Reward Members